Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Inter-Dimensional Presence

All spectrums of the topic can't be addressed in this particular forum, but I'm intensely called to share what's going on, at the moment, with the extra-terrestrial presence that has increased its interaction since the beginning of 2012.  I share from the viewpoint of the information being shared with me by the extraterrestrials I interact with, as well as my inner knowing and remembering of how I am, and have been, involved.  Since Nov., 2011, it's been as though one million puzzle pieces have fallen together to give a bigger picture of what's going on.  There are too many pieces for me to address them all, but the ones here simply must be shared.

The question of an extraterrestrial presence in and around this planet has never been a question, as far as I'm concerned.  If we accept an "outside" presence, then the question becomes "why."  Why are they here and what is really going on.  I need to begin with a basic "key."  All things are energy and all energy impacts all other energy.  Also, all energy has a frequency, a "vibratory rate of existence." 

What called me to this blog / topic is the current "epic" storm in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm directly impacted by the energy of it, sitting on the Oregon Coast.  Weather does not "just happen."  An energy form impacts another energy form and ... weather happens.  It's the same for all things in existence.  I call it "cause and effect" ... and I've studied it intensely my entire life. 

Anyway, when I decided to focus on the energy of the storm, rather than how it might impact my everyday goings-on, the thrill of excitement that rushed through me was un-mistakable.  I followed the thrill into what might be called "the center" of the storm and uncovered a myriad of information, memories, and "knowings."

(I know I tend to wander from what appears to be one topic to another, but bear with me, if you will.  There's a method to my madness here.  And I apologize for the "hit and miss" sharing of information.  I get so much information that I find it impossible to share it all.  I try to hit the highlights, and hope that readers will use their intuition and "connections" to discern what there is not time enough for me to share.)

The 3rd book in OTHER WORLDS: The Series (PEACE MISSION) talks about a massive sighting of 1,000 crafts appearing over the Pacific Ocean.  Since this vision and apparent-coming-reality was given to me by the extraterrestrials that I work with, you can imagine why my thoughts rarely wander away from the possibility that this event is going to happen.  As I stepped into "the center of the storm" here, the vision came again.  But with it came what I will call an "opening up of history" as well.

This storm is being compared to a storm in the early 1940's that was dubbed an "epic" storm.  As I stood in the center of this day's energy, I was there during that storm as well.  And I was witnessing what followed.  The energy of the 1940's storm was caused by an extraterrestrial energy.  The energy of this one is caused by the same extraterrestrial presence.  The energy is intentional, an "outside force" playing a part in the events that occur on and around Earth. 

If you follow my thoughts, and what I was told during this download of information, you may notice the "non-coincidence" of the timing of the Roswell crash.  I was informed that the atmospheric energy, as well as the magnetic energy, of the planet is disturbed by the "insertion" of this other-dimensional energy, causing many changes and events.  The extraterrestrials aboard that craft were connected with the et-force that caused the storm. (From my understanding, their instruments were impacted by the magnetic/gravitational pull of the Earth and the re-calibration of energy, including their craft.)

Now we have that same et-force stirring up the energy again.  As I looked into the "why," the vision of the 1,000 craft appeared to me again.  Could this "energy storm" be preparation for a much, much larger showing of crafts than occurred in the 1940's?  My answer would be an absolute 'yes.'

As I mentioned earlier in this post, there's much more involved and not enough time to share it all.  I ask those of you who have been called to read this post, and those who feel as though this somehow has something to do with them, to go within to connect with your own Knowing.

The information that I was receiving from "the center of the storm" shifted direction.  It became more of a personal message to many who are here on Earth, but who know of their extraterrestrial origins. 

2012 brought with it the energy of remembering who we are and why we're here, to a greater extent than it's been in the past.  I was shown "energy capsules" being placed in the energy fields of many people.  I would perhaps call them "pills for awakening."  A set of directions was heard, calling people to remember their "jobs" down here on the planet.  If you're from an extraterrestrial origin, you're here for a specific reason.  It's time to not only remember that reason but to step into that "job."

Being of extraterrestrial origins does not make us special in any way.  Ego, as well as self-doubt, must be set aside.  You must become your own Truth.  You must remember.  If you came here to do a job, it's time to step into those shoes.

If it's true that 1,000 (or more) other-world crafts are preparing to enter Earth's atmosphere, or energy field, then it's imperative that each person here who is a part of this event step up to the plate and do the job they came here to do.  If you came here for that job that is yours, then obviously you have the ability to do it.  No more questioning. No more self-doubt.  No more hand-holding.

They went on to show me an example of how this is all meant to work.  If you're on a huge ship, there's a large population of crew members.  Each crew member has a job to do.  The captain of the ship believes each crew member knows his or her job and expects the job to be done.  He/she cannot walk beside every member and oversee, or help with, the job that needs done.  We know what we're here to do.  Let's do it and do it well.

Copyright, Lauren Zimmerman, nLight Press

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