Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Leave the Boots At the Door

(Artist unknown)

Leave the Boots At the Door

You have worn the boots for a year. Chances are .. you walked through tears, you walked through pain. You walked through doubt, you walked through fear. You walked through memories. You walked through love. You walked through loneliness.

You walked through your days. You walked through your moments.

You lifted your head off the pillow every day, whether you thought you could or not. Every morning you slipped on the boots that would carry you through your day. You did your best to keep a positive thought. You dried your tears, lifted your head, prayed for better days, and promised yourself that things would get better. That you, yourself, would do better.

You forgave the yesterdays that seemed to have put you where you didn't really want to be. You looked to the tomorrows with hope. You cherished the moments of laughter, placing them gently into your heart's memories. You leaned on those memories when times were hard. You drank in the moments of love, the quiet touches that soothed your soul.

You slipped the boots off at the end of each day, knowing that you would have to put them on again tomorrow.

This is not just a new tomorrow that we see now. This is a new opportunity. This is a new hope. This is a new prayer that may well be answered.

Leave your boots at the door. The mud belongs to yesterday. The heaviness belongs to yesterday. Begin your new year by stepping through the door with bare feet and hope. Let yourself dance with the freedom of letting it all go. Let your feet be free. Let your heart be free. Let your soul be free.

From LZ: It is rare that I allow visions and messages and predictions about 'new year energy' to come into my energy field. However, this year I was 'over-ruled' by the power and intensity of what apparently needed to be said. Consistently filled with hope by countless visions and messages, this last month or so has been interesting, to say the least. I am shown the possibilities of people letting go of their old realities and embracing the new, in ways that I've never seen before. I've been shown people healing so much that has burdened them. I am seeing hearts open, souls fly, joy taking the reins.

I am seeing people infusing Truth into their lives in ways that are totally refreshing. People letting go of that which does not serve their joy, their truth, their hearts, their souls. People changing jobs, locations, and even 'missions' and purpose.

The resounding and relentless message is .. Let it go. Let go of what no longer serves you. Let go of the belief that things cannot change. Let go of that which does not serve your joy. Let go of the burden that tells you there is not a better tomorrow.

From what I am shown, the tomorrows of 2015 hold more potential for change, hope, joy, and miracles than I might ever have imagined. I know I'm going out on a limb with this 'prediction' but that's what I'm asked to do. Perhaps it is only for the purpose of laying the energy of hope upon the hearts of those who are weary .. or frightened .. or ready to throw in the towel. I don't know. But I DO know .. this was asked of me and as I type this I feel the energy of hope dancing it's way around this Earth.

I pray we all take the boots off. Leave them by the door of 2014. And dance with bare feet and joy.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Heart's True Mission

My journey through time and space, during this lifetime, has been filled with things beyond what my 'imagination' might be capable of coming up with. That being said, the space of infinity often appears to be the same 'size' as the space taken up by an atom. I allow myself to live without limits. I allow my reality to breathe in and out, expanding to include infinity, or reducing my reality to a single atom. I'm saying this because it may take a slight adjustment in your thinking to follow the path laid out for me today. And I speak of this path because my thoughts could not help but travel to the many healers, the many who have sacrificed, the many who weep alone behind closed doors.

I found myself in a hallway. Or what I thought was a hallway. Darkened, with a floor of dirt the color of mahogany. The switch from one reality to another had been sudden and I stood for a moment, disoriented. I began to feel the residue of dried clay upon my skin. Brushing away what small bits were on me, I felt as though eyes were upon me. Looking up from my scrutiny of my dusty shoulder, I turned to my left. What I had thought was a wall was not. Blinking, I tried to take in the sight. Dozens upon dozens of people, baked into clay, encased in such a way that only their eyes moved. As I looked at each one, most of them turned away, unwilling to meet my eyes. With only eyes to be seen, I wasn't sure if I knew them or not. I felt the air move and sensed that there was a person who was free just a little further down the hallway. I walked toward him, a smile on my face as I recognized him.

"What are we doing here?" I asked. Unnerved by the sight of the encased people, I avoided looking in that direction again.

"This isn't a hallway," he told me. "This is your heart's main artery."

Shocked, I simply stared at him in confusion.

He waved his hand in the direction of the clay wall. "This wall is actually made up of people's indifference. Some .. many .. are those who dismissed you or thought you irrelevant. Your goal was love. The goal of all souls, if the truth be told, is only love, And I can tell you this ... if human indifference was eradicated in the human race, the trauma of heart dis-ease would be radically reduced, if not eliminated entirely." He noticed, of course, my stare of disbelief as I tried to absorb the enormity of what he was suggesting. "It's true," he insisted. "The human heart was meant to carry the frequency of Universal Love into this dimension, into this reality. The fact that there is an inordinate amount of indifference in the human reality causes the innate desire of the heart to change its energy. It is meant to beat only with the knowing and vibration of love. Living with, and having to adjust to, or accept, indifference causes it to take on an unnatural pain and manifest it as a 'disease.'

I could not stop the images of a dozen people I knew who wanted only to love but who had learned the word 'indifference.' A dozen images. Two dozen images. One hundred. And soon there were too many to count.

The experience went on to include a journey to the edge of infinity, with many stops along the way as I learned from Masters in every dimension. My own experiences taught me as I traveled. I wept with other aspects of myself in other worlds. This Earth-experience .. for all of us .. reverberates through all time and space. In communion with God I faced the energy of indifference and allowed my heart to be healed.

I thought of writing more here on this blog. But everything within me tells me to keep it simple. Every person reading this knows the rest of the story, somewhere in their heart. And every person knows the possibility of hope that lives in the wisdom of the hallway, the gateway to the heart. I will just repeat what was said ...... "....if human indifference was eradicated in the human race, the trauma of heart dis-ease would be radically reduced, if not eliminated entirely."

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