Monday, December 10, 2012

The Truth & Lies of Love

The scene was one I'd been in a thousand times before. The huge expanse of windows above the control panel gave a 190 degree vision of the Universe beyond. Only the dimmest of reflections came back at us, due to the low interior lighting.

The two tall-backed, black chairs sat directly in the middle of the control panel. As I silently approached from behind the chairs, my eyes caught his in the reflection of the glass. The human side of me felt tears slide down my cheeks. How does one explain the emotions of seeing a loved one who lives in such a different realm than oneself, knowing that the meeting will soon be over .. again. But I had been in a fragile mood anyway, feeling the heightening of energy around Planet Earth, knowing the changes that were coming for the people.

The air of the gigantic craft felt different than ever before. Though it held 100,000 beings, it felt so silent that I imagined we were alone. No sound, no nuance, no sign of life other than the two of us.

"Commander," I murmured quietly, taking my usual seat next to him.

"Dear One," he murmured back, with nothing more than a slight nod of his head.

I felt his mood engulf me as though we were becoming one. The solemnity of the moment felt like none other that I'd experienced with him before. "I've been feeling you constantly," I advised him quietly. "The distance between us feels less, and yet the distance between us feels more. I came to ask you why, if you can tell me?"

He turned away from me, would not meet my eyes, but spoke. Words that shook the very soul of me. I had not expected anything like this when I had made up my mind to talk with him. I stared at his slender back, tears streaming, until I realized that he was looking at me in the glass. Our reflections stared at each other, my tears falling like drops of liquid diamonds, reflected a dozen times by the curvature of the glass.

"I do not understand," I whispered to his glassed image.

"You will when you come back home," he said quietly.

We both stared silently ahead, not speaking, adjusting to the new energy that now lay between us. The dim light shifted somehow and our reflections fell away, leaving us both in our solitary darkness.

He was the first to break the spell we were under. Normally adroit at changing topics, this time he stumbled slightly. He and I would both think about his prior revelation for days, perhaps years, to come. But for now, the topic would turn to one of healing for Earth, which it so often did. "You know, one of the most common wounds of the human experience, one that must be healed in order for that society to move forward, is the feeling that one is separate from love."

I nodded, fully understanding but still unable to speak.

"When one loves on that planet, the first thought, the first expectation, is that one will be loved in return. After all, each of you come from love and so it is who you are and what you expect as your reality. It can be harsh to find that the rest of the world, or even a single person, does not give love in return."

"Indeed," I murmured, knowing the issue firsthand, all too well. My thoughts leapt immediately to the recent visitation from my ex, who now resided on 'the other side' and who had come to me to apologize for withholding love. I sensed a theme in the recent string of other-world experiences and messages.

"The results of not being loved can cause damage that never gets repaired," he continued. "One constantly, even if only subconsciously, finds fault with oneself, trying to understand what he or she did to cause another person not to love. After all, if one IS love than how does one not express that? And why? Why does a person step so far away from the love that they are, simply because they live upon a physical planet?"

It was a question I'd asked myself a hundred times or more. Why does the physicality of life on Earth cause one to lose one's self so completely?

"The separation from one's Truth, the fact that they are love, their origins are love, plays a monumental role in the belief of separation. Not loving creates a lie, which causes pain, which is also a lie because it is born of a falsehood."

"Indeed," I murmured thoughtfully.

"And then more lies are generated as each person searches one's self to find out 'what's wrong' with themselves. The truth unravels into a delirium of pain and lies, for no one is unlovable and no one is unloved. But when love is withheld, the natural thing to do is look for an answer to why. And the questioning begins, the lies grow, the pain crushes, and the truth is lost underneath it all."

"You are wise," I said quietly.

He nodded just slightly, without answering, but I heard his thought. "We are all wise. It's just that some have forgotten."

"Do you have any answers for all of this?" I asked, nodding slightly at the distant Earth, drifting silently in the distance.

"The energy is changing on Earth," he advised. "The opportunity for each person to become more as one with their own truth is upon them now. I speak of this key to healing for it is, indeed, a great key. One can not build a new reality upon a foundation of old pain and misunderstanding. Many think they have healed past the wondering of why they were not loved. But it is easy to toss such pain into a corner, toss a lot of platitudes upon it, and consider it healed. As the time for transition rapidly approaches, it would be wise for people to look within themselves for these secrets that they hide even from themselves. Find the truth that you really were, and are, loved, despite the 3-D appearance of things." He finally turned to me. "I can assure every person of this. Each person is loved by all others. I say that without hesitation. Life on Earth causes people to behave in ways that are not their truth. I am here to tell them what the truth really is."

He paused and scanned the great skies for a silent moment, his dark eyes sparkling with the bottomless compassion that I'd always known him to give. "Life on Earth has been a matrix of lies for a very long time," he finally said. "Things are about to get much more real." He turned to stare into my eyes with a gaze that was eternal. "If the people want to embrace the next layer of real, they need to begin within themselves."

My infinite feelings for him wouldn't allow me to speak. I simply nodded.

And then he said the same words to me that my ex had spoken to me, from 'the other side.'

"I will see you when you get home."

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Past Loves & Wisdom

(The quote on this picture gives a deeper understanding of this encounter and the ultimate goal of understanding.)

It's an extremely rare thing for me to be feeling so poorly that I don't do anything at all. But here I was, not thinking anything but drifting quietly in my mind, looking for a place to rest where I didn't feel anything, if only for a moment.

I sensed the energy in the room shift and turned to look toward the source. There stood my ex, who is now on 'the other side.' I was not terribly surprised. He had been coming to get me every night for about two weeks and we'd been soaring through universes and understandings with a happiness I had long ago forgotten.

Delighted to see him, I greeted him before noting the somber look on his face. "What's going on?" I asked a bit hesitantly.

"I need to apologize to you."

"For what? You....."

He stopped me. "I don't need you to tell me I didn't do anything wrong. I know what I did. And I know what I didn't do. And I need you to know that I'm sorry. I impacted your entire life and I now know how I can fix what I did. I need you to hear me. I mean really hear me."

"Absolutely," I assured him. "You know I'll listen."

He moved a few steps closer to me and I could see how vital this was to him. His eyes spoke volumes. "You loved me with all that you are. You gave me all that you are. And I stayed in my own stupidity and ego and loved what you gave me. But I didn't let you know that I loved you. I didn't put the love behind the words. You knew that and heard only 'empty.' I can tell you that I didn't know how to love completely like you do. I can tell you that I was afraid. I can tell you that I was selfish and just wanted what you were giving without having it 'cost' me anything." He laughed. "We both know how selfish I was. No need to talk about that."

His voice became as soft as the touch of an angel. "But what you don't know is that I loved you. I never let you know that." He waved his hand in the air. "I'm the one responsible for all that you're been through since, with these other men."

I immediately jumped to his defense. "How do you figure that?" I almost shouted. "You can't lay that on yourself. I'm the one who let them in and allowed what I did. Not to mention that you have nothing to do with their bad behavior."

"But what I'm trying to tell you is that I DO." I felt his energy settle back, readying himself to explain. "When I refused to let you know that I loved you, even while I knew you were giving me everything including your eternal soul, you 'learned' that this world wasn't going to love you no matter how much you loved it."

I started to protest, but he stopped me.

"You knew with everything that you are inside yourself that I really did love you. But I didn't show you. I didn't tell you and I literally made an effort to keep the truth from you. And so, you doubted what you knew. Not only that I loved you but also that the type of love you believed in was not possible on Earth. But I showed you that it couldn't, or wouldn't, be expressed here. And so, that means you took what you learned from me, or thought you learned from me, and you went out into the world with that false belief."

The relationships, the failures, that came after him flashed through my mind like lightning. I simply sat staring at him in silence.

"You see," he said quietly, "you manifested that false belief every time you tried to love. Your desire to believe in the level of love that you thought was possible was overpowered by the belief that I gave you. That even if you feel that love is really there, it isn't. My refusal to give it to you made you doubt that you knew what was real and what was not."

"And you're here now because?"

He smiled with all the love he had never given me. "Because it's time for me to help you understand that you were right all along." He studied me in silence for a minute and finally stepped forward and kissed me so softly that I might have been kissed by the wing of a butterfly. "You need to know that you were right all along. And you need to know that I love you with everything I am, through all time and space."

He drew back and gave me a rather sad smile. "I'll see you when you get home."

(NOTE: I truly thank each of you who have written and who have posted comments. This has to be one of the most touching blogs that I've written and the fact that it is touching you means more to me than words can say. Don appeared to me a few hours after I wrote this. (he had asked me to write this) He thanked me and then told me that he believed his story would help many others to heal. He thanked me for helping him to be of Service to you. With love, Lauren)(Oh .. another thing .. for some odd reason the blog is not allowing me to comment on your comments and so please forgive that. I do read each comment personally.)

Lauren Zimmerman

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spirit & Soul & 'Traveling' There

The 'other side' was fascinating, to put it mildly, but as this particular piece was unfolding, it was clear that this was one of the major Knowings that I needed to take back to life on Earth. Once I returned with this 'tidbit,' it became clear that there were not many who agreed with my 'take' on things. Nevertheless, this is what was given to me and so I present it to you ... food for thought.

I felt the Presence of God turning me gently toward the beginning of time. That might sound odd but if you think of all things existing simultaneously, the beginning has to exist somewhere, just as the future does. (but that's a whole new topic and so let me stick with this one for a minute) If I were to put 3-D words and phrases to what I 'saw,' which is what I am attempting to do, it would be described as an infinite, and very intense, 'batch' of densely packed 'light cells.'

I heard the Voice. I paraphrase the words here.

"The beginning is soul, an infinite source of light, existing through all time and space, here in this existence. As Soul, you look upon the entirety of all that is and desire nothing more than to explore it. With that comes the ability to send soul into existence, a journey far too magnificent and incredible to imagine, when one attempts to put that into words.

"Soul has the ability to form a cell of its own light into something that can travel on its behalf. Something that can make manifest its need to delve deeply into its own existence. That something, that cell of light, is the essence of spirit. The essence of spirit enters into a more tangible form of light, inserting itself into various aspects of existence in order to experience it in a very intense and personal way."

"And so, basically," I suggested, "soul takes an atom of itself and sends it forth to incarnate? And the term we use for that atom is 'spirit'?"

"Exactly. And so what you see within the human body is an atom of the infinite soul. That atom, that spirit, is an atom of the pure light of soul. It is never dis-connected from soul. It is always light. It is always soul. It is always infinite and eternal."

I studied the 'batch' of dense light thoughtfully. "This is soul that I am looking upon."


I turned my thoughts inward, to the essence of who I was in the moment, standing there as pure light, somehow being One and yet somehow separate. "What I am here, in this moment with you, is spirit then?" I looked back at the 'batch' of dense light. "And that is soul, my original source?"


"And instead of reuniting with my own soul I am taking this essence of myself back to Earth?" (I won't go into my thoughts and reactions to that, in this blog, but, trust me, that's another story ... or book)

"Yes. That's what you have agreed to. But what you will take back with you is this. This knowledge of your origin."

As though my soul had planted the thought into my spirit, an 'ah-ha' occurred to me. "But now that I know this, or will remember this when I get back to Earth, will I be able to use the knowledge to access my own soul? Or will I have to continue to feel that sense of separation that I had before?"

I could feel God smile, for lack of a better way to state the feeling that came over me.

"You have always managed to amuse me with the way your thoughts jump from one magnificent possibility to another. To answer you, yes, you will remember these words we've exchanged. Not only that but you will given various ideas of how to reinforce that connection to your origins, your Truth."

That has been the truth. Through the years I've been blessed with hundreds of ways to remember, to reinforce, to re-connect with the union between spirit and soul. This is one of those offerings.

As spirit we are a 'cell of light,' to put it simply. We have within us the ability to release our cell of light into existence, to travel where it may. That travel can be done as time-travel, bi-location, long-distance healing, remote viewing, etc.

Imagine, if you will, that you can gather that cell of light with the intention of re-connecting with the Truth of your own soul. Silence your thoughts entirely and focus only on the task of connecting with the spirit of light that is you. This lifetime is but a flash of time in your infinite being within this existence. Everything here can wait while you take these moments to remember and connect with your own Truth.

As you release your thoughts of the moment and feel yourself becoming as one with the cell of light that you are, imagine that your light will rise from this body. A fabulous visualization for convincing your human thoughts that it is ok to travel is to imagine yourself getting into a hot air balloon. The more you release your thoughts, the more you allow yourself to connect with your spirit, the cell of light that you are, the lighter the hot air balloon becomes. Before you know it, you are floating safely away from this Earth-body. The heaviness dissipates, the worries get set aside. You are floating away with your Truth.

With this visualization comes the intention of the freedom to reconnect with your the truth of who you are. You are momentarily free to be the cell of light, your spirit. Free to realize how temporary this lifetime is, and free to accept the vastness of your own Infinite Truth.

Once you become familiar and confident with your travel, you can begin to use this visualization tool to release your feeling of separation. When you begin to explore your Oneness, every manner of connecting with All That Is will be available to you. You can travel to others to assist them in their time of need. You can travel 'home' to your own soul and access your own infinite memories. You can simply float in your own freedom, giving yourself a break and coming back with a new perspective. The possibilities are endless ... literally.

If you decide to try this method of reconnecting, please remember to set up the intention of returning fully, to be grounded into your body and your life experience. As freeing as this experience is, you are here on Earth for a very good reason. Ground back into your body. Fill yourself up with the Divine Intention of making the most of every moment, bringing the best of who you are into your life, with the knowing that you ... and everyone around you ... is an infinite soul having a temporary Earth-experience.

Lauren Zimmerman


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Friday, October 19, 2012


As each person works to release 'the old' and embrace 'the new,' in this on-going quest to evolve, memories surface. For me, personally, my life took a turn that I could never have predicted. It had been my forever-dream to be a singer. That all changed when I walked in the door and saw a gun pointed at me.

On this cold, rainy, gray morning, that dream re-surfaced with a tang of regret to season the otherwise dreary day. As I sat thinking about how 'the path' had changed a vision took over.

Before me sat a pile of blue, broken pieces of glass. Hands reached into the pile and, one by one, picked each piece up and, with silver solder, began to 'weld' each piece to the next. Within minutes, the broken pieces had been formed into a beautiful, stained glass window.

A voice spoke. "The picture may not be the one you thought you'd see, but it is beautiful nonetheless."


Set regret aside. The picture of who you truly are, despite what it may look like to you, or to anyone else, is beautiful in the eyes of God, in the eyes of your own Infinite Soul.

Lauren Zimmerman
Life-after-Death Survivor
Author, Artist

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time Travel - A Very Real Experience

Even after 30+ years of incredible experiences I hesitate to share some of the more incredible ones. It's taken me a week to decide about sharing this one, but the urging of 'spirit' has grown louder on a daily basis and so, here we are.

This experience changed me in ways that I can't yet explain even to myself. For those who doubt the veracity of this story, I urge you to check out my years' of work that precede this reporting. I've made my life's work all about giving the Truth to others, to the degree that I can, in order to help expand human awareness. I've come to believe, in the days since this event, that this is a multi-dimensional experience that is alerting us to the fact that the current energy-reality of Earth is going through yet another transition. It seems to me that this transition will make it more possible than ever to connect with the Truth that we are infinite souls who, when we allow. All things being energy, and all energy having 'frequency parameters,' we are learning to live 'outside' of the temporary human boundaries of experience.

And so here is the event, exactly as it unfolded. The city and the time period are deliberately left out due to the fact that, if things happened as I was told they did, someone would be recognized as being responsible for murder. The purpose of the event was not to bring this person to justice but to assist the person who 'died.'

It was midnight when I was awakened by the sense of someone in the room. Having had an uncountable number of experiences with angels, I was not surprised to find a glowing image of an angel standing next to me. Her exact words were .. "A woman died and it was not her time. We would like your help."

Again, based upon years of experience with similar situations, I did not hesitate. I allowed myself to be transported by her, without question. When we arrived at our destination, we stood in front of a small, white home. There were flames coming from the windows.

The angel explained. "The woman who died here was not supposed to die. It was not her time. Her husband reported that he was trying to pull her out. But in fact, he was pushing her back in. She became so exhausted from fighting to get out that she fell back. The fire then had her in his grips, and he ran out to safety once he knew this."

I was horrified. "Why am I here? What am I meant to do to help?"

"We will go back in time several more days. I need you to appear to her and talk with her. Tell her she's in danger and then tell her what to do to prepare to leave this place."

Before I could blink we had gone back in time and I was standing next to the woman. She apparently sensed my presence. Whether she could see me or not, I don't know. I do know that I felt a tremendous sense of urgency. I told her what I'd been asked to say to her. She listened to me and believed. I watched her as she began rushing around, gathering some things that she wanted to take with her. I pointed out a secret stash that her husband had hidden and had her take just enough to get by for a few days. As I watched, one of the things that stood out was a small, white, stuffed bear.

Suddenly we both heard a car pull up. She began to panic. The angel appeared to me and told me what I needed to say to the woman. She was to suggest that her husband take her to see something about a mile from the house. Pretend to be excited about this and he will catch that excitement and go with you. And he did. I found myself in the back seat, talking to keep her calm as they drove the short distance. When they stopped and got out, the angel appeared again. She advised that the woman tell him that she'd forgotten something and would he go back for it? He agreed, ordered her to stand right there, he would be back in a minute.

As I watched him drive away I ordered her to run as fast as she could. We were in a neighborhood with many houses and the streets curved this way and that. I told her to run as fast as she could until she found a phone booth that was hidden from the street. I then gave her two names of people that she was supposed to call to come get her and keep her safe.

As I watched her run away, the angel appeared next to me again. Together we watched her until she was out of sight. The angel then returned with me and, once we were back in my room, went on to explain what city and what time period this event had taken place. She advised me to do an Internet search, telling me exactly what words to type into the search engine. I can't say that I was surprised to find an article, as well as a video, of the fire and the woman's death. The house in the video, with flames pouring from the windows, was the house that I had stood in front of. The date of the fire was one year ago, to the day.

Did this happen? Yes. Absolutely. Did the woman live? I have no idea. If she did, how could that be? If there was/is a video and newspaper article about her 'death,' how could events have been changed? And yet, well, I saw her escape. The angel assured me that I had changed this woman's path.

You can probably imagine the brain exercises that I've been through following this experience. One thing I've learned in all of my years of 'odd' is that there is a reason for everything. No matter how extreme or unbelievable things may have been, it has always been proven (eventually) that each experience was a 'precursor' into another layer of greater understanding of existence. I have no doubt that this event is a 'precursor.' As if to prove that to me, the days since this event have been extreme in their challenge of not-logical-at-all events and other-world-messages. As I listen to the messages and feel the depth of their Truth, I feel another layer of 'being human' breaking away, allowing the Truth of our infinite connection to all that is to surface even more. Our connectedness to all time and space, to powers beyond our comprehension.

My life's work has been all about helping others remember their own Truth and infinite soul. I looked for a reason for why I felt I had no choice but to go even further out on that proverbial limb of pushing the limits of logic by posting this. I came to believe that I am meant to share in order to break through yet another layer of 'human logic' and introduce yet another layer of 'possible.' Though this particular experience seems to challenge the borders of logic, it certainly does cause one to think about what exactly is possible. We may not understand how something like this could actually happen. We may not know for sure if the woman's path was actually changed. But it certainly does cause us to pause for a moment. Maybe, like the first tiny crack in a shell as a chick begins to break free from its shell, this could be that first tiny crack in the shell for humans beginning to live as 'galactic, universal beings,'instead of within the imprisoned belief system that we've been taught here on Earth.

Let's remember this ... I do not know the people involved, am not familiar with the city where this happened, had no knowledge of this house fire. And yet, at the angel's instruction, I found not only a news article but a video of the fire. The fire took place a year ago. The house in the video is the one I saw during my experience. How is there still a video online? How was the fire exactly where and when she told me? How could I have known? If nothing else, it certainly raises some questions.

Where there are questions, there are answers.

Presented as a gift to Human Enlightenment


Lauren Zimmerman

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Compilation

Awakened at 3:30am, those I interact with in the higher dimensional realms took advantage of the time and asked me to compile a list of what is currently available for my work on the planet, up until this time.  They gave me the strong sense that the list is more about 'emitting' the energy of this work, than actually providing a list.  (smile)  Since all of my work is done in union with higher dimensional entities and energies, this makes perfect sense to me.

There are quite a few 'chunks' of work that have been lost, due to a myriad of misfortunes, but nevertheless, I am very pleased to put this list together and have a vision of what's been done through the years.  I hope those of you who have had difficulty tracking and finding my work will find this list helpful.  My deep gratitude to all who have cared about and supported my work and this incredibly 'interesting' journey.

CALLED: Available in all e-book formats and, the Kindle version
THE MAYAN TILES: Available in all e-book formats and, the Kindle version
PEACE MISSION:  Not yet available but hopefully it will be early next year (2013)
CHOOSING UNIVERSES:  Not yet available but hopefully will be next year (2013)

Volumes One & Two are available separately, in all e-book formats
Volumes One & Two have been united and are now available as one book, for Kindle, via

For information on ordering and the publishing company, nLight Press, please visit ...
All books that are available are in e-book form only, at this time ... for all formats ... including reading on laptop, computer, Kindle, etc.

The only book available in print, at this time, is the first version of CALLED.  For information on how to receive one of those copies, please visit nLight Press and use the Contact Page to let us know you're interested in purchasing a copy.

The 'journey' for these books has been, to say the least, 'incredible.'  Though our intention has always been to get the books into print, we have been unable, financially, to achieve that goal.  If you would like to help, please let us know.  In the meantime, until we have the funds to print and distribute, we thank you for your patience.  (with love)

A Book Trailer for OTHER WORLDS: The Series

Original Artwork

Videos by Raven Sapphire, on behalf of my work




Dimensions Beyond

Questar Chronicles

FACEBOOK PAGE FOR 'CALLED,' created and managed by Raven Sapphire

An energy 'tool' that is incredibly powerful, used for connecting with one's Infinite Soul
Crystal Ray Basics
(A 'plan' is underway to create a booklet about the Crystal Ray.  The above link is for 'the basics.')

Reviews & testimonials can be found on both web sites (nLight Press & Dimensions Beyond)
Many reviews have come in and have not been 'published.'  My deep gratitude to all who have written and offered their time and words.  If you would like your review included on the web sites, or in the published books themselves, please feel free to drop us a note and request that we include your words.  Again, my deep gratitude to you for your support and caring.

Lastly (I think I've remembered everything that was meant to be put on this list), my heart reaches out to the many manuscripts that have been 'lost' through the years.  They may not have ever made it to the public, but energetically they are with me, and therefore are with you as well.  Again, my heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported me and 'my mission' through the years.  You all have a place in my heart.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spirit Guides, Alchemists, and Updates

My first introduction to Guides was through an incredible exchange with someone in Sacramento, CA. He 'crossed over' just days after our meeting and so obviously all of this was meant to be. One of the Guides that, perhaps, many people don't realize
they have is an alchemist. Our alchemist is capable of helping us 'alter' food and water for our benefit.  The man I met was a spiritual minister and in a 'billets reading' in his church he picked mine out first and stood in front of the entire room and said .. "The answer to your question is, set a full glass of water next to the bed tonight and drink it in the morning."

Well, billets are little pieces of paper that you write a question on and a "psychic" answer is given. You can then imagine how many people turned to look at me as though I'd just walked down the steps of a spacecraft into the church. What kind of a question must I have asked?

The answer is .. I asked, 'are the beings that I'm seeing and hearing really real or am I imagining all of this?' (I had just gotten out of the hospital following my life-after-death experience and was now seeing and hearing Guides (and others) that numbered in the hundreds. Needless to say, I was having trouble sorting out what was going on.)

I did as the minister suggested and drank the full glass of water the next morning. It didn't taste like water at all. And through the years, most of my water hasn't. Your alchemist is waiting for you to ask for his/her assistance. Having a glass of water sitting, 24/7, gives them the opportunity to put what minerals (etc.) you need into the water. I've gone on to work with my alchemist, with food, by asking him to help transmute all food that I eat, taking out any bad and putting in any good that I may need. (I also use The Violet Flame to transmute food before I eat.)

I hope this helps .. not only you who are interested but the Guides who are watching me type. (smile) The dimensional frequencies are such that interacting with them now, and asking for their assistance, could not be more perfect.

On an entirely different 'note,' this last week has been pretty incredible as far as changes.

in Kindle format.  There are free apps that can be downloaded, if you don't have a Kindle.

OTHER WORLDS: The Series (CALLED, THE MAYAN TILES) and MOMENTS OF MASTERY are now available to libraries world-wide, free of charge.  If you would like to see the books in your local library, please request them and let your librarian know that they can visit this link to find the books ...... (LINK: )

And there is a new web site for my work.  (LINK: )

nLight Press (dot com) is still up and running.  The new web site is part of a slow process that is unfolding, taking me away from the publishing effort and (hopefully) allowing more time for writing the many books that are waiting to be written.  A dear friend and soul-sister is going through the process of taking the reins for nLight Press.


Lauren Zimmerman

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Awakening to Universal Harmony & Awareness

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Friday, August 3, 2012

ET Contact, Books Written, 20+ Years Later.......

And so here we are ........
Twenty-plus years ago the author of OTHER WORLDS: The Series was approached by ETs and asked to write a story.  The details given were .. ok .. we'll use the word 'intense.'  The titles of the books were given.  The names of the characters were given.  The cover art was given in a vision.  The story was given.  And there followed a long conversation about why. 

The news of the day is .... 
"Mayan Tablets Released By Mexican Government"  (link:  )
 "Mayan Document Will Show Evidence Of Alien Contact, says Mexico" (link:  )

 The story of this Series, the years since this journey began, and the beyond-imaginable number of messages is a story unto itself.  But the bottom line is ... there is a message here for Earth and for Humanity.  The messages come from those who reside beyond Earth's borders.  The goal is Universal assistance.  Assistance that will help not only the people but, more importantly, the planet.  

This planet is not separate from the rest of the Universe.  What happens here affects the Universe.  The long-range impact Earth and events here can have on the Universe cannot be understated.  Are we going to listen?  What will happen if we don't?

As far as the books in this Series go, they were written as instructed ... subtle, gently worded, hidden messages threaded throughout, but energetically powerful enough to change lives.  The first five "tiles" are talked about in THE MAYAN TILES, Volume Two of the Series.  Wisdom brought to Earth many years ago.  But there are other Truths and greater wisdom waiting to be told.  With a great flurry of recent ET contact and conversation, the author is preparing to write the next revelations that are meant for Humanity.  Will you hear?


THE MAYAN TILES ... Book Trailer

(apologies .. inserting the video itself into the blog is not working at the moment .. click on the link above to go to the YouTube video)

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Real As Opposed To Truth

 A faint blue tint seemed to envelope the massive bank of windows that looked out over the Earth.  Glancing away from the incredible sight of the planet and its surrounding stars, I glanced over my shoulder to see exactly where I was.  The room was about the size of three football fields.  The light was dim and, again, a soft blue tint dominated the air.  I looked up into the eyes of the tall, majestic-feeling ET standing next to me and fought back tears at the compassion that suddenly bathed me as though it was tangible.

The weeks prior to this visit had been especially difficult and so I turned from him abruptly so as not to be taken away by the sudden swell of emotions and my all-consuming desire to remain where I was.  I knew I would be taken back to the planet below.  It would be best to make the most of the moments that I had here in this awe-inspiring place.

His long slender finger pointed to the island below us, the water around it shimmering with reflected moonlight.  "This is one of the primary places where the magnetic shift is being polarized."

I was a bit surprised.  I had known the island played a part, but I hadn't realized just how big a part.

I watched as the link between the island and the huge craft was made visible for me.  I had never imagined anything like what I was seeing.  Captivated by the enormity, I simply stared in silence at the 'invisible' yet very powerful connection.  I listened in silence as he explained.  I knew I could never look at things the same from that moment on.

There's a reason for everything and so I didn't question my next thought.  I spoke it out loud.  "They talk of nothing being real.  Of a holographic reality."

He nodded.  "Yes.  I hear this and I hear the confusion that such a thought generates.  To be tangible and having tangible experiences, in whatever form they may be, and then to speak of these things not existing at all will, without doubt, create confusion.  That confusion creates resistance and that resistance is the wall behind which the Truth stands."

It made perfect sense to me.

He went on.  "It's all real.  Everything is real.  Even the thing that seems the most unreal, the money this planet uses to barter with, is real.  All things are real.  But the key is how each Being interacts with that form of real.  What is real will always exist.  And every person has the free will to interact, to touch upon, all aspects of what is real.  But the way all things can be real and sustain the resonance of the Truth is something altogether different."

It almost felt as though my brain became something other than what it had always been.  Reality through all time and space suddenly became crystal clear.  All things made perfect sense.

He smiled down at me with perfect love.  "You are supported in your efforts to make all things resonate with the Truth."

He moved his hand gently around my energy field.  What he left me with was almost unbelievable.  But it was something that I had always believed in.  There was nothing more to say in that moment.


In the book, THE MAYAN TILES, ancient tiles are spoken of.  The tiles have symbols of Truth etched upon them.  They were brought to Earth many years ago by an extraterrestrial society.

When I wrote TILES, I knew that there were other ancient tiles, filled with Truths that were waiting to be revealed.  During the last several days I have taken time off away from "life" and hidden myself away in order to bring my energy/vibration to the frequency that I needed it to be in order to once again visit with those who held the secrets.

This brief blog is my way of placing upon the planet the first 'threads of energy' of what has been given to me.  If you would like to support my efforts to get this next book written, or know someone who would like to assist, I would love to hear from you.  I've been told that I need to be open to assistance from around the world .. for reasons not yet disclosed to me.  Those who can offer assistance may contact me through the web site (listed below).

My heart-felt gratitude to all who believe in my work and who support the books through prayer and intention.

Lauren Zimmerman
Creator of

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Mind Control

I've received enough emails lately that talk about a "great war" going on in the unseen regions that I decided to take the subject matter into a conference with those I work with in the higher dimensions.  I am no stranger to "the dark side" of things and the "war" / struggle for the control of the human mind.  However, having lived through enormous conflict with all of this, and come out of it knowing myself and God more intensely than I ever could have imagined, I prefer to stay away from this subject matter.  But .. having it addressed by so many, via email, in the last few days makes me feel that I should actually address it.

The subject of mind control is far too vast for me to address all that it entails, and all that I've learned.  With that in mind, I asked the higher dimensional Masters to help me boil it down to manageable, and present my words in a way that will help people begin to generate their own understanding of what's really going on.

Rather than talk about the entire history of Earth and what purpose it serves as far as assisting souls to know themselves better, let's just talk about 2012.

With the entire population of Earth aware of the possible significance of this year, everyone has his/her own idea about what might take place.  Because all things are energy, including thoughts, all of these ideas are floating around in "the ethers."  Those who are in fear are generating fear-energy with their thoughts.  Unfortunately, that puts them in a vulnerable position as far as having an energy field that can easily be "manipulated."  (When we stand in pure Faith and Knowing, without doubt or fear, our energy field is as unwavering as our Faith.  When we stand in fear, we stand in uncertainty, making us vulnerable to the opinions and energies of others.)

In the meeting of last night, the Masters instantly showed me the energy field around Planet Earth.  It was swarming with thought-energy, of course, but the energy-thoughts about 2012 and "the end of the world" and "the war of the world" were the most prominent.  (They were showing up as a bright vermillion red color.)

The "war" going on is the "war" each person is having with themselves as they fight to take themselves out of the illusion and into the Truth.  Like attracts like.  The energy of fear will gravitate to those who allow themselves to fear.  Not as a "punishment" but rather as a tool of understanding.  The greatest gift we can give ourselves, in union with our infinite soul and why we are having this Earth-experience, is the gift of understanding why we allow ourselves to be manipulated by energies outside of our own Truths and connection to The Divine, God, Truth, or whatever "term" you wish to use.

The bottom line .. there is no universal war.  There is no war for our souls and our future, being fought by unseen forces who have infinite power and control over the future of Earth and its inhabitants.  When each person comes to the realization that all of these entertaining thoughts are nothing more than tools that are meant to create greater understanding, Humankind will be closer to creating the reality of harmony and peace on a universal scale.

Love and Infinite Blessings to all.
Lauren Zimmerman
nLight Press


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Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Inter-Dimensional Presence

All spectrums of the topic can't be addressed in this particular forum, but I'm intensely called to share what's going on, at the moment, with the extra-terrestrial presence that has increased its interaction since the beginning of 2012.  I share from the viewpoint of the information being shared with me by the extraterrestrials I interact with, as well as my inner knowing and remembering of how I am, and have been, involved.  Since Nov., 2011, it's been as though one million puzzle pieces have fallen together to give a bigger picture of what's going on.  There are too many pieces for me to address them all, but the ones here simply must be shared.

The question of an extraterrestrial presence in and around this planet has never been a question, as far as I'm concerned.  If we accept an "outside" presence, then the question becomes "why."  Why are they here and what is really going on.  I need to begin with a basic "key."  All things are energy and all energy impacts all other energy.  Also, all energy has a frequency, a "vibratory rate of existence." 

What called me to this blog / topic is the current "epic" storm in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm directly impacted by the energy of it, sitting on the Oregon Coast.  Weather does not "just happen."  An energy form impacts another energy form and ... weather happens.  It's the same for all things in existence.  I call it "cause and effect" ... and I've studied it intensely my entire life. 

Anyway, when I decided to focus on the energy of the storm, rather than how it might impact my everyday goings-on, the thrill of excitement that rushed through me was un-mistakable.  I followed the thrill into what might be called "the center" of the storm and uncovered a myriad of information, memories, and "knowings."

(I know I tend to wander from what appears to be one topic to another, but bear with me, if you will.  There's a method to my madness here.  And I apologize for the "hit and miss" sharing of information.  I get so much information that I find it impossible to share it all.  I try to hit the highlights, and hope that readers will use their intuition and "connections" to discern what there is not time enough for me to share.)

The 3rd book in OTHER WORLDS: The Series (PEACE MISSION) talks about a massive sighting of 1,000 crafts appearing over the Pacific Ocean.  Since this vision and apparent-coming-reality was given to me by the extraterrestrials that I work with, you can imagine why my thoughts rarely wander away from the possibility that this event is going to happen.  As I stepped into "the center of the storm" here, the vision came again.  But with it came what I will call an "opening up of history" as well.

This storm is being compared to a storm in the early 1940's that was dubbed an "epic" storm.  As I stood in the center of this day's energy, I was there during that storm as well.  And I was witnessing what followed.  The energy of the 1940's storm was caused by an extraterrestrial energy.  The energy of this one is caused by the same extraterrestrial presence.  The energy is intentional, an "outside force" playing a part in the events that occur on and around Earth. 

If you follow my thoughts, and what I was told during this download of information, you may notice the "non-coincidence" of the timing of the Roswell crash.  I was informed that the atmospheric energy, as well as the magnetic energy, of the planet is disturbed by the "insertion" of this other-dimensional energy, causing many changes and events.  The extraterrestrials aboard that craft were connected with the et-force that caused the storm. (From my understanding, their instruments were impacted by the magnetic/gravitational pull of the Earth and the re-calibration of energy, including their craft.)

Now we have that same et-force stirring up the energy again.  As I looked into the "why," the vision of the 1,000 craft appeared to me again.  Could this "energy storm" be preparation for a much, much larger showing of crafts than occurred in the 1940's?  My answer would be an absolute 'yes.'

As I mentioned earlier in this post, there's much more involved and not enough time to share it all.  I ask those of you who have been called to read this post, and those who feel as though this somehow has something to do with them, to go within to connect with your own Knowing.

The information that I was receiving from "the center of the storm" shifted direction.  It became more of a personal message to many who are here on Earth, but who know of their extraterrestrial origins. 

2012 brought with it the energy of remembering who we are and why we're here, to a greater extent than it's been in the past.  I was shown "energy capsules" being placed in the energy fields of many people.  I would perhaps call them "pills for awakening."  A set of directions was heard, calling people to remember their "jobs" down here on the planet.  If you're from an extraterrestrial origin, you're here for a specific reason.  It's time to not only remember that reason but to step into that "job."

Being of extraterrestrial origins does not make us special in any way.  Ego, as well as self-doubt, must be set aside.  You must become your own Truth.  You must remember.  If you came here to do a job, it's time to step into those shoes.

If it's true that 1,000 (or more) other-world crafts are preparing to enter Earth's atmosphere, or energy field, then it's imperative that each person here who is a part of this event step up to the plate and do the job they came here to do.  If you came here for that job that is yours, then obviously you have the ability to do it.  No more questioning. No more self-doubt.  No more hand-holding.

They went on to show me an example of how this is all meant to work.  If you're on a huge ship, there's a large population of crew members.  Each crew member has a job to do.  The captain of the ship believes each crew member knows his or her job and expects the job to be done.  He/she cannot walk beside every member and oversee, or help with, the job that needs done.  We know what we're here to do.  Let's do it and do it well.

Copyright, Lauren Zimmerman, nLight Press

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