Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Matrix 'Fail' - A story that could be true .. or not .. you decide

There were perhaps 2,000 attendees of the conference held in the outer regions of the Earth's atmosphere. Fire Woman turned away from the meeting as it began to wind down. With a determination that allowed no one and nothing to get in her way, she headed directly to her destination. Seconds later she stood outside the portal, her inner fire raging so clearly that she appeared to be nothing more than a small blaze. She stood at the portal of an underground base near an airport. The night was dark and bitter cold but the heat she emanated made the conditions inconsequential.

She'd been in the nether regions of the base only once before, but there was no hesitation within her. The Tall who was guarding the entryway took one look at her and whispered her name. 'Fire Woman.' He stepped back and allowed her to pass.

The other Talls looked up in surprise as she marched directly into the dark, cavernous space. Glancing to her left, she scoured the massive bank of computers. She thought she knew which one she wanted but she turned to the nearest Tall and demanded he point out the exact one that held the computer chip she was after.

Without a word, he pointed to the one she had suspected. Now a small crowd of Talls had gathered but none of them made a move to stop her. In her state of fire, she moved to the computer in question and as she walked she materialized a long, sturdy ax. Reaching the computer, she wielded the ax like a sword and brought it down with all her might upon the not-so-fragile casing of the computer. The strength of the ax blow split the computer in two.

Fire Woman turned to the Tall who had directed her to the computer. He had followed her into the depths of the computer room and now stood only a few feet away from her, watching her in utter silence.

"Point out the chip I need," she demanded.

Again he pointed, still in utter silence.

She pawed through the rubble of the now-dead computer and with a smirk of deep satisfaction grabbed the tiny chip. Raising it above her fiery head, she let out an almost-silent whoop of satisfaction. She turned and with a small nod of acknowledgment to the Tall who stood behind her, she made her way out of the darkened recesses of the computer banks and back into the light above ground.

A tall pillar of light waited for her outside. She glanced briefly at the airplane coming in for a landing and turned back to the figure she knew stood within the pillar.

"I have it," she said quietly.

"The chip that monitors the energetic belief that holds the people hostage?"

"Yes," she stated flatly. "Now I'll go tell them."

"And what will you tell them," he asked.

She spoke without hesitation. "It is solid if you believe it is solid. It is God if you believe it is God. You get to choose now. Your perception is your Key. Your understanding of God is your Answer."

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