Thursday, October 23, 2014

Visions and Possibilities .. you decide

"Visions and Possibilities .. you decide"
"A Deliberately Oblique Blog"

4am comes early but it is the normal waking hour for this author. Other worlds and dimensional realities seek attention, and have for years. This is what drives my passion for doing what I do. This morning was no exception and so let me tell you a story.

In the atmosphere of Earth there lives a massive ‘cube,’ for lack of a better description. Perhaps it has been here for centuries. It is large enough that the Earth could fit inside. I suppose we should be thankful that the task of putting it there never occurred. This cube is of a different dimensional frequency and therefore is difficult, if not impossible to see. The primary color, if you were to give it a descriptive term, would be indigo. But angles of vibrant, deep, royal blue can be seen when light touches it.

The cube drifts silently in the air, seemingly innocuous. It has the name of IXS. If you say the name out loud and it sounds similar to something else, that would be a mere coincidence, even though there is no such thing as a coincidence. I would have normally told you that the cube drifts in space like a silent nemesis, the worst enemy Humankind might ever have to deal with. However, as I watched the comings and goings, it was clear that the power of the past had faded. It seemed, perhaps, that a war had been waged, a war had been lost, and packing it in was the best decision that could be made now. Feeling no danger whatsoever, I lingered a while, gazing in through the ‘windows,’ watching the crew and the goings on. As I watched, my mind was filled with what might have unfolded in the past. There were clone-like entities, stand-ins, Beings who were placed in particular Earth-situations when it was necessary. There were arbitrators, those who negotiated with Earth’s ‘leaders,’ those who were in governmental positions around the globe and capable of manipulating the reality of ‘the lower classes.’ (their words, not mine)

I noticed a group of Beings who obviously, judging by their demeanor and the obsequious behavior of the others around them, held positions of authority. They stood, expressions grim but resigned, discussing the failure of their efforts and the (in their words) ‘leaking in of the truth.' They glanced up and watched in silence as several Beings in black suits came up from what apparently was a darkened stairwell. I knew instinctively that the stairwell led down to a docking bay. These Beings, at first glance, looked like humans but within seconds it was obvious they were not. They glanced quickly at the ones in authority. One shook his head his head in apparent disgust. I watched their silent retreat down the darkened hallway.

I won’t apologize for the big grin that came over me. Having been in ‘this fight’ since 1974, I didn’t even want to pretend that I wasn’t gleeful. I turned back to gaze at this planet. The energy grid, the energy itself, was different than I’d ever seen it before. There were, indeed, ‘leaks’ in the energy field. On closer inspection, the energy gridwork that would stabilize the energy of greater truths being able to make their way through the deliberately laid gridwork of lies could be seen. I’d watched the illusionary, controlling gridword begin dissolving in a much greater way, beginning in 1998. But it was clear now that a large hurdle had been leapt. The energy of truth was going to become rampant, galloping across the Earth’s surface like a wildfire out of control. I was ecstatic.


In a meeting earlier in the week, aboard a Craft that I had been visiting, there was a statement made. In the statement was the mention of a new ‘job title’ for some who had come in Service to the planet. The ‘title’ was ‘Universalist.’ One who no longer walks between worlds and realities, wondering what is true and what is not. One who has, through extreme efforts learned to overcome the effects of ‘human reality.’ One who has immersed him/herself in the energy of Universal Truths that override what is apparently ‘true’ (because of its tangible nature). A comment made by the Commander still rings in my thoughts. “There can be no argument, there WILL be no argument, about what is true and what is not, if one is talking about Universal Truths. Every question asked will come back with the same answer, without any degree of variation. The equivocation, the imbalances caused by illusions, will cease to exist. This, my friend, is one of the keys to Universal Harmony. One of the main keys.”


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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Second Chances

The two stood in the light of God. The lifetime was over and now they were home.

Sarah's spirit let out a long sigh of weariness and relief. It had been a very long road. Giving Gabriel a brief smile, she touched him lightly and turned her attention back to The Presence, anxious to hear the understandings that would be coming.

With a touch so subtle that it couldn't really be called a touch, God urged them forward, into the deeper vibration of light. Arriving where they were urged to go, Sarah caught her breath and reached out to take Gabriel's hand. His grip was strong, urgent, clinging to her in a way that told her that he would never again let go.

Before them the life they'd lived was laid out in living color. In a row of color below this was laid out the life they had been meant to live.

Sarah's eyes welled with tears and she felt her heart breaking once again, just as it had when she had awakened from the dream that had shown her the life that had been meant to be. Though she could not see the eyes of God, she could feel them. Her appeal went out to existence. Why?

The Voice was gentle, caring, but stern. "You both allowed yourself to believe that love could not be yours. You allowed your experiences, the experiences you yourself chose, to guide you away from that which you knew was true."

The Voice paused and Sarah shivered as the truth penetrated her Being. Gabriel's hand was telegraphing his emotions as he absorbed the truth as well. Her eyes went to the picture of when they would have met. She found herself unable to look away.

"Nothing is ever lost forever," the Voice said quietly.

"But what it could have been," Sarah whispered, heartbroken. "What it should have been."

"You must look at what you learned," the Voice advised.

Gabriel spoke. Sarah's heart leapt in response. "I understand." His voice was thick with unshed tears. "I know the moment when I lost her to me." His eyes met Sarah's and she felt her heart break all over again. "I thought he hated me. I thought she hated me. I thought both of my parents hated me. They certainly treated me like they did. When I thought that, I began to hate myself. After all, if your parents hate you, how can you think you're worthy of love?"

Sarah's head dropped, remembering the stories Gabriel had told her about his childhood. The pain of wanting to love him until his pain was gone overwhelmed her in a way nothing else ever had.

The air went silent and Sarah realized they both were waiting for her to speak. Her voice shaking just slightly, she spoke what had been in her heart all of her years. "I thought I was unworthy of love when I put myself on that planet. I knew how painful it could be. I knew the level of suffering and hate. And I knew that it had the potential to change me." She gave a sigh as deep as life itself. "And I allowed it to do just that."

A force of energy so powerful it had the ability to move existence itself suddenly flashed into the space where they stood. A rush of hope so intense that Sarah's heart almost leapt from her chest. She looked up into the light of God, barely breathing, waiting to be told what this meant.

"There is another layer of hope," the Voice said. "I am filling you with the energy of who you were before you allowed yourself to become what you are not. You are love. Love is all that you are. To have allowed yourself to become something other than love, you lost love. You lost yourselves. You lost the reality of love that you were meant to live."

The Voice paused, allowing them to absorb the words they were hearing. Sarah barely breathed, her hope trembling through her like new life.

"You're being given a second chance. A chance to find the strength to be the love that you are, despite the exterior expressions of hate and suffering that exist in that part of existence. That part of existence thrives because it is the best avenue of learning souls can create as a test for themselves. It is the best learning tool of un-truth that can be imagined. And thus it lives. If you choose to become stronger than the tool of un-truth, you will thrive. Are you able to live your truth, the love that you are, in a world that gives you every opportunity to do the opposite?'

Sarah felt the tug of Gabriel's gaze and turned to him. The smile on his face was the light of God itself. For the first time in many, many years she allowed hope to refill her lagging energy. She nodded at him. Yes. They could, they would, do this.

The speed of Light took them back. Took them back to where it had all begun. The second chance began as the roar of a semi-truck passing by filled the room.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Opting Out

In other words:

If you see me in the garden and I'm wearing a man's flannel shirt, a size or two too large, and it's flapping in the wind; and I'm not decorated with make-up and heels but instead am wearing my own skin and sloppy yellow rain boots, walk on by if it concerns you.

If you pass me in the early morning, walking on a dawn-touched beach, and I haven't yet brushed my hair, and that concerns you, walk on by.

If you expect me to decorate my face and body in order to please you, and I don't, and that concerns you, keep on walking and find someone who will.

If your caring about me depends on the ways of this world, and I am not in compliance, and that concerns you, find someone who will comply.

If the fact that I give my time on this Earth to my own soul's path, and not to yours, and that concerns you, find someone else who will play the role you need them to play.

I am here by request of God. You are here by request of God. If I know this about myself, and you don't know this about yourself, it is not my place to set aside my path with God in order to show you your path with God.

I will treat you as God would treat you. If you cannot offer me the same, that concerns me. Walk on by.

And for the companies interested in convincing females that they should spend money with items that subliminally promote low self-esteem, physical-appearance-competitions, and false and biased self-worth fictions, I opt out. It is not necessary for me to spend one hundred dollars on cosmetics and one thousand dollars on clothes to fit your description of what I should look like. I am me. God likes me this way and so do I. Your opinion, which does nothing but generate false opinions, so that you can pillage people's finances in order to continue your campaigns that make people question their own self-worth, does not interest me. Walk away. And PS ... don't call me either.

For females who want something to think about, when it comes to personal freedom: think about how many men you know who can't go to the store without putting on make-up or who have to spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about how people will perceive them when they go outside without designer clothes on. How many men are judged by the size of their chests or the size of their jeans? Maybe the path to personal freedom has a component of equality in more ways than society wants us to really think about.

Author's Note:

Why did I write this? Perhaps I've gone too far with my criticism of the lies that attempt to enslave Humankind. The constant barrage of ads, from every direction imaginable, make it impossible to accomplish the simplest task without running a raggedy line of defense trying to avoid the assault. Trying to simply check email or the weather is enough to have you grinding your teeth with unexpressed exasperation. I can't stop the conversation in my head that is asking all of these money-seekers if they think that annoying me to death will cause me to want to give them money for their mostly-unnecessary products.

For most of my years I have attempted to help people remember who they are, as infinite and powerful beings who have chosen this temporary and often-imprisoning Earth-reality. This little bit of writing is yet another attempt to insert some very logical, soul-compatible thoughts into the mind control grid that tells us how we should be and who we should be. This lifetime is temporary .. very temporary. To allow the 'rules,' judgments, peer pressures, fears, etc. to dictate our daily lives is to deny our own infinite truths. I am a huge fan of people taking back their power, staying 'no' to the illusions and lies, and living a life that allows them the freedom to be themselves.

It's funny. The term that pops into my thoughts is: "Just say no." We have the power to change Human reality by simply saying 'no.' We have the choice to opt out of the world that tells us who we should be .. and the power to build the world we choose. It may be that people tend to forget that WE are the majority and that without us, the 'machine' will not continue to run.

And on an even greater note; we have the choice to begin understanding that every person is an infinite soul and a direct connection to the Infinite Presence of God. By choosing to infuse this truth into our personal relationships, we are playing a pivotal role in changing the reality of the human race. There is no longer a need (or excuse) for abusing each other in any way. Think about it. Could you steal from, smack in the face, or otherwise injure an expression of God if that expression appeared suddenly before you? Could you judge the appearance of that expression? If it showed up in tattered clothes, barefoot and dirty from living on the streets, but you knew it was God, would you judge it? The frivolous things that humans decide are important enough to cause judgment of another are, in the bigger picture, insignificant to a degree that is so small it can't be measured. For me, the answer to the path to freedom is to focus my time and attention on the path of being as one with God and my own soul's infinity and reason for being on this planet. I opt out of giving my time, energy, and attention to the illusions and choose to live what is important in the greater scheme of existence.

We are all expressions of God. By acting like it, we can change Earth's reality. And how cool would that be? (smile)

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