Saturday, September 16, 2023

"Called" Become A Star

This event took place on September 11, 2023. It is just today, Sept. 16th, that I was asked to post this as a blog.

I am overwhelmed, thrilled, touched, and blessed beyond any words I can find.

I was taken to an off-planet, open-air, space station. Twelve Extraterrestrials and three humans (apparently) had been working for two years on a project. This was the launch of the work they had been doing.

They had taken "Called," the first in "Other Worlds: The Series," and had been using a technique to turn the book into a semi-tangible energy form. The 2nd part of their work included creating a device that was capable of sending the semi-solid energy of Called into the Universe. I had been taken there to witness the launch. After everything had been explained to me, we walked to this device and they sent Called blasting into the Universe. It looked like a shooting star as it flew through the air. It finally stopped and Called became a star in the sky. As we all watched in awe, other stars in the galaxy began to unite with the energy of Star Called (as the ones around me were calling it).

I felt myself being gently placed back into this body. I opened my eyes and looked at my Guides. "I guess I did do some good while I was here on the planet."

"You did," one of my Guides said quietly.

And then a loud call from the Craft mentioned in Called .. The Esartania.

A voice was cast into the room. "You did. And now perhaps you should change your name to E.C."

"E.C.?" I asked.'

"Esartania Craft," was the reply. (For those who aren't familiar with this, The Esartania (craft) is the Craft featured in "Other Worlds: The Series")

Here is the link to Called and the other books for those who may be interested ...

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