Saturday, June 1, 2019

Going Beyond

 The story has remained untold, until now.  Only bits and pieces will drop upon these pages for the entirety would take the time of all history to tell.  And so it will be brief but with the hope that the droplets of insight and energy will assist your soul and your path upon this Earth.

The choice, in my opinion, was an easy one.  They were here before me with evil on their minds and my sister was their target.  Or so I was told, and so I thought, at the time.  She would die.  I offered them my life instead.  They took me up on the deal and within minutes I found myself hearing the Voice of God urging me to leave everything behind and come into The Presence.  I could say it was a spectacular experience but that would be an understatement.  Let me just say that there is no adequate description.

To make light of it  ... I puttered around in the 'non-world' for three days.  I learned a lot.  As I sit here today I wonder if I learned enough because the end result was the decision to return to Earth-life and carry on. (smile)  I've wondered quite often why I made that choice.  It was beyond awesome where I was.  And Earth did not really exist.  At least not from that perspective.  And yet here is where I found myself and for the next 40 years or so I would deal with the dichotomy of the existence I shared with God and the existence I shared with humanity, even though humanity and Earth did not truly exist.  At least from that perspective.  Not so, from this Earth perspective.  No.  It was, and is, all too real.

For 40-plus years I worked at closing the gap of understanding.  When I stepped into The Presence, nothing existed but the energy of God.  The Presence of God.  The all-consuming light.  The all-consuming love.  I could not see, feel, or even intuit Earth.  Or the body that was laying in a hospital bed.  But as the years passed I began to feel more and more that the gap was closing.  I could sense a portal, if you wish to call it that.  It was a doorway into what lies beyond what we perceive as 'existence.'  The more I refused to let it go, the more tiny dribbles of insight were gifted to me.

There came a day, not long ago, when the doorway opened for me.  The memory of having been there, and the memory of having come back through that door and having it shut behind me, came flooding back and I dissolved in tears.  Not because I was sad but because I was overjoyed.  My goal had been reached.  And even if the door was only open enough to show me a sliver of light, it was enough to give me the impetus to keep the quest to understand alive.

Now I sit here today, drenched in the energy of understanding, and know why I returned.  Returned from what is Real.  Returned to what is un-real.

Ahhh, but it is real.  The differentiation may be that it is not necessarily True.

What is True is the message my Infinite Soul wanted to bring back.  The True that contains the enormity of what lies beyond what most can perceive or even imagine.  It is so much greater than we allow our Earth-lives to imagine.  The Truth that all things are possible.  The Truth that there is nothing at all to fear.  The Truth that there is no separation, of any kind.  Which means that the energy you are, the Being you are, is a necessary 'atom' in the grander scheme of things.  And the energy you are, and that you give to the all-that-is, registers everywhere.  Without exception.

I returned to experience an entirely different 'reality'/life than the one that had been planned before I died.  My soul orchestrated monumental challenges .. day after day after day.  I passed through the portals of 'hell' a thousand times, using Earth-experiences.  I overcame them all.  Cancer, homelessness, poverty, betrayal, abuse, another 'death' or two, for good measure, I suppose.  But on the heels of each, one miracle after another after another followed until miracles became the norm.  (I call them miracles due to the limited language of Earth, but they are actually not.  They are the norm .. in God's Reality.)

I kept saying 'yes' to God, 'yes' to every experience I was presented.  My communion with my own Soul and what I wanted to learn, to understand, let me know that, through these experiences, I would be drawn closer to the understanding of the dichotomy that, literally, drives my reason for Being.  The dichotomy between who we truly are and who we perceive ourselves to be in this limited and dense experience of Earth.

I have done my best to bring the energy of The True to the density of this 3-D reality.  I believe that, all things being energy, what we issue forth (as energy) touches everything because energy has no boundaries.  The Truth is ... we are infinite souls.  As God said to me ... if you compare your Earth-time to your infinity you will find that you've just lived about 15 minutes, even if you live on Earth 100 years.  When we change our perspective(s), we change our lives.  Each soul, without exception, has a goal, a reason for creating this Earth-experience.  In my experience, viewing my life through the eyes of my infinity, my soul, enhances (to a great degree) what we can accomplish on behalf of our soul.  Enhances what we get out of this experience and the time we spend here.  There will come a time when each of us steps back through that doorway.  But in the meantime, maybe we can bring some of what lies beyond it into this moment, into this experience.  Perhaps .. just perhaps .. this is how we will heal this Earth and those who live here.

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