Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Change, Changes, Changed

I imagine there are many people who can point to a single moment, a single event, that changed them irrevocably. I've had more of those moments than I can count. All of them life-changing, dramatic, stunning in so many ways. I've had the Hand of God appear and remove cancerous cells from me. I've had guns pulled on me, angels appear, ETs dematerialize me and take me aboard their craft. In other words, it's been interesting. And so if anyone had asked if there was possibly something even larger, something soul-changing, that could happen that would change me more, I would have told them 'no.' I would have been wrong.

I did not know, until November 18, 2013, that an infinite soul could be impacted so dramatically that it changes. I would have told anyone, based upon all that I've ever known, that the infinite soul is all-there-is. It is all-encompassing. It knows all, past, present, future, throughout its own infinity. There is nothing unknown and nothing within existence could possibly change its nature. Certainly not an event in a temporary, and possibly holographic, Earth-reality. Again ... I was wrong.

A soul does change. I felt the reverberations through all time and space. I felt my existence change. I felt my soul change. There were moments when I called myself 'dramatic.' When I told myself I was over-reacting. But here, in almost-May of 2015, I know without doubt that I was not over-stating the fact that mere Earth-events can impact All That Is. I will have to wait until I get 'Home' to uncover all of the nuances. But here in this temporary Earth-life, I acknowledge the changes, take a deep breath, and ask God what's next.

Which brings me to two strings of thought. One is this. I have never in my life sat down in front of a television and watched drama unfold in the moment. I prefer to be aware of things going on but to stay away from the visuals, staying in silence and sending prayer and what I call God-energy to people and events. But last night was different and for the first time I found myself feeling as though I was standing on the streets of Baltimore. I found myself looking from side to side, and then looking up. I called out loudly for the manifestation of an 'angel of peace.' Mind you, I've had angels, ETs, and even The Presence of God (an aspect of) manifest in front of me and so I knew that I wasn't asking for too much. In my mind I could imagine the world changing as 100 or more cameras caught the image of an angel appearing, floating in the purest of lights, stopping all thoughts of violence and replacing them with awe and inspiration .. and peace. Inspired Hope. That's the vision I was holding.

Obviously it was not to be. I found myself wondering why. Knowing that an event such as that has the potential to catch the attention of every single person on this planet, I couldn't help but ask myself why. Why, if it's possible, wasn't it done? I don't know the answer but I do know that I was disheartened. In my mind, there are options for opening the hearts and minds of Humankind. And as much as I understand that God has a plan for this planet and the people, I still ask why things cannot be different. Which is a judgment on my part. I am not a person to judge anyone or anything but I do hold a deep hope that people can move beyond hatred, violence, suffering, and all of the other pains of this Earth. That a new reality of peace can be birthed.

I am also a person who knows that, if God wants something to change, it will change. Period. Which brings me to the state of mind that tells me there is nothing much that I can do. As they say .. it is until it isn't any more. There is a plan, I know, and I am not privy to how this will all play out. What I do know is that God's 'got this,' as they say. You either have faith and know that this is true .. or you don't. There's no halfway when it comes to faith.

I had planned on writing a blog yesterday. It was to be about a thought/message that has been careening about in my brain for a little while now. The reason the above story about an angel manifesting fits into the blog I meant to write (and into this one) is that the subject matter seems to be idealism. I was an idealist until November 18, 2013. I am now a realist. Which causes me to question 'divine messages' in a hundred ways before I agree to admit that they might be possible. Which is why I did not write the blog yesterday.

But now it occurs to me............

There is no such thing as an 'accident.' Perhaps the soul-change I had to endure was a necessity. Maybe, just maybe, it fits into the message I'm being asked to consider. Perhaps the 'who I was' could not have come to this moment and would not have been willing to entertain such an 'out there' message. We'll never know. But here is the message......

It is being suggested that some people will be 'called' to abandon their lives, their goals, their dreams. Called to switch paths and go in an entirely different direction than they had planned. Through the last months and years I've watched hundreds of extraterrestrial societies begin to interact more and more with this planet and with certain people. I've watched clients and casual acquaintances morphing into the higher dimensional frequencies of their souls, and accepting more of their extraterrestrial origins. Perhaps the days, months, and years were a 'testing ground.' Each person testing themselves to find out just how willing they are to let go of the consensual reality created by those who reside on Earth and immerse themselves in the unlimited reality that lives beyond Earth's 'boundaries.'

I've never denied my extraterrestrial nature. I couldn't even if I wanted to, I don't think. (lol .. ask anyone who knows me well if it's possible to hide) But the days and nights have become more and more about that 'side' of myself and less and less about this 3-D life. I've been 'chastised' an uncountable number of times for not living this 3-D life fully and setting aside all of the 'metaphysical mumbo-jumbo.' After all, they say, you are here and this is Earth and so you should succumb to the reality and be like everyone else. My tendency is to consider everything and everyone deeply, from all angles and dimensions, which is why I sometimes hesitate to speak of some of the more 'far-fetched' thoughts that traverse my mind. I think it is my 'purely ET side' that is causing the pressure I feel. The pressure to speak of things beyond the realm of 'ordinary.' The pressure to speak of 'drastic measures' on the part of some people who are willing to step fully into the extraordinary truth of who they really are. The aspects of themselves that express the full and infinite power of the soul, through all time and space, beyond all boundaries and limitations.

Is it possible that when I wrote 'Called' that the 'call' was meant to be much more than I allowed myself to think about at the time? Is it possible that the years since 'Called' was born, those 30+ years that I carried the hope in my heart, were all about getting to this day? Getting to this opportunity? Getting to this 'greater calling?' Is it possible that, all those years ago, 'my ETs,' my family, were preparing not only me but other people who are reading this blog, in this moment, for a 'greater calling?' Could 'Called,' the book, have been the 'tool' they used to lay the path to this very moment? What is possible? Is there anything that is not?

And I am 'called' back to this blog and asked to post this (below)......

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Big Blue Harp

It is early morning, 3am, when I sense a movement in the Universe. Turning toward it, I see that there are five small crafts heading in my direction. Toward Earth. Which is where I am at the moment. My mind is suddenly filled with the intention of their visit. I sense their determination. Upon closer examination I'm able to see that each craft is only large enough to hold perhaps ten Beings. They fill my inner sight with shades of blue. Like a thousand streams, a thousand oceans, a thousand skies, the colors weave in and around each other, a perfect orchestra of beauty and drama, but as silent as non-existence.

They pull a memory from my past and place it in front of me. The re-play is as real as the actual moment. I am in another place. A glass of blue liquid has been placed in my hand. The ETs surrounding me urge me to drink it. I do. I feel it change me. They advise me that everything will come clear in the future. Here, in this moment, I wonder if that time is now.

Back in the time of the original offering of the deep blue liquid, I was introduced to several extraterrestrial Beings who gave me what I came to think of as 'generalized terms' for who they were. One of the societies they named 'the cobalt blue society.' Another was 'the sapphire blue.' They, and many others, drifted in and out of my days and nights and I was always able to take note of the events by the way everything seemed slightly altered after their visits. Now, with the swirling of so many vibrations of blue, it seemed evident that the five craft, and the occupants, were somehow connected to the societies who'd stepped into my life so many years ago. It wasn't long before they verified that fact.

They talked to me about the inter-connectedness of everything, a topic that has been taking center stage for almost a solid year now .. on a daily basis. Of course the deep blue liquid I'd been given years ago was somehow connected to their arrival and their reason for being in Earth's atmosphere. Which means that they had known of their journey here for over thirty years. And known that I would notice their arrival. I heard the words 'liquid preparation,' and chuckled. I also heard them mention the possibility of having me write a new book. When I heard their title suggestion, I laughed out loud. In case you ever wondered .. yes .. they do have a sense of humor. I'm not clear on whether I'd get in a whole lot of legal trouble and so I've declined their offer to write ..... "Fifty Shades of Blue." (chuckle)

They got serious and so did I. I watched as they began to emit 'strings' of blue into Earth's atmosphere. Every string was a slightly different shade than the next. Every string had its own frequency/vibratory tone. I heard them call it a 'cosmic harp.'

With perfect coordination between all, the 'strings' circled the Earth, none of them crossing, none of them touching. All in perfect harmony and all individually one, but somehow each was as one with every other.

All things being energy, every color has an energy of its own. It was clear that the subtle differences in each string, each color-tone, was deliberate and unique. Each frequency, because they were not touching, held its own frequency/vibration and yet there was perfect harmony. As I watched in awe, beauty unfolding before my eyes, taking in the enormity of it all, the purpose was whispered into my being.

"This is our contribution to the effort of Divine Harmony. This planet has come into a state of non-alignment and, though there are no mistakes and all things happen for a reason, it is time for a Universal effort to assist in the attempt to harmonize the energies of Earth with the energies of this Universe."

"You knew, thirty years ago, when I was given that blue liquid, that you would involve me in this," I said, pondering the bigger picture of what was going on. "And so you knew, thirty years ago, that the state of affairs of this planet would be exactly what it is today."

"That is true," was the reply.

"Another offering, validation, of the truth that nothing is by accident and everything within existence is known," I murmured.


I thought I heard a soft chuckle. They filled my mind with the memory of an art piece I had created about fifteen years ago. The piece is a depiction of 'musical blue,' for lack of a better description. The title of the piece is "Liquid Harmony."

What can I do but smile?

I knew there was much, much more to be garnered from this event and what would come next, but my agenda was not theirs. I was asked to do some energy work with just a few people. They told me that the people already knew who they were and that they would be contacting me. That's pretty much what happened. I came out of hiding .. again .. and delved into the request for energy work.

If you know me at all you know that there is never a television on or around when I do energy work. But, of course, today was the exception. Muted and out of sight. But maybe not. (smile) My client spoke of my work with the mind control grid, and the book titled "Call Me Dr. W.." We talked for a few minutes about the incredible importance of Humanity breaking free of the mind control grid and remembering the truth of who they are and learning to live without limits. I mentioned that it was pretty clear to me that the energy work I'd been called to do was, again, involved with helping break down the energy of the mind control grid. It's my opinion that we, Humanity, are in the process of taking our power back and stepping into the infinite energy of soul. And soul does not allow a limited reality.

A few minutes later, the silent energy of the television drew my attention.

Across the screen .. the words .. "Coming up next ... 'The Matrix.'"

Again ... what can I do but smile?


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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Putting Logic and Soul On the Manifestation Table

If we're honest with ourselves, there's probably not many who wouldn't like to manifest something different in their lives. And there's plenty of opinions, books, techniques, etc. that address the possibilities. But what if all of the suggestions don't work and all you come away with is a degree of frustration that leads to a temporary self-loathing and the thought that you're just not good enough .. you're not doing it right .. someone 'up there' hates you and doesn't want you to have what you desire, etc.? (And the list of 'negatives' could go on but I'll leave it at this small list.)

This is just my humble opinion and an attempt to express my thoughts about the well-meaning attempts to show people how to change their lives. What I've argued with throughout the years is the fact that none of the techniques will work for you if it's not meant to be. What I mean by that is ... as infinite souls we have chosen this lifetime for the purpose of learning. With the soul's goal as a priority, the ego/personality goals take a back seat. If your soul needs a particular experience, be it poverty or lack or an unhappy relationship or any one of the other several trillion experiences that life has to offer, that's what you will end up with.

I think we all know that. Or at least I hope that we do. But here comes the temptation to believe that, with enough perseverance, dedication, positive thinking, etc., we can change that which is not meant to change. That's where my issue comes roaring to the surface. Do all of the 'techniques' raise false hopes? And, if so, is this just another lesson in dealing with the 'negative emotions' of the illusion, whether it be called 'mind control' or something else? And in addition, I find myself thinking ... if a manifestation technique is foolproof, wouldn't every prison be empty and turned into a flower shop or something? Doesn't every prisoner want to manifest freedom? And if 'techniques' worked for everyone, then reality would be different for everyone. No exceptions.

I am of the opinion that false hope is equal to no hope. It may actually have an additional 'yuck' added into the mix because if we allow false hope we are allowing a lie to direct our experience.

My point .. this blog .. came to my mind for two reasons. One is that I witness so many people who attempt to manifest and come away feeling much worse than they did beforehand. It hurts my heart to see something that is meant to be so positive and hopeful causing so much pain. If we attempt to manifest and are convinced that others are successful, then the question of why doesn't it work for us raises it's ugly head. That can lead to loss of hope, distrust of self, depression, self-doubt, and questioning oneself on a myriad of levels. The second reason I am writing this is that I was awakened four times during the night with 'an ethereal request' hanging in the air, asking me to address this issue. Honestly, I have a faint recall of having written about this topic before but it's too faint for me to remember when or where I might have stored the end result. What is interesting is .. if I've written about it before, why am I so strongly urged to write about it again?

After a time of prayer, this is the answer that I returned with.

All souls evolve and one of the avenues of evolution is the human experience. To dis-allow your experience is to dis-allow the soul's dedicated devotion of its own growth into greater wisdom and knowledge. It is far more courageous to understand how to gain wisdom from the experience than to seek to escape or change it. It was never told to any soul that the human pathway would be an easy one, but yet it can be. 'Easy' comes into being when you accept that which you yourself are creating. You yourself are creating this human experience. Every moment of it. Rejoice in the fact that you, from an infinite soul point of view, are choosing to manifest some of the most intense and gratifying experiences available. The end result of your pathway to knowledge will be gratifying times ten. Or perhaps even times a million.

When your soul has gained the wisdom from an experience you can rest assured that your reality will change. It is a natural law and irrevocable. This truth leads to the wisdom of surrender vs. force. The Earth experience offers a tremendous amount of knowledge of the energy of cause and effect. You can, with enough force, cause change. But if the change you cause through force is in opposition to the path set by your infinite soul, the effect may well create an experience not of your liking.

The answer to the prayer for understanding continued.

Quote: "You are asked to address this topic not only for the smaller focus of the individual but for the much larger focus of the changes coming to this planet and this human reality. Force has no place in the current spiritual evolution and dimensional frequency shift. The end result that is sought is Divine Harmony. Force has no place within the energy of Divine Harmony. There is and will continue to be a natural progression of events on and surrounding Earth. This is a process and the evolution of any process takes time. This is not a change that will easily accept attempts to force people or things to change. This is a time for surrender, trust, Knowing, and Allowing."

As I attempt to wind this down and stop 'talking' in this blog, I realize that there is much, much more to say on the various topics that have just been briefly touched upon. I leave it to time and circumstance, the natural revelation of wisdom that is seeping into this Earth-reality as the energy of lies is slowly being broken down and the mind control illusions continue to lose their grip. Patience, compassion, trust ... these are some of the key components we need as we continue traversing the monumental changes that we all can sense going on 'behind the scenes.' Truth is the goal and nothing within existence can stop the progress of Truth.

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