Wednesday, August 24, 2016

This Craft.......

This is not my picture .. but I've loved it since I first saw it.

 It was possibly 1992.  (I'm not good with time, dates, calendars and so am not sure of the date.)

(adding a note ... after writing & publishing ...
Now that I am fully back on this planet .. I realize that I have the date completely wrong. It was about 2002. What can I say...... :-)

Excitement was in the air.  I would fly to Denver where I would do book signings.  CALLED was going to get it's send-off into the world.  (I thought.)

For the first time in my experience of flying with someone else, my traveling companion and I were not seated together.  Because this was such a huge event, and we were so excited, we were both a bit disconcerted.  But I settled into my seat, alone, and put the seat belt on.  Within seconds after take-off, I was not on the flight to Denver.  I was somewhere else entirely.

There are no 3-D words to describe what took place or how it all happened.  But then again, there are no 3-D words for most things I've experienced.  And so, bear with me.  I can only say this.  I was not aboard the airplane.  I was aboard a Craft.  There was no physicality about me at all, there in the 3-D world of Earth.  I was unaware of the entire flight that plane took to get to Denver.  I was placed back into the plane just a minute or two before landing.

On some level of my soul's reality, I was aware of this Craft because there was no alarm at all when I found myself there.  I was perfectly comfortable with greeting the Commander.  Commander Wartauk was his name, which I somehow knew before he spoke it.  He welcomed me aboard and began to show me around.  Oh .. I should mention .. before I go too far into the story .. the Craft is as large as the United States.

Yes.  That large.  And it was sitting directly above the United States.  Commander Wartauk showed me the perimeters of the Craft.  In some fashion that I can't explain, we were able to travel from one end of the Craft to another in less than one second.  I was enthralled.  (Needless to say.)

We traveled down what I consider to be the central corridor.  That took us from California to Florida.  And then from the Canadian border on down to Mexico.

As we traveled the main corridor(s) we were passing door after door, room after room.  All the while the Commander was explaining things he wanted me to know.  There were 17 different ET societies that worked aboard the Craft.  Their mission had everything to do with Planet Earth and not much to do with those who lived on the planet.  The planet plays an essential part in the Universe and must be healthy in order to be in the role/position that it needs to be in.  As well as .. an unhealthy planet impacts the entire Universe.  Like a cancerous cell within a human body, the entire body becomes 'sick.'  Such is the way with the Universe, if you think of it as a body.  Which, in some ways, it is.

I found myself suddenly over Denver.  We were standing in front of what can best be described as a podium made out of polyurethane.  I'm sure that it wasn't, but the podium was clear and had a similar appearance in texture, etc.  On top of the podium were maps.  There were a stack of them.  All clear.  See-through, if you will.  And so .. similar to thin-thin polyurethane sheets/film.

The Commander's shoulder gently touched mine as he leaned across me to lift the top map in order to show me the one underneath.  A rush of honor swept through me.  To be in this position.  With this great Being.  I fought back tears and looked at what he was showing me.  I am still a bit unclear, even after years of thinking about this, what the maps were depicting and how to describe what he was showing me.  The one most clear to me seemed to be a map of the system that feeds electricity to the city.  To the region of Denver.  Another seemed to be the underground sewage system.  The one that I least understood, at the time, seemed to be a map of an energy-matrix, for lack of a better way to describe it.  I didn't understand the matrix concept then, but I am ever so familiar with it now.

After the Commander had shown me all 12 maps he gently laid them down on the podium and .. voila' .. somehow I was above Florida.  Standing in front of a podium.  Looking at similar maps.

And then another city.  And another.

There came a moment when I had apparently seen enough.  I found myself standing, the Commander at my side, looking down at the entire Pacific Coastline.  He pointed to 'openings' along the bottom of the Craft.  Like skylights.  But opening to the Earth below rather than the sky above.  A mechanism that I could not possibly describe was issuing beams of light from the Craft to the surface of the planet.  It is only now, approximately 24 years later, that I am able to identify what areas along the Coast were being 'hit' by these beams of light.

It was only months ago that I was shown the placement of what I call 'crystalline structures.'  These 'crystals' are as large as a small town.  They are crystalline in nature but are not exactly crystals as we know them.

The depiction of the placement of the 'crystalline structures' is approx. ..but pretty darn close.  There are more along the Coast but these are the 4 that I felt drawn to feature.

After he was certain that I'd seen all of the 'light beams' for the Pacific .. voila' .. we were above the Atlantic Coastline of the United States.  Beams of light were hitting along that Coastline as well.  Whether there are 'crystalline structures' there .. I do not know.  I've been working with the energy of the Pacific Region since 1975 and so am familiar only with this area.  The portion of information about the north and south perimeters of the Craft were so fleeting that it couldn't have been more than a second or two.  My memory is sketchy on this but .. if memory serves me right .. there was only one beam of light to the north, on the Canadian border, and one beam of light to the south, on the Mexico border.  (approximately in the 'center' of the U.S.)


I have visited with Commander Wartauk many times since my first visit.  This morning I was there again.  I left with full-body-chills, which continued on for several minutes after I left the Craft.  Along with the deeper insights I was given regarding my own purpose on this planet, the full impact of the energy of this Craft and it's purpose and influence touched every cell of my body.  For the first time, Commander Wartauk asked me to share what he had given me 24 years ago.  Though he didn't give his reason, the unspoken filled my entire being.  I could not help but be overwhelmed.

In my 40+ years of interacting with other-dimensional Beings I can say that everything I have been given ends up having great significance.  There has always .. always .. been huge significance and Truth.  It may not always have been immediately known or understood.  But as time passed, the reason was always revealed.

Such is the case with today's request to speak of this experience now, after my years of non-sharing.
Commander Wartauk and this Craft are part of another massive energetic effort that I have been witnessing with the Pacific Ocean.  Everything is inter-connected and everyone is working together.  I believe, with all that I am, that the energy of those who remain mostly unseen but who are here to save this planet, will impact in ways we cannot imagine.  I also believe that the impact is why I was asked to share this story.

As you can see, the efforts of 'others' who are here to assist this planet have been on-going for years.  What happened many years ago was preparation for what is happening now.  What is happening now is preparation for what is to come.

There is so much more...... But, as always, it would take me a book .. or two or three .. or forty .. to tell all that I am witnessing.  Your intuition and Knowing may be touched by this story.  If so .. I've done my job.  (smile)

++++  I'm going to add a personal note .... what I've not mentioned before, to those who follow my work ......  When I'm interacting with the higher dimensions, and when I'm writing, I don't eat, drink, sleep, or (really) function on this Earth-plane.  That said, you'll see typos and mistakes quite often, I imagine.  I do my best to bridge the gap and get things right .. but where I am when I'm 'out there' .. well .. there is no time or calendar .. and using 3-D fingers to type .. well .. you can probably imagine.  (chuckle)  Love to ALL and thank you so much to those who believe in my work and who put up with my idiosyncrasies. 


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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Am Too Short To Get Off My 'High Horse'

When I was aboard The Esartania the other night, Commander Korton advised me that I was, in his words, 'a radical.'  I had never thought of myself in that way but I now find myself so grateful for his words that I'm beside myself with gratitude.  Something was triggered with his words.  A piece of myself rampaged it's way to the surface and has been vocalizing itself ever since.  And not in a quiet way, I might add.

I recall a planet where the people who were not 'in charge' were housed.  Their quarters were similar to bunk houses and their beds were similar to bunk beds.  People stacked like firewood.

A whistle so loud it would pierce the ears of God sounded at first light.  The people shuffled off to the long, plank tables.  They shoveled the morning porridge into their mouths without tasting it.  Well, honestly, it had no taste.  In a single-file line they shuffled to the mouths of caves.  Counted, they were pushed into the darkness.  There they labored for a full day, every day, mining for the riches of the earth, the planet.  The riches that would then fill the coffers of the 'masters.'

I remember the end like it was yesterday.   In a single fell swoop all life was over.  The planet fell silent and the morning whistle no longer blew.  I remember looking back to see the riches piled upon the ground.  They belonged to no one then.  They belong to no one now.

The freedom of death treated everyone equally.  The 'masters' stood, unclothed, beside the unclothed and weary workers.  Death seems to do that.  Bring equality where there was none.

I have a more recent memory.  Standing in the dimly lit control room, looking out upon the vast beauty of the Universe.  A single planet, so beautiful to observe yet so troubled.  The power and control of the few might have looked different than the planet where life had died.  But, in truth, it was no different.  People made rules.  Other people followed them.  People made decisions.  Other people listened to them.  People barked orders.  Other people obeyed.

I observed that people were assigned numbers.  And they were tracked throughout their lifetime.  Every move they made could be known, if someone cared to know.  They were asked to prove who they were ... time and time again.  No move could be made without first proving themselves.  What was the reason, I wondered.

A quiet voice at my shoulder advised me that the people were living in a vacuum of repression.  Repressing the truth of who they were outside of the prison they had chosen, the reality they had opted to manifest.

"The repression of one's full Truth," the quiet voice went on, "is the cause of anger, pain, fear, and giving one's power away to the lie that they are powerless.  No one person has power over another.  And yet that certainly is the way it appears."

"How does this continue?" I asked.  "And what can be done to end it?"

"The key here is self-responsibility.  If every person took the responsibility of his or her own Truth into himself, the full awareness of who they truly are would surface within them.  The realization that every person is an aspect of Divine Infinity and no one person has the permission of Infinity to control another.  No one soul would harm another.  People are controlled by fear.  If people stop harming each other, fear would subside.  If fear subsides, the need to control as well as the ability to control would begin to dissipate."

It all made so much sense to me then, as I stood gazing upon the distant beauty of the planet.  It all seemed so simple.  All it would take, I remember thinking, is for people to remember that they are Divine Aspects.  They would stop harming each other.  The fear would stop.  Giving one's power away to the people who were capitalizing on the fear would stop.  The lies that were used to control people would stop.  Well, I could go on but I'm sure you see my line of thinking.

Ahhhh, the innocence we stand in when we first gaze upon what, from a distance, seems to be a problem that is easily fixed.

Well, you know what I mean.  I'm certain you do.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Beyond Existence

As I stood on the edge of existence this morning, April 15, 2016, the memory of another time filled me with its presence.  Was it only a month ago?  Was it a year?  I wasn't sure, for all things were one and time was non-existent.  The memory was not a memory but instead was a piece  of my soul.  My own infinity.  My truth.

I have not spoken of it.  I thought I never would.  To have merged with the Presence that I call God and to have been taken to the edge of this existence, well, that was enough for me to speak out loud.  Far too much for most to accept.  But my experience hadn't ended there and I realize, on this day, that I am called to speak of it now.

Existence is only a small room in a home too large to fit into a word.  I stood on the edge of the 'doorway' leading out.  I looked upon the majestic sight of a billion other existences, shining like distant lights in the darkened night.

This time, like the last time, like the very first time, my soul was nothing but yearning.  The expanse of a billion existences was mine to explore.  Mine to love.  And love it I do. I am a solitary atom, free to gaze upon, perhaps touch, any atom within a billion existence.  I am alone.  But I am one with All.  I want to stand forever, looking upon the vastness that is too massive to describe.  It is more familiar to me than this place they call Earth.

But I am gently turned and I look back through the immensity of this existence and somewhere, somewhere beyond my vision's reach, there is a universe that holds the planet they call Earth.  And I know that I exist there at the moment.  It is real.  But not as real as the place where I now stand.

The voice I so often hear whispers to my moment and to my reason for living in a place so small.  I listened.  And coming back to Earth I find this piece I've posted here below.  I have no recollection of creating it.  But I take note now of the date on the file and on the piece itself.  It is this date.  Two years ago.  I am asked to share it now.  Along with the secret that is not a secret at all.

The word 'existence' would seem to suggest .. 'all that is.'  In my world, it does not.  There are a billion existences.  And they are beautiful beyond any minuscule Earth-words could possibly describe.  And as I speak of this now the reason is clear.  The souls on Earth are meant to break the habit of limited thinking.  It is possible to have awareness of All and still be limited to this infinitesimal reality we call Earth.  It is meant that Humanity learn to live with full awareness.  It is this avenue that will take Earth's reality to a different place of Being.

Infinite souls who are aware of All choose to view life from a different perspective.  One so all-encompassing it does not choose to act with violence, disdain, judgment, or any of the other actions that insult the soul of another.  Expand your mind.  Expand your reality.  Your reality will change.

April 15, 2014

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