Saturday, August 1, 2015


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Thursday, July 30, 2015

More About the Crystal Ray

I'd like to begin with something basic that I was shown many years ago. 4th dimension.
Here we are in 3rd dimension. We're creating and sending out energy 24/7. That's not just one of us. That's about seven billion of us. Everything being energy, thoughts, emotions, actions, well, everything .. everything .. is energy. We're creating it. But where does it go when it leaves us? I can tell you what I was told .. and shown. And it wasn't pretty.

I was hovering above the energy of 4th dimension, looking down. Have you ever stood on a hill and looked down at a refuse plant? Heaps and heaps, acres and acres, of refuse. Filthy. Rat-infested. Cast-offs from life.

3rd dimensional energy that no one wants any more.

Have you ever thought about it? Where does all of the 3-D energy we create go? Well, now you know. At least, you know from my perspective. What I was shown. Believe me, the vision stuck with me. I think about it daily.

And then I think about housekeeping. The endless job. You clean and before you know it, you have to clean again. If you're an 'energy worker' who is here on the planet trying to help with raising the energy of Humanity and the planet, you know where I'm going with this. No sooner is a thought 'healed' (transmuted to a higher vibration) then another thought is tossed into the mix. But not just one. Seven billion. Which is why I've been so hot on the topic of personal responsibility for one's energy all these years. The energy you create has to go somewhere. What energy do you want to contribute to 'the whole?'

Now ... how does the Crystal Ray fit into the point I'm trying to make?

I've put the link to the free PDF for 'The Crystal Ray Basics' here in the blog. Basically, the Crystal Ray is a vibrational 'tool' that is crystalline in nature and helps connect people to the higher vibrational frequency of their infinite soul. If you can imagine it this way.....

Let's imagine that the dimensional frequencies/realities look like a stack of pancakes piled on top of each other. Each pancake is a dimension. They are touching, but they are separate 'entities.' But the picture, as a whole, incorporates all energies within this existence. Every pancake, energetically, is one with all of the others, making up the 'full picture.'

The Crystal Ray, again, resonates with the frequency of your infinite soul. If you are in the 3rd dimension 'drawing down' the energy of your higher frequency soul energy using the Crystal Ray, you are necessarily impacting the other dimensions through which you pass. I've made a very crudely drawn picture as an example/visual.

Though I've had this information/visual aid for about 30 years, it was only after the huge-huge night that just unfolded that I was told it was time to make it a little more public. It's not rocket science. It's very logical. But it's not something most of us think about on a daily basis. I was told it was time for more people to start thinking about it.

Here's a brief run-down of part of the night's conversation.

The task of raising the Earth's vibrational frequency comes with the realization that Earth will, eventually, no longer support a reality that thrives on suffering, pain, karma, mayhem, etc. It will continue as a host to those who study cause and effect, but the way in which study is done will be vastly different.

The work of many who have come to the planet to assist in the raising of frequencies has reached a point where Universal Law allows for direct action with the energies that are keeping the planet in the 'box'/role it has been playing. This is why the topic of 'the matrix' has become almost a household conversation. The control that the 'matrix grid' has had upon the consensual reality of Humanity has broken down to the degree that the next step of the work can begin. (By the way, the matrix grid is, from what I've been shown and told, is a 4th dimensional effort.)

That said, the 4th dimensional energies, the 'garbage dump,' if you will, 'lays on' the 3rd dimension. It makes sense, right? The 4th pancake lays on top of the 3rd. And so, necessarily, the 3rd is impacted by the weight of the 4th. (so to speak .. bear with me on this) If we lessen the weight of the 4th, we ease the energy of the 3rd. This is where the Crystal Ray comes in.

If we use visuals again, which is always one of my favorite tools, think of the Crystal Ray as needle-thin. That needle penetrates all of the dimensions, touching everything it 'passes through.' Therefore, the energy/vibration of the Crystal Ray as it passes through the 4th dimension, the 4th pancake, would impact the energy of the 4th, right?

And so, logically, the more people in 3rd dimension who 'draw down' the energy of the Crystal Ray, through all dimensions and into the 3rd, the more impact there will be upon 'the garbage dump.' Can you see it?

I don't know about you but I'm all for 'putting holes' in the 4th dimensional story. Right? (smile)

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Empty the Suitcase!

You want to create another reality. You want to create a better world. You want to move forward. You want to leave behind the suffering, give birth to a world of compassion, equality, justice, and peace.

You want this for all Humanity.

You want this for yourself.

Your journey belongs to you and you alone.

The understanding that will complete your journey lies in the truth that you cannot take anything with you. It may seem to go beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend what is going to be asked of you. It is meant to be that way. The human mind is not the vehicle that will take you there.

You are an infinite soul and you are being asked to be infinite. Your human reality is and has been limited. The parameters have been set for centuries. The key here is .. God did not set the parameters. Mankind did. Which necessarily leads to the acceptance that the limitations of 'human reality' must be set aside if one is reaching for one's own infinite state of being. And it is the infinite state of being that is the vehicle by which you will travel to your next reality.

Leave behind your goals. Your soul may have another. Leave behind your dreams. Your soul dreams bigger than you do. Leave behind your pain. It has no place in the castle of your infinite truth. Leave behind your perceptions. Your soul sees things quite differently than your limited eyes.

Most people cannot conceive of a world, a reality, that has no limitations. A reality that is as big as God can dream. You are asked to be God's dream.

Note from LZ: The words above are inadequate to describe the place I'm in at this moment. It was imperative to get them written, to bring them out of me to give to you. I thought, when I took myself out of the place God has held me for the last hours, that I would end up writing an entire book, just based on my last hours. But now that I have set these words 'into the world,' I find that I have said as much as can be said here. The energy. The energy of what is unfolding. It goes into the world in a way that surpasses what we call 'Hope.' That is enough for the moment. And I am blessed to share the moment with all who follow and support my work and my place here on this planet, in this moment.

On a more grounded note ... one of the most interesting visions/messages during my last hours was this. It was meant to be a 'visual' of the journey and the necessary process to continue. Think of it like this....... You have an all-expense paid trip to a nudist colony. The car is waiting. You don't have to pack your clothes. You don't even need your flip flops. The sand is perfect on the beach you're headed to. Your feet will love it. You don't need to pack food. It will be provided. You don't even need your wallet or your purse. It's all expenses paid. Just show up.

That is the reality that awaits. Maybe only a few will make the journey at this time. It's a lot to ask. Perceptions, beliefs, hopes, dreams, suffering. Nothing can be packed. Nothing can be taken with you. If you want to build a new reality with God, you have to be willing to let God show you what you have never seen before.

The ultimate surrender. The surrender of who you think you are. Immersing yourself in the you that God knows you to be. Naked as the day your soul was born.

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