Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Challenge

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 I believe that, in my last blog, I mentioned that a 'portal' had opened, issuing new energy into the energetic field of this existence.  It's been interesting since that day.  Having known about the possibilities for years, and having awareness and a desire to connect with 'beyond' as one of my one main goals for many years, I dedicated a lot of time and energy to exploring this new 'portal' and the energy (possibilities) that came with it.  Because it's entirely new to this existence, there was no way of predicting what might come next.

There are Beings who monitor the 'portal.'  (Out of necessity I have to use 3-D words because .. well .. what else can I do?  But, honestly, most of what is unfolding has no 3-D words.)  I've given these Beings the title of 'The Protectors' because they protect/monitor the energy that passes through this 'portal.'  To my knowledge, a portal/opening/exchange between this particular area of 'beyond' has never occurred.  That said, logic suggests that monitoring this process would be essential.

I'll have to allow this blog to wander a bit.  Bear with me.  (Thanks .. :-) )  I'll repeat what I've said a million times.  Everything is energy.  Existence is energy.  Existence has no walls, no boundaries.  Therefore, all energy impacts all other energy.  What I found though, quite some years ago, is that the word 'existence,' though it seems to indicate 'all that is,' it actually does not.  I was shown, in a very physical way, that we currently live in one existence but there are one billion more outside of this one.  Like cells in a body, each existence is a 'cell' and is separate from the other cells.  There is no 'wall' between existences, just as there are no walls between cells, however, each cell/existence is a separate entity, for lack of a better way to put it.

Everything that impacts one of your cells impacts your entire body of cells, even if only in a small way.  Everything that impacts this Universe impacts all of this existence, even if only in a small way.  Extrapolate that out and, if you're willing to allow yourself to accept this bigger picture of many existences (cells, perhaps?), everything that impacts this existence impacts all other existences.  Separate but not separate at all.  Only limited perception/thinking perceives a separation of anything whatsoever.  (You probably do not think of one of your cells being separate from all others, right?)

Everything is one.

I've gotten totally off-topic, but for a good reason.  The mental groundwork is laid for .. the challenge.

It was yesterday that I felt a stir in the air of the room.  Recognizing that I had a 'visitor,' I stopped to listen.

"What if you were to use your brain in a different way?"

I was intrigued.  "Explain, if you would?"

"What if you were to choose a period of time, let's say 24 hours, to register energy instead of using your brain to think."

I fell in love with the idea instantly.  I am an energy-junkie, if you will.  (smile)

"Register energy."  I pondered the thought.  "And so you mean, feel, sense, intuit .. register .. the entirety of my being here in this time and place by 'reading' the energy of it, rather than processing it through thought?"


A thrill of excitement swept through me, as though this was a gift I had been aware of but had not opened.  I could feel a smile coming from him.  And then he was gone.

I began to 'play' with the suggestion.  Stopping myself every time my brain wanted to form a thought.  Inspecting everything by registering it as an energy form, rather than something I had to think about.

Not as easy as one might think.  (Pun intended.)


I hadn't thought to write a blog or anything else about this, however, upon waking this morning this challenge was the first thing that I .. thought .. about.  I instantly caught myself and flipped my brain into energy-registering-mode.  Much to my surprise, instantly my inner sight registered the vision of a tall, ivory Being in the room.

Oh, this was going to be fun .. this challenge.

The Being turned and looked at me over his shoulder as he was leaving.  "Perhaps it's something you can mention to others who might want to hear," he suggested.  "If indeed the goal is to nurture a more awake and aware society to caretake this planet, human thinking and perception must change.  Perhaps this is a Key." 

Ah, what a wry smile he had as he disappeared.

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Council For An Enlightened Earth

June 9th, 2018
Approximately 7:30am, Pacific Time

Following an extensive energetic effort to unify forces from far beyond Earth's Universe, The Council For An Enlightened Earth has arrived (energetically) in Earth's atmosphere.

The Council has worked with a group of Beings, referred to as 'The Protectors,' with the goal of preparing Earth and it's citizens for great changes that will be both planetary and evolutionary.  The unified effort has been on-going for many years but has amplified greatly as a successful outcome has neared.  If you are sensitive to Universal Energies, you may have noticed a significant change in the last six weeks.  The change has been caused by 'The Protectors' opening a small 'pathway' from Beyond, in preparation for the arrival of the Council members.

We are making this announcement brief.  The goal is to alert those who sense a deep difference in energy and would like us to validate their observations.  In addition, we announce our Presence to those who, in their Soul, knew of this Divine Plan and were waiting for this announcement.  (perhaps without realizing they were waiting for it)

We will offer more information and updates as we evaluate what is appropriate to share.

With Divine Blessings given to All

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

All Things Possible

If memory serves me right, I was in my early twenties when I wrote this quote, which still remains one of my favorites.

"All the possibilities lie before me, like fallen leaves on Autumn grass."

 It is only now, so many years later, that the thought occurs to me that I was setting my Earth-Path in motion.  It seems that 'possibilities' have been the mainstay of pretty much every day of my life.  Had I known (if this is actually true), I probably would not have written the quote ... or loved it so much.  (smile)  To a large degree, my 'mission' seems to be about showing the extent of what is possible to those who care to listen.

Now, on to the reason I am writing this blog.  I know it's been a long (long) time since I've written.  A lot has taken place since last I appeared here on the blog.  What has me here now is a series of other-world events, if we choose to call it that.  Higher dimensional stuff.  Life-changing.  Soul-awakening.

April 1st was the 44th anniversary of my life-after-death experience.  I've always felt the date was significant, as the years passed, and, quite honestly, have been a bit surprised as the anniversaries have slid by without something major taking place.  This year was the exception.  April 1st took me back to the energy of passing over to 'the other side' and stepping into The Presence of God.  The energy of The Presence took me over, as it had so many years ago, and my sense of Divine Peace was restored in a way I didn't realize was possible.

In 1974 I was 'gone' for three days.  In this present year, I felt as though I was 'gone' for three days, and yet I was not.  But April 4th dawned and as I felt my way back into the state of being awake it became obvious that something had changed.  There have been quite a few 'walk-in' experiences through the years.  Other higher-dimensional aspects of my Infinite Soul filtering in slowly or simply slamming in without even a head's up.  The 'soul exchange' (we'll call it that) this time seemed to be much more evident than all of the others.

As the days have passed, the sense of being quite different has grown.  Normally the 'new' energies have been something I quickly adapted to and so this experience was going differently than the others.  Now, here on the 12th, it was a night like no other, leading into a waking acknowledgement that things are still changing.

One of the very first things I learned in 1975 had to do with all things being energy.  With the understandings that followed, I have thought of myself as cells separated by space.  This morning that thought was key in my quest to find out what was going on.  I could see myself as cells separated by space but the cells seemed to have given my 'life' over to the space.  (if that makes sense?)  I felt like space.  But not empty space.  God-space.  (It would take me an entire book to explain this, I'm sure, and so hopefully you're following my thoughts.)

Now, here's where my mention of possibilities comes into play.

Stepping away from everything 3-D, I allowed Divine Silence to take over and simply went into a state of deep meditation.  The first vision of my internal state of being seemed to be that the cells had, indeed, allowed space to take over.  There was a feeling of the cells being separated from the space in such a way that it was immediately evident.  Not sure what to make of it, I simply waited and watched.  A sudden force, perhaps best described as a wind, blew through me.  All of the cells were pushed out of me.  I was simply space.  Space.  Empty.  But not.  God-Space.

I was not alarmed at all.  It was the most natural state of Being that I could imagine.  A state of Being that I had been gifted with in 1974 and had been seeking to return to ever since.

I insisted that my brain stay silent.  Do not try to interpret what's going on, I advised myself.

Suddenly I was in a huge room made of gold.  Golden walls.  Massive double doors, arched and made of gold.  I sensed someone in the room with me.  Glancing to my left I knew who this was.  How I knew is impossible to tell.  Ganesh.  I had never heard of Ganesh in this lifetime and so how did I know this?  It's normal for me to hear a voice tell me to look something up and so I made a note to myself to look this up when the experience was over.  Sure enough.  There was a picture of this Being ... looking exactly as I'd seen in the room.

(The following link is the one that most resonated with me as I looked for information: )

I have to admit, I am always secretly thrilled when I see or hear messages/visions that give me things that I don't consciously know.  Such wonderful validation.  Such a door-opening for possibilities.  :-)

As I assimilated the presence and information about this Being/Image/Presence, there came another stirring in the golden room.  This Being I DO know.  Anubis.  Anubis appeared to me several years ago and suggested that Divine Guidance from his energy might be welcome in my world.  It was an absolute 'yes' from me and so I've had the Blessing of this Energy for the last five years or so.

It will take me some time to filter through what this experience might mean to me on a personal basis.  But there was an immediate sense of the Divine Request to share this with those who follow my work.  I am all about possibilities.  I am all about living without limitations.  I have no boundaries through time and space or existence.  Anything is possible.  Everything is possible.  This is my life and I believe it can be yours as well.

We are Infinite Souls who exist within all time and space.  Existence is ours to explore and experience.

Perhaps this blog is meant only to remind you.

(An edit a few minutes later:  As I pondered all of this I was reminded to add something that I left out of this blog.  As the meditation began I sensed the Presence of God and heard a voice.  The voice said ... "We are a bit surprised that you survived all of the devastation that has come into your life.  We are here to speak to you of great change."

Love to ALL
Lauren Zimmerman

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