Thursday, July 28, 2011

Energy Frequency Room

Fully expecting to be ushered into one of the small medical rooms, I was surprised when we glided silently past.  Down a narrow corridor on our left, we moved along an utterly silent, dimly lit, hall and finally stopped in front of a small doorway.  It was the only door leading out of the long hallway.  A vague memory of having been there before stirred deep within me.  Suddenly a dozen or more mental goals that I've had for most of my life came rushing in simultaneously.  There were 'keys' behind the door.  Without doubt.

Without ceremony, Commander Korton leaned forward and pressed a keypad that I hadn't noticed.  The thin door slid open to reveal a room that is similar, in some ways, to an observatory.  But that's not an accurate description because the room has no windows.  There are periscope-like devices that apparently reach out to the exterior of the craft and somehow mysteriously bring the exterior into the small, narrow room.

The room could more accurately be described as a long, narrow hallway.  It is probably only eight feet in width. Both side walls house fairly narrow shelves with glass-like fronts.  Below the shelves are built-in desktops, mostly empty of anything sitting atop them.  The 'periscope-like' devices intrude into the room from the tall ceiling, spaced about ten feet apart.  There are four.

We stop beneath the first 'periscope.'  Commander Korton gestures for me to look more closely.  As I do, I see a series of geometrically designed grids built into the 'periscope' itself.  The shape appears to be diamond-shaped but the lines somehow seem to be bent, even as they appear to be straight.  Perhaps an optical illusion.  Perhaps a vibrational energy co-existence of some kind.

Suddenly I'm cast into a place of being that is the real truth.  Beyond all illusion, I am as one with the truth of existence.  There is no time.  I am in my past and in my future.  I am as one with the energy of existence.  From this perspective I see the energy frequency separations that cause the lack of awareness of all that is existence.  Wave frequencies act like undulating curtains, moving slightly with the energy of thought, but never dissipating entirely.  Like the 'shell' of an atom that keeps an atom in its form, the 'curtains' act as 'shells' that allow certain vibrational frequencies to be contained.  Within these 'containments,' various parts of existence can be delved into and explored minutely.

I am simultaneously inhabiting the minute Earth-form that is known as 'me' and the vast, beyond-boundaries essence of all that is within this existence.  A part of the vast me peers at the diamond-shaped grid within the 'periscope.'  I suddenly know that the reason the craft that is so firm and tangible to me and yet formless and invisible to others is due to the fact that they are bending light and sound frequencies.

( ... to be continued in next blog ... )

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Medical Room & Dematerialization of the Human Body

As Commander Korton and I come out of the docking bay, we turn left.  Having been there so many times before, I know that several 'medical rooms' sit on the left, in this hallway.  Contrary to the thousands of reports of 'invasion of the human body,' I've experienced nothing but incredible healing here.

The rooms are meant for 'visitors' who come aboard.  The crew, for the most part, rarely need medical intervention.  As we glide toward the first of the rooms, my memory slides back to my first conscious visit to this room.  My 'psychic senses' had increased recently and I was well aware of the extraterrestrial presence of many from 'beyond.'  Knowing who they were, and why they were visiting me, I welcomed the experience when, during meditation, I suddenly found myself in a medical room aboard The Esartania.

Though the small ivory beings had little facial expression, I felt their compassion as though it was tangible.  The three in the room were ivory-skinned, thin, and had almond-shaped eyes.  The smallest of the three stepped forward and took my hand, helping me on to the silver table.  I watched, fully cognizant but unable to move as somehow I became nothing more than an energy field of cells separated by space.  The three began to move efficiently around the room, using various other-world devices to alter some of the cells.  I knew intuitively that they were changing the vibrational frequency in order to heal, or otherwise, improve the cells.  I watched, fascinated, as the tallest of the three came to the head of the table and began to work on my brain.  Again, I knew intuitively what he was doing.  I welcomed his intervention with gratitude, without any fear at all.

This brief story inspires me to tell another.  Somehow it seems to fit in with the truth that we are all cells separated by space, and we all have the power to de-materialize, should we decide to do so and know how to proceed.

I had, through a series of stunning events, landed in Payson, Arizona.  Not knowing the town, or anyone there, I took the first 'do-able' rental I found.  It was a tiny trailer, tucked into the back of a lot in a trailer park.  I don't recall exactly, but it couldn't have been much larger than a 20 foot.

It was late one night when I crawled into the tiny bed at the back of the trailer.  It was summer and so the small window on the side of the bed was open, the scent of Ponderosa pines filling the room and, I assumed, my dreams.  I felt, more than saw, the presence of light outside.  Logic told me that it was someone outside the window but as I focused, I realized that the light was above the tin roof of the place.  The light could not have been the moon.  The trailer was tucked beneath a canopy of trees.

I'm fairly certain I wasn't supposed to be aware of what happened next.  I've had many encounters where I've actually felt them deliberately erase my awareness or my memory.  But this time perhaps they were too busy to pay attention to the fact that I was watching every second of the experience.

The light, which turned out to be the most powerful and brilliant light I've ever seen, had a life of its own.  I watched as it 'disintegrated' the roof above me.  It entered my body and, as it did, I was dematerialized.  I found myself, once again, in one of the medical rooms.  This time their work included helping me get over the trauma of recent events.  They also worked on my brain.  I assumed, after the fact, that it was the purpose of more easily communicating with them.

Once again, I thought that I probably shouldn't have been aware of the process.  When they were finished with assisting me, somehow I was put back into this 'cylinder of light.'  I found myself floating through space, aware of the fact that my cells were scattered and in no way resembled a human body.  I felt myself come back down through the tin roof and watched in awe as this life-like light re-assembled me. 

And now I found myself gliding down the same hallway, passing the first medical room and headed to the second.  I couldn't help but wonder what was next.

(continued in next blog.....)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Suspended In Time

After leaving the conference room, Commander Korton and I turned right in the dim hallway.  He indulged me as I stopped for a moment, caught by my intense emotions.

Built into the wall, in this hallway, is a bank of coffin-sized cubicles.  Bodies sleep, suspended in time.  The cubicles are fronted by what looks like tinted glass.  Each is dimly lit, about the wattage of a 15-watt bulb.  I'm aware that the environment inside the cubicles is closely controlled and monitored.  When the spirit is complete with the mission it's set for itself, outside the limitations of this particular body, it will return. 

Without volition, I flattened my palm against the side of one of the cubicles.  A mental message sent to the brave soul who was wandering.  A tear of compassion.  And we moved on.

We passed many doors without stopping but I was aware of activity all around.  Somehow everyone on this craft is busy, but silence in the work fills the air with a sense of deep peace.

We were not so much walking as gliding.  We passed through the hallway's ion booth and soon we were standing shoulder-to-shoulder on the deck overlooking the docking bay.  The scene below resembled the many fabled movies we've seen on Earth.  The area was about as large as four football fields.  Figures moved intently about their work.  A small scout ship sat near the closed bay doors.  Much further to the rear of the room, my attention was captured by a larger craft.  (The scout ships are small, fit for two to six occupants.)

What was there about that particular craft that held me so captive that I was immediately aware of every breath? 

Korton noticed my stare.  "It's not time for you to remember."  He touched my hand.  As the energy of his compassion rushed through every cell, he gently turned me away from the sight and urged me back into the dim hallway.  I knew where we were headed.  A small smile replaced the tears that I hadn't released.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Morning Scene in the Conference Room

The day I was taken aboard a craft that is, literally, the size of the United States, was one of the most exhilarating days of my life.  As I entered the conference room with Commander Korton, the map spread out on the large table reminded me of one of the maps that I'd seen aboard the large craft, that I had since dubbed "the U.S. craft."  (Note:  many of the terms I use, such as 'table,' are to describe the other-worldly things in Earth terms, so as to make them easy to visualize.)

Commander Korton stepped to the table and rested his thin fingers on the edge.  He looked almost non-present, as though his thoughts had taken him elsewhere.  I found myself unable to follow his thoughts and so I waited, staring idly down at the map that turned out to be a map of this planet.

"It's funny to me how little people understand the concept of energy, and the truth that there are no boundaries for energy."

I knew what he was talking about, having tried to talk about the reality of what that really means for years.  I nodded in agreement.  "Very true," I murmured.  I gestured at the map.  "Things look much different here than there."

He nodded slightly.  "Earth is going to change.  Nothing can stop that.  Nor should it.  It's part of the eternal changes of existence.  It's the way it's meant to be."  He paused and then turned to study me intently.  "The energy of the Universe will, inevitably, impact the Earth.  But in addition to that, the energy of the Earth will impact the Universe."  His eyes pierced mine as his thoughts intensified.

Commander Korton is about 5' tall, rail-thin, with large almond-shaped eyes and ivory skin.  His presence, his essence, makes him seem twice as tall as he is.  He commands your attention simply by being.  I've seen entire gatherings of up to fifty attendees fall absolutely silent the instant he appears.  But the beyond-comprehension amount of love that he is, despite his commanding aura, always brings tears to my eyes.  I find myself reaching for the comfort of the link between us, no matter where I am.  And I always listen intently to every thought he gives me.

"Part of the change that is going to take place is being created out of necessity, due to the presence of Humankind and their use of that planet.  But I want to add that the fact that almost every human is going to take the planetary changes personally should not be lost on you," he said.

I was puzzled.  "What do you mean?"

"The lack of understanding what energy is all about, what life itself is all about, causes a very narrow vision of things.  With a narrow vision, a soul loses the bigger picture and becomes focused only upon self and events that impact self.  By doing so, narrow little realities are built.  Narrow little realities are the cause of 100% of mis-alignment of Universal Energies.  Mis-alignment of energies causes the rest of existence to, let us say, 'erupt.'  The Universe has to rearrange itself based upon the individual energies it has to absorb and adjust to.  Thus we have uncontrolled chaos.  

"Existence has controlled change, which some might perceive as chaos.  But, again, that relates back to the limited vision of things.  When a soul participates in a lifetime where great change is scheduled to occur, being aware of the bigger picture and bigger truths can eliminate much of the personal chaos and 'taking things personally' emotion that follows."

I studied the map for a second, thinking about what he said.  Earth certainly looked much different.  And I knew he had just given a great key / hint as to how to propel through the changes.

(continued in next blog..........)

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Mothership: A Brief Glimpse

The first brief glimpse into one of the crafts that I visit often.  The Esartania.  I consider it my "home craft" due to my extensive, almost-nightly interactions with it.

Approximately 100,000 beings live aboard The Esartania, varying little in their appearance and even less in their intention to assist Earth.  This craft was built with the intention of entering various planetary systems that need help with major transitions, whether of the people or the planet itself.

The control room is fairly large and totally uncluttered.  A large bank of windows, shaped like half of a football, spans the entire front of the room.  Beneath the windows is a control panel, following the curve of the craft and the windows.  Three sleek, thin, black chairs sit directly in the middle of the control panel.  The light in this great room is dim.  The bank of windows gives the view of a silent, magnificent universe floating silently outside.  The view of life, from that perspective, changes you forever.

Much of the time, Commander Korton is standing, thin hands draped over the back of a chair, staring silently out at the vastness.  Tonight was no different.  He turned slightly as he sensed my approach.  I looked into his large, almond-shaped eyes and felt his emotion fill me.

"Greetings."  The word was a thought-form.  We never spoke verbally.

I returned the greeting and moved to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him.  The sight outside the bank of windows was stunning.  As always, I let it change me, let it take away my human perspective and fill me with the vast truth of the bigger picture.

The Commander's thoughts filled me in much the same way.

"The time is rapidly approaching for essential change."

I agreed.  There could be no doubt that the flotsam and jetsam of Earth was impacting the galaxy.  Change is essential.  The arrogance and narrow-mindedness of Humanity was not lost on me.

"The entry of the black pearl crafts didn't have as much impact as we had hoped."

"Do you know why?" I asked.

He shrugged his rail-thin shoulders just a bit.  "Making an impact on the imbalance of light and dark, in an energy form as dense as Earth, is difficult, to say the least.  If the darkness would stop perpetuating itself, it would be much less of a problem."

I felt more than saw a slight twitch of his thin, almost-invisible lips. 

"From Earth's perspective, one might say it's rather like housecleaning in a house that holds a dozen unruly children.  The work is never done.  The chaos never stopped."

I nodded.  "Exactly," I murmured.

We turned as though we were one unit and headed toward the hallway that leads off to the left.  Though the lighting is dim, I can still see my way.  Once in the hallway, we took the first door to our right.  The conference room. 

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Truth written as fiction........

"A world where each person was in union with their soul, where po...wer was not fought for but accepted as each person's due, to be used for the benefit of creating more possibilities and better worlds."

"Now, my son, it is time to remember. To call your soul to you. It was meant that the soul lead the body and the mind toward all new possibilities. The soul knows all worlds. It is not limited by this experience. It is the way of man that says that the world must consist of only what he can see and understand and label."

"His words seemed to usher in an invisible pulse. Like standing in the center of a heart, it beat and pulsed around him, absorbing him. His world began to throb. He was helpless to resist. In seconds he BECAME the pulse and it was then that he knew that he was in union with the Creator of All That Is. Indeed, he had never been separate. Only the illusion of separation has stood between him and the union he had been seeking. He was the pulse, the heart of all that is."

"Your memories were deliberately taken away,” the voice told him. “Remember that it was your decision so that you could concentrate on where you were rather than where you wanted to be.”

"......The dream was dark, making Paul's surroundings almost indistinguishable to him. It became clear that he was in a hallway. To the right and left of him were walls of cubicles, each the size of a coffin. In several of the...... cubicles were dim lights. Beneath the lights lay figures as still as death. His stomach twisted in anxiety as he wondered if they were actually dead. Instantly he heard a voice behind him. He turned to see a small figure draped in an aura of violet. She was five feet tall with alabaster skin pulled tightly against her bones. Her head was bald and angular. Her large, almond-shaped eyes gave back his reflection, like mirrors. She answered his questions by placing thoughts into his mind. It seemed as natural as breathing.

"These are transmutation chambers. The people within them are currently visiting other universes in spirit form. The function of their bodies will return when their spirit returns from its journey."

From "CALLED" 

First Volume of OTHER WORLDS: The Series
by Lauren Zimmerman

Truth written as fiction

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45-minute Encounter, Payson, AZ

Payson, Arizona - encounter
(March, 1997 .. within days of The Phoenix Lights mass sighting)

"The plan wasn't to go down to the river and wait for a craft to appear, that's for certain. The three of us had simply decided that spending some time at the river together would be a good idea. We hadn't been there very long before, almost as one unit, we all turned and looked up. It was almost like we had been silently called. This massive, massive craft was directly overhead. It hadn't made a sound. There was no hint that it was coming. It simply appeared and took over the sky above us.

Never in my life did I imagine I'd see anything like this. It was surrounded by circular rainbows, which is impossible, but that was the way it was. And the rest of the sky had rainbows scattered around like clouds. It was the most awesome, incredible thing I've ever seen. And this craft was huge. It was so close it felt like we could reach out and touch it. I certainly wanted to. It was compelling, life-altering.

I had always had a trace of doubt about aliens ... whether they existed or not. This experience left me without a shred of doubt, without a shadow of doubt. It was one of the most total heart experiences I've ever had. It changed me profoundly. I wish everyone could experience what we did that day. There's no fear in me now. There's no doubt. If they were here to harm us, they were close enough to do it that day ... and they didn't. I could feel the impact of their thoughts and feelings for us. The day changed me. There's no doubt about it.

We were sitting on the bank of the river and then suddenly there it was. We couldn't have moved even if we'd wanted to. The incredible impact that it had on us almost paralyzed us. We were frozen to the spot, captivated by the energy of the thing and the beings who were inside.
 This visitation, that's how I think of it, changed all three of us. It will impact every day of my future. I believe that each of us was affected differently. Perhaps it was meant to be that way. Maybe the beings on the craft meant to touch the secret parts of each of us, hoping to impact each of us in the greatest way possible. They succeeded. My life will never be the same."

~~ Lynne Shelton, Contactee and Witness


"They (aliens) had always been real to me. But this experience, seeing that fantastic craft and all of those rainbows ... things that aren't 'possible' ... it did something to my inner being. It was life-changing for me. The effect of it will last forever. It was beautiful, magnificent. I was torn though. Part of me wanted to leave with them but then the other part was worried about how my husband would get along without me. I wanted to go but then there was a part of me that was afraid to go, afraid of the unknown. I honestly didn't know if we were going to be taken or not because they were so close.
 I was just awe-struck. The artist in me was trying to take in all of the visions at the same time and I was pretty overwhelmed by it all. I felt really, really bad for Lauren when they left though. She was just devastated at their leaving. Heartbroken, I would have to say. I remember everything as clear as if it happened yesterday and, quite honestly, I wish we could have the experience again. As hard as it was for all of us to deal with our individual emotions, I think we'd all relish the chance to have them that close again."

~~ Julie Williams, Contactee and Witness


"When it was suggested that I write something about this incident, along with Lynne and Julie, it took me a long time to think about it. I went through a tremendous amount of emotion during and after this visitation. Bringing it back to the surface of my mind brought all of the emotion back as well.

I've been honored by numerous contacts from alien beings. I've seen quite a few craft through the years, of various shapes and sizes. I've been visited by holograms of aliens, been taken aboard two different craft an uncountable amount of times, and been honored by many, many visits from members of different civilizations.
 But this event was different for me. I had had a visitation not too long before this event. It was incredible and had changed me in numerous ways. But it didn't touch me the way this visit did. On some subconscious level, and I still can't put an entire 'label' to it, this contact was meant to take me to an emotional level within myself where I had never gone before. It succeeded.
 In order to write about it, I had to return to that level within myself. If I was forced to put only one word to this experience, I would have to use the word 'altered.' I was altered in some way. I was changed in a way that cannot be 'un-changed.' I had to admit to myself that I was never going to be at peace until I accepted the deepest level of friendship with these beings that can be reached on any level ... in any dimension. They were asking me to share my entire being with them on all levels. They were asking me to trust them. They were asking me to believe in them. And they gave me Lynne and Julie as validation. (And Don, Lynne's husband, who we 'flew' home to in order to ask him if he saw them too so that we would know the three of us weren't under some type of mass hypnosis. And, yes, he saw them as well.)
 What it all means I can't really say yet. I had always felt that I trusted them. I knew that I believed in them. I thought of us all as friends and even went to the extent of thinking that perhaps we were all on the same 'mission' together. When this visit occurred they asked me for something more. Again ... I haven't put a name to it yet. The part of it that impacted me the most, and impacts me the most even now as I write this several years after the fact, is that they asked me for something very deep within me and then left me behind to deal with it.

During this visit I accepted them to the degree that I was absolutely and totally heartbroken when they left. I was devastated. How did they touch me so deeply in such a short period of time? What did they say? What did they do? And what did they ask of me? I believe I will only find out through the walking of the clearest and best-intentioned path that I can walk. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I will find the answer when the path is finally complete."

~~ Lauren Zimmerman

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Black Pearl Crafts

Recently I was aboard the craft that I travel to almost nightly.  I was blessed to witness the entry of 5,000 small crafts, entering Earth's atmosphere.

The crafts are configured to move through dark matter and dark energy while holding the interior light form intact.  As mentioned in the post of this morning, dark matter and dark energy .. solidity of any kind .. bends, warps, and / or deflects light, thus altering its original form.  This is one key to why life on Earth seems distorted to those who seek to live in the pure form of their infinite soul / light.  By entering this energy form of reality, our 'original light' has been 'warped' by the density of 3rd dimensional energy.

To go back to the crafts, the vibration of pure light-energy from outside the borders of this Universe is held within each craft.  The crafts themselves, looking quite similar to shiny black pearls, were designed to "be dark matter without being dark matter."  (that's an exact quote from an extraterrestrial source)  They have the exact configuration necessary to move through dark matter by matching the vibrational energy / frequency.  The interior of a craft, however, is not altered, no matter what frequency the exterior encounters.  (This SO resonates with me as far as the solidity of the human body, the experiences we encounter, and the light we hold within .....)

To sum it up, pure light vibrations, in as pure a form as possible, have been 'inserted' energetically into Earth's atmosphere, via these crafts.  The balance of light and dark within Earth's reality cannot help but be impacted.  Change is upon us.  We can move more easily through this change by focusing on keeping an open channel to receive the vibrational frequency of our own light.

I've found the Crystal Ray to be of primary importance along this path.  You can find a free PDF file on the basics of the Crystal Ray by visiting this link  ( )

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