Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Return To Questar

The earth beneath my bare feet welcomes me home, seeming to embrace me with every step, filling me with a sense of home in a way that cannot be matched.  Walking silently through the white-violet grasses, feeling the brush of comfort with every step, I keep my gaze upon my destination.

The air here feels lilac.  It's the only word that comes to mind that might be comparable to something on the planet Earth.

My home here on Questar is the tall, imposing spire of crystal that touches the sky.  The moments that I love it more than my heart can stand are the moments when the two moons flank the spire, sandwiching it as though it is cherished by existence itself.  Being held in the hands of God in a precious way that has no words.  'The Gift of Two Moons.'  That is the name of my home here on Questar.

The energy of my home reaches me long before I touch its walls.  As I reach out to touch it, bringing it into my heart after so long a time away, it absorbs me.  I find myself inside.  A place as familiar to me as God.  We breathe together, my home and I.  Within seconds we are one.  The way it has always been.  The way it was meant to be.

Admittedly, the time spent on Earth, away from the comfort of home, have not been easy.  But my home is a living thing and as the seconds pass it heals me.  Gently moving the damage from my body and my soul, filling me instead with the peace of who I am.  I breathe in the Truth and allow myself to rest.  The journey back to Earth will come again soon.  For now I reside in peace.

It feels like only moments but perhaps hours or even days have passed.  A familiar shadow comes to my attention and my beloved comrade of many centuries slowly materializes next to me.

"Solomon."  I greet him with love in my voice.  He has been unwavering in his support through the centuries and through our journey through existence.

"Dear One."  The look in his eyes bathes me in his own unique healing way.  "We have another step in front of us."

"Yes," I agreed.  "Another year on Earth begins."  I recognize the taste of hope as my words are spoken.

"It will be unique in ways you haven't experienced before," he advised.

"I feel that.  I sense that.  I know the quest to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet will continue, and I'm blessed to be a part of the effort, but the breaking down of the old energy is quite trying at times."

Solomon nodded.  "Indeed.  And it will continue.  As you know, it's the stripping away of the lies and illusions in order to allow the energy of Divine Truth to become the reality of that planet."  He nodded again.  "A very worthwhile mission, if you ask me."

"I totally agree with you.  It's unprecedented."

He gave me that studious look he has.  I smiled.  "Well," he said, "perhaps not unprecedented in the history of existence but certainly unprecedented in the history of Planet Earth."

I nodded, agreeing with him.  A distant, distant memory swam past me.  Another time.  Another place.  A few familiar faces.  Some of those on Earth now, playing a part in the 'changing of the guard,' so to speak, had been there too. 

"Yes," Solomon murmured.  "You have done this before and you can do it again.  None of you took this mission on with a wave and a smile.  It is not something any of you take lightly.  But what I am here to say to those who care to listen.  You will succeed.  You have before and you will again.  When you are weary, come home to yourselves.  Breathe in the Truth of who you are.  Breathe in the energy of your inevitable success with this planet, with this mission.  You are supported by so many others that the numbers cannot be counted."

He paused and reached out to touch my face with a hand as gentle as a feather.  "You will all be so proud of your accomplishments when all is said and done.  Renew.  Revive.  Breathe.  And rise again to move forward into the success that is waiting for you."

My hand raised as if on it's own volition and I brushed the comforting energy of my crystal home lightly.

He knew me well.  "You will be home soon enough.  But come home with the vision of your success.  Bring that with you when you return.  Your home will be all the more comforting if you do."


Love, Gratitude, and Strength to ALL who have taken on this Mission and who remain dedicated to our success.
From LZ


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Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Conversation We All Have (LZ's humor .. beware .. :-)

 (Can you stand some morning humor from LZ?)

 It's morning. 
Eyes open.
Body:  I don't want to be awake
Me:  It's inevitable.
Body:  Ok
Body:  Get up.
Me:  Ok
Body:  Take me to the restroom.
Me:  Ok

(5 minutes later ...)
Body:  Take me to the restroom again.
Me:  You just went.
Body:  But I want to go again.
Me:  I'm going to ignore you.
Body:  You'll be sorry if you do.
Me:  Ok.  Fine.

(5 minutes later ...)
Body:  I'm thirsty.
Me:  I know.  Give me a second.
Body:  I want a shower.
Me:  I know.  Give me a second.
Body:  When are we going to eat?
Me:  Give me a minute!

(30 seconds later ...)
Body:  Is a minute up yet?
Me:  Ok.  Ok........ (sigh)  We'll shower.

(30 seconds later ...)
Body:   I want the water hotter.
Me:  Ok, it's hotter.
Body:  Are you going to wash my hair today?
Me:  No.
Body:  But........
Me:  Just no. 
Body:  Ok.  But.....
Me:  No.
Body:  Ok.

(5 minutes later ...)
Body:  I want lotion.
Me:  I know.  Give me a second.
Body:  I want it now.
Me:  I know.  I know.  (sigh)
Body:  Rub my feet, ok?
Me:  Ok.

 (5 minutes later ...)
Body:  Take me to the restroom.
Me:  No.
Body:   You'll be sorr........
Me:  Ok.  Ok.

(5 minutes later ...)
Body:  I'm hungry
Me:  I know.  Give me a second.
Body:  I'm thirsty.
Me:  You know, don't you, that drinking all this water is why we have to go the restroom all the time, right?
Body:  I'm thirsty.

 (25 minutes later ...)
 Me:  You're fed.  You're washed.  You have lotion.  Your feet have been rubbed.  Now can I have some time to do my own thing?
Body:  You forgot to brush my teeth.
Me:  (sigh)  You're right.

(5 minutes later ...)
Me:  NOW are you satisfied?
Body:  We'll see.........

 (5 minutes later ...)
Body:  I want.......
Me:  Shut up.
Body:  But.........
Me:  Shut up.  (pause)  You realize, don't you, that if we stay on the planet for 70 years or so, that you will have had so many showers that even God won't be able to count them?
Body:  You brush my teeth more times than you shower.  (lol)
Me:  You're the one who's going to have to tally up the numbers after I'm gone.  You know that, right?
Body:  Don't count on it...........

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

One Degree

It was not going to be a normal night.  Visiting the massive craft that was overseen by Commander Wartauk was not unusual but when he gave her 'that look' and gestured for her to follow him, she knew things were about to get interesting.

The corridor that spanned the length of the craft stretched from one coast of the United States to the other yet navigating it took less than five seconds.  Reaching the corridor's end, Commander Wartauk held a door open and nodded for her to proceed.  This would be the first time she'd ever been in a part of the craft that was not what she thought of as the 'main floor.'

Descending one flight of stairs, she found herself staring at a docking bay that appeared to be about as large as the State of Texas.  Perhaps larger.  What caught her attention more than the size though was the embracing silence.  There was activity all around.  Beings moved from one small craft to another, obviously preparing for something.  But somehow the hundred or so Beings, and all of the hustle, made no sound at all.

"We'll have to cover a lot of ground quickly," Commander Wartauk advised her.

She simply nodded as he looked down at her, expecting a reaction.

"We'll be visiting every planet in the solar system to place these."

She nodded again.  It was obvious that he was assuming that she knew what was going on.  She made a mental effort to kickstart her intuition and tune in to what was going on.  Instantly it clicked in.  Omg, was her first thought.  It was her second thought as well.  And her third.

Eyes wide with anticipation, she followed the Commander as he headed toward the small craft that was closest to the docking bay door.  If you could call it a 'door.'  It had to be about 1,000 miles wide, it seemed.  She stood for a moment, gazing at the awe-inspiring sight of the Atlantic Ocean below.

Feeling the urgency of the Commander behind her, she turned to follow him as he boarded the small craft.  It could not have been more than five seconds before they were hurtling away from Planet Earth, heading toward the first planet they were to visit that night.

Now back on Earth after a night that had been like no other, she sat silently.  The enormity of what was taking place was magnificent to behold.  The sense of great change coming upon an entire universe seemed somehow familiar to her.  Perhaps events such as this had taken place before.  In some other universe.  In some other distant time.  Perhaps she had witnessed it.  Or maybe even participated.  But this particular moment was tactile.  It was odd, she knew, to think that she could almost taste the energy of change.  But how else to explain that every atom of her being was seriously involved in the energy of what had just taken place.  And what it meant to the future of Earth and its Universe.

How could this be explained?  What simple words could be wrapped around something so vast? 

One degree.  One tiny turn of the energetic spin of a universe.  One tweak of a Fibonacci-like spiral of energy that was once the birthplace of a universe.

What would come next?

The excitement thrilled up and down her spine.  Her brain tingled with the thought of what might come.  But it was morning.  Her thoughts drew away from the infinite .. into the moment .. the day was waiting.

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