Friday, March 16, 2012

Mind Control

I've received enough emails lately that talk about a "great war" going on in the unseen regions that I decided to take the subject matter into a conference with those I work with in the higher dimensions.  I am no stranger to "the dark side" of things and the "war" / struggle for the control of the human mind.  However, having lived through enormous conflict with all of this, and come out of it knowing myself and God more intensely than I ever could have imagined, I prefer to stay away from this subject matter.  But .. having it addressed by so many, via email, in the last few days makes me feel that I should actually address it.

The subject of mind control is far too vast for me to address all that it entails, and all that I've learned.  With that in mind, I asked the higher dimensional Masters to help me boil it down to manageable, and present my words in a way that will help people begin to generate their own understanding of what's really going on.

Rather than talk about the entire history of Earth and what purpose it serves as far as assisting souls to know themselves better, let's just talk about 2012.

With the entire population of Earth aware of the possible significance of this year, everyone has his/her own idea about what might take place.  Because all things are energy, including thoughts, all of these ideas are floating around in "the ethers."  Those who are in fear are generating fear-energy with their thoughts.  Unfortunately, that puts them in a vulnerable position as far as having an energy field that can easily be "manipulated."  (When we stand in pure Faith and Knowing, without doubt or fear, our energy field is as unwavering as our Faith.  When we stand in fear, we stand in uncertainty, making us vulnerable to the opinions and energies of others.)

In the meeting of last night, the Masters instantly showed me the energy field around Planet Earth.  It was swarming with thought-energy, of course, but the energy-thoughts about 2012 and "the end of the world" and "the war of the world" were the most prominent.  (They were showing up as a bright vermillion red color.)

The "war" going on is the "war" each person is having with themselves as they fight to take themselves out of the illusion and into the Truth.  Like attracts like.  The energy of fear will gravitate to those who allow themselves to fear.  Not as a "punishment" but rather as a tool of understanding.  The greatest gift we can give ourselves, in union with our infinite soul and why we are having this Earth-experience, is the gift of understanding why we allow ourselves to be manipulated by energies outside of our own Truths and connection to The Divine, God, Truth, or whatever "term" you wish to use.

The bottom line .. there is no universal war.  There is no war for our souls and our future, being fought by unseen forces who have infinite power and control over the future of Earth and its inhabitants.  When each person comes to the realization that all of these entertaining thoughts are nothing more than tools that are meant to create greater understanding, Humankind will be closer to creating the reality of harmony and peace on a universal scale.

Love and Infinite Blessings to all.
Lauren Zimmerman
nLight Press


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