Monday, June 22, 2015

What If...... (The Positives & Negatives of Life)

I have a feeling, as I sit down to write this blog (because it's screaming so loudly that I can't push it away), that there may end up being a 'category' of blogs that begin with .. "What If." For me, what if is an outstanding way of opening the mind to possibilities. If we want to create a different reality, or find 'larger' spiritual truths, opening up to the 'what ifs' could be an excellent place to begin.

We all know that the magnetic poles of the Earth are shifting. But do we know why? Scientifically we have explanations. But I tend to think in spiritual terms, for this life is nothing more than one of many temporary experiences of the infinite soul. That said, what if the magnetic pole shift (or our reason for each of us being here at this point in time, during this incredible Earth-shift) has to do with the positives and negatives of our soul's spiritual progression in understanding existence? What if, we as infinite souls looking for opportunities, chose the time of 'the shift' as a way of experiencing what it is to physically shift reality .. or our way of thinking .. as a society?

I've often wondered .. who 'labels' everything? Who decides what is positive and what is negative? Is it possible that the experiences that we consider the worst may not be considered the worst from God's perspective? What is God's perspective? And how can we, from the perspective of a human experience, know? What if God, the original creator of all that is within existence, has an entirely different take on everything than we do?

I'm not bringing this up to say that the horrors of Man's inhumanity to Man are not horrors. I think that people often treat each other atrociously, without respect or regard for the fact that every person is an aspect of God. I don't negate the pain and suffering. On the contrary, it makes my soul weep. But is it .. 'negative?' Are we enhancing the pain of the human experience by 'owning' the labels we have put on things?

That was the point that drove me to begin writing this blog. The thought that there might be a different way to perceive the reality of this Earth plane. What if there is a way to perceive things differently and what if that way is the way we begin to shift reality?

People often talk about the power of thought being behind the power of manifestation. If that is the case, what if we, as a human society, begin to think differently, thus beginning the process of creating a different reality?

In following this line of thinking, I had to address the suffering we experience during our most painful life events. At this moment, I am of the thought that we can't 'reduce' the pain we feel .. but we can change our thinking about whether it is 'negative' or not. Perhaps to attempt to 'reduce' our pain we would be, in fact, dishonoring what we feel and, in my mind, that probably isn't the way to go. It's important to honor each step of the human experience. We would not be having it if it weren't important to our infinite soul. But does the way we perceive, judge, evaluate, 'label' the pain actually enhance the pain? I think it's possible.

When we perceive (label) something as 'bad' we are in the process of judging and rejecting. When we reject something, we enhance the power it has over our experience. We place a weight, a value, upon it, which gives it more power .. more tangibility, if you will. When we judge/label, energetically we are bringing the 'energy of bad' into our energy field. But what if nothing is 'bad?' What if our perception, which absolutely must impact our energy field just by the mere fact that we 'own' it, is responsible for enhancing our pain?

It was not long ago that I had an interaction with The Presence of God. In that it was explained to me that my 'take' on what was going on was not the 'take' God had on things. My goal/quest has always been to see things through God's eyes, so to speak, in order to understand everything to a greater degree. And so if there is a discrepancy, more than likely I'm incorrect in my perception because, obviously, God is not. (smile) Which brings us back to the question ... what if the judgment of what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' is skewed? What if we shifted our thinking, as a society, to taking the massive energy of 'wrong' out of the energy field of the planet? What if we came to understand that nothing will exist unless God allows it and if God is allowing it, there is a greater purpose? When we accept that there is a greater purpose, whether we know what this is or not, we are in Divine Acceptance and nothing is 'wrong.'

If there is a greater purpose, than who are we to judge?

I am thinking ... what if we altered our way of speaking about life-events from ... 'that is wrong' .. to .. 'that is not Truth.'

Maybe this massive shift most of us are feeling, is about shifting from the un-real to the Real. Maybe this is about moving out of human-made illusions based on a lack of understanding God to a society that embraces greater and more far-reaching Truths.

And here's a thought ..... What if we are taking advantage of the Earth's pole shift, the magnetic reality of things, if I may stretch things a bit and state it in that way, to shift the reality that souls have upon this Earth-plane? hummm........... (Speaking of positive & negative 'charges' ....... )

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