Saturday, June 28, 2014

Opting Out

In other words:

If you see me in the garden and I'm wearing a man's flannel shirt, a size or two too large, and it's flapping in the wind; and I'm not decorated with make-up and heels but instead am wearing my own skin and sloppy yellow rain boots, walk on by if it concerns you.

If you pass me in the early morning, walking on a dawn-touched beach, and I haven't yet brushed my hair, and that concerns you, walk on by.

If you expect me to decorate my face and body in order to please you, and I don't, and that concerns you, keep on walking and find someone who will.

If your caring about me depends on the ways of this world, and I am not in compliance, and that concerns you, find someone who will comply.

If the fact that I give my time on this Earth to my own soul's path, and not to yours, and that concerns you, find someone else who will play the role you need them to play.

I am here by request of God. You are here by request of God. If I know this about myself, and you don't know this about yourself, it is not my place to set aside my path with God in order to show you your path with God.

I will treat you as God would treat you. If you cannot offer me the same, that concerns me. Walk on by.

And for the companies interested in convincing females that they should spend money with items that subliminally promote low self-esteem, physical-appearance-competitions, and false and biased self-worth fictions, I opt out. It is not necessary for me to spend one hundred dollars on cosmetics and one thousand dollars on clothes to fit your description of what I should look like. I am me. God likes me this way and so do I. Your opinion, which does nothing but generate false opinions, so that you can pillage people's finances in order to continue your campaigns that make people question their own self-worth, does not interest me. Walk away. And PS ... don't call me either.

For females who want something to think about, when it comes to personal freedom: think about how many men you know who can't go to the store without putting on make-up or who have to spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about how people will perceive them when they go outside without designer clothes on. How many men are judged by the size of their chests or the size of their jeans? Maybe the path to personal freedom has a component of equality in more ways than society wants us to really think about.

Author's Note:

Why did I write this? Perhaps I've gone too far with my criticism of the lies that attempt to enslave Humankind. The constant barrage of ads, from every direction imaginable, make it impossible to accomplish the simplest task without running a raggedy line of defense trying to avoid the assault. Trying to simply check email or the weather is enough to have you grinding your teeth with unexpressed exasperation. I can't stop the conversation in my head that is asking all of these money-seekers if they think that annoying me to death will cause me to want to give them money for their mostly-unnecessary products.

For most of my years I have attempted to help people remember who they are, as infinite and powerful beings who have chosen this temporary and often-imprisoning Earth-reality. This little bit of writing is yet another attempt to insert some very logical, soul-compatible thoughts into the mind control grid that tells us how we should be and who we should be. This lifetime is temporary .. very temporary. To allow the 'rules,' judgments, peer pressures, fears, etc. to dictate our daily lives is to deny our own infinite truths. I am a huge fan of people taking back their power, staying 'no' to the illusions and lies, and living a life that allows them the freedom to be themselves.

It's funny. The term that pops into my thoughts is: "Just say no." We have the power to change Human reality by simply saying 'no.' We have the choice to opt out of the world that tells us who we should be .. and the power to build the world we choose. It may be that people tend to forget that WE are the majority and that without us, the 'machine' will not continue to run.

And on an even greater note; we have the choice to begin understanding that every person is an infinite soul and a direct connection to the Infinite Presence of God. By choosing to infuse this truth into our personal relationships, we are playing a pivotal role in changing the reality of the human race. There is no longer a need (or excuse) for abusing each other in any way. Think about it. Could you steal from, smack in the face, or otherwise injure an expression of God if that expression appeared suddenly before you? Could you judge the appearance of that expression? If it showed up in tattered clothes, barefoot and dirty from living on the streets, but you knew it was God, would you judge it? The frivolous things that humans decide are important enough to cause judgment of another are, in the bigger picture, insignificant to a degree that is so small it can't be measured. For me, the answer to the path to freedom is to focus my time and attention on the path of being as one with God and my own soul's infinity and reason for being on this planet. I opt out of giving my time, energy, and attention to the illusions and choose to live what is important in the greater scheme of existence.

We are all expressions of God. By acting like it, we can change Earth's reality. And how cool would that be? (smile)

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Going Out On Yet Another Limb

(Artist unknown, but this piece of art was not created by me)

For some time now I have been receiving information about what I call a "secondary Earth." The vision appears as a larger Earth than the physical one, birthing itself in the atmosphere of this Earth. In other words, this Earth would be housed within the secondary one. The information suggests that this secondary Earth is a higher vibrational frequency, one that will allow for a different reality than this one, and one that is being 'built' by those people on Earth who seek to change the consensual reality of Earth into a kinder, more aware, more self-empowered, and more responsible-for-oneself and considerate-of-all way of living. (to name just a few of the 'characteristics' of the new reality)

That's one piece of what this blog is about. Another piece is related to a vision given to me by Archangel Metatron. Through the years he has appeared to me to talk about his efforts to bring a higher dimensional frequency 'grid pattern' to the current one in which Earth exists. (I'll leave a lot out of this blog for two reasons .. one, I assume most who follow my work know about Earth-grids and, two, there is enough information in all I'm trying to relay through my writing to fill ten or more books, and so please consider this blog as just a tiny overview of what's going on. If time allows, I will be writing much more about all of this, because there is much, much more than I'm including here.) The energy grid he discusses is diamond shaped. It was a short while ago that he appeared to me, asked me to join him on 'a fly-over,' and ended up taking me far above the Pacific Ocean. I watched as a massive diamond shape energy was 'laid over' the ocean, from around the New Zealand area all the way up to the Aleutian Islands. At the time I associated the work being done as being related to another continuous string of messages and visions about the energy of Lemuria and its people being 'reborn.' (From my understanding/memory, the society of Lemuria was more akin to the 'new' reality of kindness and oneness many people are now reaching for.) I watched as Metatron and many others 'activated' the diamond grid.

Now for the main reason for this blog. There was enough information given, in less than two minutes, to fill a 500-page manuscript. But it felt essential to create a small 'blast' of information to stimulate the minds/memories of those who follow my work. It has to do with the 'secondary Earth,' the Pacific Ocean, Lemuria, the 'new reality' being birthed, and much more. I was shown my clientele, the work I have done on my own and with my clients, the work I've done with various ETs through the many years, and the physical location of many people I've talked to through the last year or so. The magnificent work we've done with the mind-control-grid and Dr. W. and his codes, and how it all relates to the 'birth of a new reality,' is beyond huge. The 'non-coincidence' of everything and everyone was amazing, exciting, promising, hopeful, and FAR, FAR larger than anything we might ourselves to think about.

My hope, with this brief 'blast' of information/energy, is to reach those who are involved in what's going on. Those of you who I've talked to in New Zealand, Australia, British Columbia .. and those of you who have told me you feel called to the West Coast. Your physical location is NOT an accident. Your soul has come here to participate in one of the grandest efforts of existence that has ever been attempted. You cannot underestimate who you are or why you're here. You are being called to remember. You are being called to honor yourselves. You are being called to trust yourself. And trust the messages/inspirations/nudges that are coming to you from many, many higher dimensional sources.

The energy of the last five hours (it is now Saturday, June 21, 2014, 6:00am, Pacific time) has stimulated yet another 'phase' of energy work that is going into birthing a new consensual reality. The foundation of the new reality, the new 'secondary Earth,' is being built by you .. by all of us. There has been a great 'split' in the old energy grid. That 'split' runs through the entire Pacific Ocean, north to south. (I'm going to leave it at that, for the moment, and allow your intuition to tell you more.) The extraterrestrial and higher-dimensional Beings who are assisting with this endeavor are extremely excited but also appear to be in a 'high state of alert.' This is a critical stage of the shifts that are occurring.

It is being said to each of you ... Please take some time to remember who you are, to honor the path you've walked, the effort you've made, the progress you've made personally as well as the progress you've made on behalf of this effort. Do not underestimate what you've come to Earth to do and the magnificent job you will have done, when all is said and done. You are each much more than the Earth-life you are currently playing out. Remember. Rejoice. Celebrate. And most of you, honor yourself and listen for the next 'set of instructions.'

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