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"Fully Present" (Part Three)

Copyright, L. Zimmerman, 2011
Lauren Zimmerman


Transcending the Human Experience Into the Divine

By Lauren Zimmerman

            The initial phase of the concept that we are “outward expressions” of the Divine and aspects of God/Creator is easy for many of us to accept.  We can stand back and view the possibility that God/Creator created us in His/Her image and then sent us out into existence for one reason or another.  But that’s not the way it truly is and each of us, in our hearts, knows that.  Much of the unsettled, seeking feeling that we carry deep within ourselves is our quest to find and live the real Truth of who we are in union with God/Creator.
            The next phase of how we are inter-laced with God/Creator is not quite as easy for most people.  It is to accept that we are actual, physical expressions of God/Creator and that somewhere within us is the ability to be Divine and powerful and all-knowing.  To achieve this expression of ourselves requires a complex and sometimes confusing path of overcoming issues and beliefs, and healing mental and emotional wounds.  We tell ourselves that if it was true that we are actually aspects of God/Creator, we would be living different lives.  We would be living the magic and miracles that we know are “out there” somewhere.  This phase of the concept might allow us to believe that, if we were “healed,” living this aspect of our Divinity would be true.
            The final aspect of the concept of Oneness is almost inconceivable to most of the human population.  That we are true expressions of God/Creator and are capable of expressing the power of the Divine in our daily lives is almost beyond comprehension.  The level of suffering, in all its myriad forms, acts as a perfect contradiction to what we are working to believe.  To believe that there is no healing or “fixing” necessary and that we are perfect just the way we are.  And yet this part of our quest for Oneness is what all Masters throughout time have told us is the Truth and will apply the ultimate success to our exterior world.
            One of the key issues with all of the above comments is the that all of these Truths can be thought of as a “concept.”  If we cannot embrace and live the Truth of the fact that we are Divine Beings, the entire subject remains a concept, a theory, and never becomes a reality that we live daily.  If we cannot become the Truth that we are Divine Expressions of God/Creator, we will remain seekers.  Seekers, by their very definition, never live the Truth but instead are always looking for the Truth.
            How then do we become Divine Expressions?  How do we step into the role of being capable of miracles, in charge of our own moments, and in such union and harmony with God/Creator that there is no separation and the truths and answers of existence are readily available to us 24/7?  How do we achieve that peace that is so pervasive that questions are not asked, suffering is not existent, and harmony with life is all that exists?
            One of the keys is to understand that our emotions and reactions determine what we do or do not believe.  We are, literally, captives of our own interpretation of what is or is not real.  As we alter our interpretation of existence and our place within it, our reality begins to change.  But we cannot simply believe in what we want our reality to change into.  We must know it and become it.  As long as it remains a concept, an ideal, or a goal, it will remain something we seek rather than something that we are.
            Allow for a moment the Truth that we create our own reality.  With the acceptance of this Truth, we come to realize just how powerful we are.  We are creating the entire “picture of reality” that is happening in every second of every day.  When we think about how much power that takes, it’s awe-inspiring.  Take the next step in your own thought process and accept that each of us are generating that power, albeit subconsciously. 
            What is it that drives us to create the seconds, the moments, the events that make up our lives?  Our emotional interpretation and reaction to what we are creating.  Thoughts are generated by our emotional interpretation and reaction.  Thoughts are the base of all things that are manifested. 
            There are two things to take note of when this level of understanding begins.  One is that we are our thoughts, meaning that, however subconscious they may be, our thoughts create the world around us.  The second thing to understand is that we live in an energetic reality.  We are surrounded by energy.  We are energy.  And energy impacts/affects energy.  The thought forms of all people on Earth reside in the energetic field of Earth that we live in.  If we do not, as individuals, understand and take charge of our own energy and thought-formed-reality, we are at the mercy of the energy that exists in the world around us.
            What that means is that, if we do not control and manage our own thought-based-reality the energetic thoughts of other people, possibly even people we do not know, will manage our reality for us.  For example, a friend who lives across town wants you to comply with his wishes and join him on a bike tour.  You don’t really want to go.  He emits a strong and constant energetic thought form that you will change your mind and go along with his wishes.  You find yourself vacillating as his thought form/wish continues to enter your energy field.  If he is persistent enough, and you are not steadfast in maintaining the integrity of what you do or do not want, his energetic thought form will cause you to help him manifest his wishes by your sudden but reluctant agreement to go along with his desires.
            For centuries, Earth-reality has operated under the direction of energetic thought-forms.  Unfortunately, it long ago reached the point of, when something could not be achieved by thought, it was achieved by force.  At gunpoint, knifepoint, or via some other weapon, humans force their will upon others.  This terribly unfortunate turn of human events not only instilled fear of reality but is one of the reasons why Universal Understanding of Energy is now called for.  Though it is, at first, a difficult task to be responsible and aware of each thought we form, with practice it can become as commonplace as breathing.  It becomes second nature to achieve the state of awareness that assists us in realizing what we are or are not manifesting with our thoughts and reactions.
            Going back to the original point … when we allow the Truth of our own Divinity and Soul-Union to become the Truth we live, our perceptions, reactions, emotions, and interpretations change automatically.  We begin to think with an expanded awareness and point of view.  We begin to understand that nothing and no one is separate from us or from the Divine Source.  We begin to live in a constant state of forgiveness and understanding, as well as a harmonious surrender to the process of our Soul expressing through our physical life experiences.  We begin to operate from a base of pure trust and faith.  As we trust that we are expressions of Soul and Divinity, we learn to trust ourselves and to know that the reality/experiences we are creating are purposeful and have a major contribution to give to our Soul’s learning experience.
As long as the fact that we are expressions of Divine Source remains a concept, or a thought outside of ourselves, we remain separated from the Truth we seek to live.  Reality manifests from the thoughts and energies we generate from within.  As long as we allow our reality to be formed by any energy outside ourselves, we are allowing the possibility of being impacted by something other than pure Truth.  The process of becoming Divine and living the Absolute is nothing more than learning to trust ourselves.  As Soul-expressions in human form, we learn that any distrust of Self that we’ve had previously was nothing more than a process we went through in order to get to the point of trusting ourselves.  In other words, life-experience is a process of understanding who and what we are and allowing that process to teach us trust and faith.

The process of becoming Soul in human form is far-reaching and
cannot be completely addressed in this small format.  The author
is currently working on the book (‘FULLY PRESENT’) that will address more
Soul-process topics .  If you would like to be informed when
the book is released, please bookmark the web site at:


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Lauren Zimmerman


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Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Fully Present" (Part Two)

Copyright, L. Zimmerman, 2011


(An article as well as a “lead-in” for a book by the
same name and author.) 
By Lauren Zimmerman

            Without realizing that we’re doing it, many of us are resisting the complete process of being Fully Present on Earth.  We read or hear the words that will direct us and assist us in the goal and yet, for various reasons, we have difficulty absorbing and expressing the full Truth of who we are into the very essence of our being.
            What we’re returning to, in returning to being Fully Present, is an energetic form that is a balance of spiritual and physical and a full presentation of who we truly are being expressed through our physical forms.  The energetic essence of who we are “becoming” (in actuality, who we are returning to) allows us to rise above the mental and emotional barriers of our physical presence on Earth. 
There are many reasons for the past “dis-allowance” of physically expressing the Truth of who we are.  Centuries ago the energetic grids that encompass the Earth-plane were altered by entities who were not originally from Earth.  Their purpose was to control and benefit from the Earth and those who had incarnated here.  One of the grid overlays that was placed has since been identified as a mind-control grid.  Unfortunately, between the time this grid was placed and this present time, there have been Earth-incarnated beings who have participated in keeping this grid in place.  However, throughout the last fifty years or so, this grid has been heavily impacted by many who are on Earth as well as many from higher dimensions.  The work that’s been done to reduce its influence on Earth-reality has greatly reduced its impact upon us.  The work to dissolve the influence of this grid continues and, without doubt, this energetic mind-control grid will be eliminated completely over time.  The more people on Earth who focus on expressing their complete Truth and personal power and wisdom, the less effective this grid will become.
Because the energy of this grid overlaid the energy of the complete Earth, it had a significant impact on the human expression of personal power and sovereignty.  In addition, intangible, energetic “veils” were placed in the physical energy field of almost all humans on Earth.  These veils served to keep us from our Truths.  Now, with the current evolutionary process and the incredible amount of work being done from all levels of existence, these veils are being energetically dissolved.
Because of the build-up over centuries from those who would wish us to be “dis-empowered,” most human energy fields are “clogged” with energies that negate the Truth and Divine Union that is the ultimate goal in the quest to evolve and empower ourselves.  However, higher dimensional energies are pouring into Earth’s energy field at a pace never before experienced on Earth.  With the right amount of focus and intention, these energies can be called upon to assist each individual’s efforts to overcome all influences outside of oneself and facilitate the understanding of how each person can empower him or herself.
It’s been said many times by many people … we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  This fact alone is a key factor in altering one’s thought process and accepting the higher Truths.  When we alter our thought process, basically adopting the opposite thought process of what we’ve been taught to believe throughout the last century, we begin to encourage the process of Divine Union and being Fully Present.  It’s not enough to read and understand the concept of expressing full Truth.  It is crucial to become that full Truth.  To become that full Truth means that any thought or belief that negates, or appears to negate, that we are great and powerful Souls has to necessarily be dealt with and overcome.  The healing of all thoughts and beliefs that cause a person to think that they are anything less than supreme expressions of God/Creator is the avenue through which one learns to become Fully Present.
Overcoming a lifetime of believing that we are at the mercy of the world around us seems like a daunting task.  It isn’t.  Each of us has within us the ability to become our Truth.  But as we focus our attention on removing the veils that hide us from Truths, the energetic influences from outside ourselves, and the process of healing the dichotomy between what appears to be real and what is actually real, the challenges increase.  As individuals who are manifesting a reality outside of ourselves in order to discover the absolute power and Truth within, we place obstacle after obstacle along our path in order to gain strength and wisdom.  Often it appears that the more we dedicate our lives to becoming Truth, the more the exterior world tosses into our lives to prove that we’re barking up the wrong tree.  With all of this can come the desire to admit defeat, to turn back to the lives we once knew, to turn our backs on the difficulties that go along with the reaching of the goal in order to achieve some kind of peace.  But just when we feel the most defeated is when we should take a deep breath and take the next step.  The more defeated we feel, the closer we are to our goal.
The above statement would seem to be one of the greatest dichotomies and apparent lies that we tell ourselves.  But what is actually occurring is a Universal Process of what can be an extremely difficult task.  That is the task of “erasing” the world behind us as we take a step further into “the void.”  The void is where all new things are created.  A void is empty of energy, which leaves it a place where new energy, ideas, realities, and manifestations can be birthed.  If we do not “erase” the energy of what was, by transmuting and healing it as we proceed, we are re-creating a “new” reality with the old energy.  In other words, we are re-creating the same reality we’ve been living in for the last century.  It may appear different at first but, because it has a foundation of the old, it will, eventually, take on the old form/appearance.
Returning to the above statement about defeat, the explanation is this.  The “old reality” will almost always fight for its right to exist and resist the changes we attempt to make.  In actuality, as we push for the birth of a new reality, the old reality is fighting for its life.  It is “dying.”  Dying often has the energy/interpretation of defeat.  The closer we are to giving birth to the new, the closer the old is to “dying.”  Again, in actuality, nothing is dying.  Everything is healing and transforming.  As energy lets go of its original form and intent, it feels like a death.  But … all death is actually new birth.
Being Fully Present is a matter of healing all energy that has held us within the belief that we are powerless.  Being Fully Present is a matter of allowing the greatest essence of who we are to enter our physical energy fields in such a way that we are healed into being the best that we can be.  It’s our Soul’s “birthright” to express itself fully.  By dedicating our lives to the full expression of Soul, each of us will be making a significant impact on changing Earth-reality from a place where suffering and inequality exist into a place where Souls can express the great beauty of the never-ending union of each individual with the Presence of Creator God.

FULLY PRESENT will be presented, with many variations,

in book form when it’s completed.  At this time, however,

the author would like to share small but significant bits

 of wisdom that will help each reader accept the Truth

of who they are and where we, as a world-society, are going.

Watch for Part II of FULLY PRESENT
("Transcending Into The Divine")
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Fully Present"

Copyright, L. Zimmerman, 2011
Lauren Zimmerman


(An article as well as the “lead-in” for a book by the same name and author.)  
By Lauren Zimmerman

            During the days of Lemuria, the veils between worlds and various realities were not present.  The veils that were placed in the human energy field between then and now have served to dilute, obscure, and/or entirely hide the Truth.  Before the veils were placed, before the energetic grids that contain the energy of Earth were altered, the human species was free.  We are working to return to that freedom.  The illusion is that we ever lost it in the first place.
            We gave our power and freedom and access to the Truth away.  We are in the process of reclaiming it.  Each person is free to claim all or part of his/her Truth.  Or to reject all or part.  The ultimate goal and freedom most people seek, whether it is consciously understood or accepted, is to be fully present on Earth.  To achieve this goal requires a union of body, personality, ego, spirit, Soul, and the Presence of God/Creator.  Within this union lies the Truth of who we are, our purpose for being, and the peace we seek within ourselves and within our interaction with life on Earth.  All events not based upon and expressing the harmony of this ultimate Union, which contains our personal Knowing of the Truth and our personal peace, are events we are creating, tools we are using, in order to understand, accept, and achieve the union of all aspects of Self and the expression of being Fully Present.
Ego, personality, and the emotions and judgments we form are “tools” we, as spirit and Soul, manifest in order to challenge ourselves to rise above the illusion that we are anything other than divine expressions of the Creator.  Each human experience is yet another avenue through which we have the opportunity to interact with ourselves and the seen and unseen world in order to learn what it is within ourselves that would allow us to believe that we are out of control of our circumstances.  Even the most dire circumstances are opportunities we manifest subconsciously in order to accelerate our progress toward the Divine Union of all that we are.
            At this time in Earth’s history, the energies and grids of Earth are being impacted intensely by energies and entities beyond our vision and conscious awareness.  These incoming energies are impacting each of us as individuals and Souls.  Our bodies, thought processes, and emotions are responding to the pressure of these higher dimensional energies.  As more higher dimensional energy impacts the denser energy we’ve been living in, the pressure and friction of the conflicting energies causes the denser energy to release.  What occurs from the interaction are bodily aches and pains, emotional turmoil, and “re-visitation” of old emotional wounds and reactions.  Every issue that is rising to the surface is an opportunity to react, feel, and interpret things differently.  From a higher dimensional place of being, each one of us would respond differently to the situations we’ve lived through.  From a higher dimensional place of being, each of us understands what it is we, as Soul, wanted to gain from that situation and that place of understanding brings us to a different emotional response.
            Emotions are a critical tool of learning. As critical as they are, it’s important to pay close attention and to learn as much as possible from them.  However, it’s equally as important to maintain power and control over emotional reactions, thoughts, and judgments.  Because they are as powerful as they are, emotions can control our thoughts and lives.  Many of us, in fact, make choices and decisions based upon our emotional responses, which makes it even more imperative to understand the foundation of each emotion.  If life choices are made from an emotional base, it’s easy to see why it would be important to have control over an emotional response/reaction. 
One of the most significant keys to learning how to use emotions as an evolutionary tool is to study the energetic flow.  All emotions have a “direction,” a “flow,” of energy.  In order to be contained, rather than erratic and uncontrolled, most of us subconsciously and instinctively contain our emotional energy in a spiral-like “funnel” or “tube.”  Spiraling energy (circling energy) is either clockwise or counter-clockwise.  Imagine a person standing inside a continually-spinning spiral of energy.  If the energy is circling counter-clockwise, the energy is spinning downward.  If the energy is spinning clockwise, the energy is spinning upward.  Because our intention is to heighten the vibration of our energy fields, thus moving us into a higher vibrational way of being, it stands to reason that having emotional energy spin clockwise would be advantageous.  Counter-clockwise energy and emotion keeps us, as the saying goes, in a tailspin. 
When we are locked into an emotional response that is painful, we successfully lock ourselves away from the answers that can generate peace and higher awareness.  Throughout history we have looked to friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. to help us find answers.  The answers have been “tangible” and 3-D-based.  With the movement of Earth-society into a higher vibrational way of being, more and more of the answers we seek are not tangible and will not be found in 3-D.  We, as a society, are asking to become a more spiritually evolved race.  It stands to reason that the solutions we used to count upon will no longer be as effective.  Spirituality will begin to be a more and more solid place to look for answers.  In actuality, all of the answers were always within the realm of spiritual understanding.  It is only now becoming evident to some of us on Earth that this is a realm that we can trust.  All others will follow the same path to trust and understanding, at their own pace.
This being said, the answer to the question many Light Bearers are asking …Why isn’t this working anymore? … is exactly that.  As we accept and merge the Truth that we are higher dimensional beings interacting within a denser, lower vibrational energy, we are asking for the answers of Truth, not the answers that are temporary, 3-D illusionary answers and “fixes.”  If we are to succeed at manifesting a “new world,” a higher vibrational energetic way of interacting with a 3-D reality, we have to be willing to let go of what we believed to be true and reliable and accept the “intangible” reality of spiritual awareness and Knowing.
Which leads us to the question of faith.  What is it to live in absolute faith?  What is it to be led by “blind faith?”  Who or what are we having faith in?  Is it God/Creator?  Or is it ourselves?  Or is it a Divine Union between ourselves and God/Creator?  To be Fully Present, it’s the last.  And it’s ourselves we have to trust implicitly before we will allow ourselves to create this Union.  We are in the process of evolving, which is another way of saying … we are in the process of loving, accepting, understanding, and trusting ourselves.  Until we do this, we’re going to believe that we’re not worthy of this Union … when in fact … we were never unworthy.  It was all a part of the “master illusion” we created.  And now we’re in the process of un-creating that illusion and creating a new one for ourselves.
Or should I say … returning to the old illusion we left behind when we entered into this one?

FULLY PRESENT will be presented, with many variations, in book form when it’s completed.

 At this time, however, the author would like to share smallbut significant bits of wisdom

that will help each reader accept the Truthof who they are and where we,

as a world-society, are going.

Watch for Part II of FULLY PRESENT
("Transcending Into The Divine")
 in this blog: 

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The Journey to Self-Discovery

“The journey to God
is actually
a journey in self-discovery. 
There is no greater way to find out
who you are and who you are not
than the path of discovering
how much faith you have ~~ or do not have.”

“What if you were to reduce all that you know,
or think you know,
to one Truth ~~
that Truth being love.
What if you were to reduce
your entire experience to a new beginning,
one single point,
where all things were conceived as love,
and all things are perceived as love only,
without specific details to any event or person?
In other words, what if you were
to re-interpret your life experience,
with only one Knowing ~~
that Knowing being only universal love.
If all you knew was love and nothing more,
would you perceive and understand your life
and your life-lessons differently?”


This is an excerpt taken from MOMENTS OF MASTERY, 
by Lauren Zimmerman, 
published by nLight Press, Copyright, 2006

If you would like more information on the 2-volume series of MOMENTS, please visit:

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Today's Quote

It's been a while since I've written here .. and a LOT has happened during that time.  One of my favorite things to offer is inspirational quotes, and I have many (many-many).  That being said, I'm thinking that I may use this blog (or create another one), to share some of these quotes.  Here's today's...........

"Humankind will not 'win' its way into a new reality by fighting with the old one.  It will 'win' its way into a new reality by surrendering to the Truths of that new reality."
Copyright, Lauren Zimmerman, 2011
For permission to use, please contact us at: