Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's All About Perspective

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Your Soul Paid A Visit

You may remember. You may not. You saw me walking with The Master, talking quietly in the Heavens. Out of the corner of my eye I caught your surprise at seeing me. The essence of the moon cast a shadow on the single tear you shed. I felt your heart shred and turned to The Master for guidance. He touched my arm with his love and urged me on. You followed at a distance.

I heard your soul apologize. I stopped and once again caught The Master's eyes. He stopped as well and we turned to each other. Searching eyes. Searching souls. A triangle of pain that I knew had touched God Himself.

The Master spoke the words you could not. He spoke of your division, your search for your truth that hides somewhere behind all of the human things you have been, have said, have done. I gathered my bravery and shielded my heart with it. I turned to meet your eyes. Your humanness fought with your soul.

Which would prevail?

The Master's voice filled me with your words. The words you couldn't find. Or bring yourself to speak. He became you. He meant it as a gift to me.

I know the Truth of your Soul. The pain can no longer cloak you. We will meet again.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

It Was 1998 When the Message Came In.........


(This artwork is the actual cover design for the entire book that I had (have?) planned for the topic that I cover in this blog.)

It was November of 1998. I remember being wrapped in a cocoon of blankets, as the winter night was cold indeed. I felt the air in the midnight room stir, as I always do when The Presence of God sends a wave of energy to announce an incoming message. I eagerly await these messages. They represent the truth of my life and Being in a way nothing else does. This night was no exception and I lifted myself slightly, ready to reach for the paper and pen that's always next to me. As it turned out, the paper and pen were unnecessary because the message was so monumental that it changed me. You don't forget things that change you.

I will paraphrase what I was told for the message was long but the essence was short and to the point.

The years between 2000 and 3000, on this Earth, will be a time of every person coming to understand their connection to God, The Creator of All, the energy that created and sustains existence. The Divine Union between oneself and God will be understood as the only essential reality. All else is secondary. The end result will be that the consensual reality that takes place on this planet will alter in a way that is almost beyond belief, if we compare it to the reality that has played out here for thousands of years.

The bottom line is that each person is an infinite soul who is an atom of God, should we care to think of it that way. To understand that .. and live that .. to the utmost degree is the goal. When every person within a society lives the reality of Divine Union, the sabotage of each other and self will stop.

One of the main reasons I wanted to write about this today is that the obvious has become even more obvious. I have always maintained that there is a very distinct reason for everything. Everything. When we accept that, we allow ourselves to change our perspective and eliminate our judgment. Whatever you have experienced is an essential part of your path to understanding Divine Union. Your soul has created every experience and every internal reaction you need in order to reach the ultimate goal of understanding that you are an aspect of God.

As a fully-realized aspect of God, every action you take and every thought you have will be from that point of view. Your perspective and your 'Beingness' will change. With that comes what I am perceiving as .. 'the inevitable.' You will begin to walk on this Earth in a different way.

From my personal assessment of my own experiences, I cannot say that I fully understand why some of the most excruciating pain was necessary. But I no longer need to understand. There is a Divine Clarity surrounding every day that I've lived. I clearly see that, despite what my earthly interpretation of my life might be, every second of every day was meant to bring me to Divine Clarity of my personal Divine Union with God. Immersing myself fully into this Truth has brought a sense of peace and Divine Acceptance that allows me the gift of even more fully immersing myself into Divine Union. There is a meshing, a coming together, a merging. That cannot take place if we, ourselves, are blocking the union with our own questioning of the Path laid out for us to get there.

Divine Union does not mean that now you will 'see' every second of your future and what comes next. It does not mean that everything is immediately 'fixed.' It means, instead, that you have an infinite peace in the Divine Knowing that you are As One with God. You always have been. You always will be. And now the messy, gritty, painful .. temporary .. 3-D experience cannot distract you from that Truth.

I've always put off writing about this message from 1998. I had hoped to write an entire book, for the revelations along the way of my own Path have given me insight after insight after insight. Sharing them, I feel, might help ease the way for others. But .. today the call to address this was far, far too loud to be ignored. As with all of my blogs, there is an entire book behind the few words placed here. It is my hope that your heart receives the entire book just by reading these few words.

Love to ALL, from Lauren Zimmerman

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