Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Role of Twin Flame Energy in 2013

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As most of you who follow my work know, I was physically contacted by an extraterrestrial society that I had not (knowingly) been interacting with before January 16th of this year. I have learned much from them and have been asked to share this piece. This information has been given to me by them. With the deep understandings they have shared with me in the last several months, I have come to understand this offering in a deeper way than I could have imagined. I give to you as a gift, from them, to our human society, for your consideration.

The energy of Twin Flames is meant to lead the way into a new reality on Earth.

The reality of a Twin Flame is far beyond the 'romantic interpretation' Humanity might assign to it. In the beginning of Creation, souls were one, a unified entity, if you will, contained within a single 'space.' To further explore the Infinite Existence available to a soul, the soul became two, divided but never separated.

As with all things within existence, a solid, unified force contains more strength, more power. 2013 is assigned as the year in which a group of 'divided' Twin Flames will reunite energy in order to share the full impact of the energy of a 'unified' soul. The purpose is to assist Earth in the unique and unprecedented process of changing its dimensional frequency.

Your human questioning will ask, and we hear you before you form the question; will the physical presentation of both 'halves' meet in person on Earth and live within a physical relationship? We answer in this way; not necessarily. Keeping in mind that all of existence is made up of dimensional frequencies, Twin Flames are not necessarily 'living' in the same dimensional frequency at the same time. The goal is to unite energetically, and that need not be physically. If a soul has determined that the combined energy would be more beneficial if one were in one frequency and one were in another, such will be the case.

Of primary importance is the understanding that both 'halves' are called to live, as much as possible, within the original vibrational frequency of the original 'unified' soul. What becomes apparent. in simple terms, is that an each 'half of the whole' who is playing a part if the Twin Flame 'mission, takes on the responsibility of living (vibrating) at a higher dimensional frequency. This calls for a deep, cellular process of healing all energy that does not resonate with your soul's truth.

The conclusion you can draw from this is: 'logical' ways of being must be maintained within the relationship between Twin Flames. Because Twin Flame relationships are extremely intense, the intensity can stimulate/activate the exact opposite energy of the harmonious goal you seek to reach. The reason for this is that each 'half' is attempting to bring to the surface, both in themselves and in the other, any and all energy that is not harmonious with the original soul energy. 2013 is meant to be the 'energetic year' of going within these oppositional energies with the goal of understanding and healing lower vibrational energies in order to clear space for your higher dimensional energies. As the 'two halves of a whole' clear energy to reunite with the original soul energy, they bring that original soul energy to Planet Earth. As Planet Earth integrates that energy, the planetary vibrational frequency rises. This is the work for the now. The work of 2013 will be revealed when it is time.

Lauren Zimmerman

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Friday, April 19, 2013

What Part Are We Playing?

The mind-control grid sat before me like an unimaginable horror. Overcome with dread and revulsion, I struggled to turn away, hoping that there was such a thing as instant forgetting. But the Being with me would not allow and I found myself staring at possibly the most appalling thing I'd ever seen.

We know that all things are energy and that for tangible reality to exist there must be a grid of sorts to contain it. Even knowing this, and having sensed for many years that reality on Earth was being controlled by something I didn't understand, nothing could have prepared me for my present experience. The grid of energy before me was massive. Equal to the size of a galaxy, or possibly even larger. There was no way to gauge. Massive pillars of what I can only call 'control' lay criss-crossed and tumbled, seemingly random as they laid upon each other with what was obviously a crushing weight. I glanced at my momentary custodian, determining if he thought I had had enough of the appalling vision. But apparently not. With some type of movement that I couldn't see, he picked me up and placed me inside the massive workings of evil.

Revulsion rolled in my stomach like poison as I heard the innocence of Humanity quietly chatting among themselves and, in the background, heard the derisive comments offered by the unseen controllers of this incredible grid of deception. Before my stomach could physically rebel, I found myself lifted back out of the horror, standing once again on the exterior surface of nothingness that appeared to be similar to an ivory-colored Styrofoam.

I turned to my companion, who had dubbed himself 'Simon' due to the fact that his name was unpronounceable. "Why are you revealing this to me when it would seem obvious that I can do nothing about it?" I demanded, my upset overtaking my manners.

"Why do you assume you can do nothing about it," he asked calmly.

I glanced back at the structure so massive that it could engulf an entire galaxy. Knowing there is a reason for everything, I made up mind in that moment to understand.

When we come to fully understand that there is no separation, that we are all atoms of existence, invisibly connected to all that is, we become ready to take the next step in understanding. If we are all one, we are all participating in all that is. If we are participating in all, we are participating in that which imprisons us as well. What more appropriate time than now to expand our minds to accept a greater degree of understanding? What more appropriate time than now to accept a level of self-responsibility that very well could lead to equality and freedom?

This is just a very brief look into the recent 'universal wanderings' of my soul. I plan to offer much more but am so overwhelmed by the need to offer this small piece today that I take the chance of raising the reader's impatience with me. Please understand that the experiences alone consume me 24/7 and that, as time permits, I will bring you more. I feel more called to share and assist Humanity than I do to breathe, most days. And I thank you for your patience and for blessing my Journey by listening.

Lauren Zimmerman

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Monday, April 1, 2013

A Narrative About .. Well .. A Couple of Things ......

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39 years ago today I ‘died.’ April 1st. The irony is not lost on me. I don’t know for sure if the joke is on those who tried to take me out, or on me, since I’m still here .. causing trouble and taking names. (lol)

That was, obviously, a monumental time and event. But I felt called, as I struggled back into my body this morning, after having been ‘gone’ for the night, to make today a ‘different’ kind of day. The old no longer fits, like a wool suit turned inside out and one size too small. After thinking about it a while, the only thought that kept returning was the possibility of being more vocal about some of the incredible events of my life.

Which brings me to 1998. I was living in Sacramento, CA at the time. It was probably around midnight. As so often happens, I was awakened by the air in the room stirring. A metaphysical, other-dimensional force stirring me awake so that I might be fully aware of what takes place in the deep of the night. This night was no different. I went into high alert and waited. I didn’t have long to wait. The ceiling and roof began to dematerialize and I was staring at the night sky. But then I realized that it was not the sky. It was, instead, a massive craft. It wasn’t until I felt myself lifted above the house, where I floated, looking around at the night.

The craft was, as it turns out, the size of the United States. This wasn’t going to be the last time I would encounter it and those who lived aboard.

The craft does, literally, sit over the United States. Around the edges of the craft are what I call 'balancing lights.' They appear to be tangible, but not, beams of light that emit from the 'strip' that goes around the perimeter of the craft. The beams come directly down and touch various places on the Earth itself. For a visual then you can see that the perimeter of the craft is on the 'outskirts' of the U.S. and so the 'beams' touch along the various coastlines.

There came a time when I was invited aboard. Commander Wartauk welcomed me and advised that there are 17 extraterrestrial societies interacting with this massive craft. Together we strolled down what appeared to be a central hallway. In 'normal' vision it would be impossible to see from Denver, CO to the East Coast and yet, here in this hallway, I could see that far and had a clear vision of the eastern flank of the great ship. I suppose the dimensional shift between 'here' and 'there' had something to do with that phenomenon.

I could sense enormous rooms on either side of the hallway but, by some mental ability to control my actions, Commander Wartauk kept my eyes straightforward. Eventually we stopped and he turned me to my right. There in front of me was what looked like a podium made of a material that looked like polyurethane resin. Atop the podium were layers of what looked like clear, malleable plastic sheets. The Commander urged me to study them, and I did.

I was, at the time, physically in Denver, CO and so the maps I was being shown were of that area. (I was advised that there were similar podiums above various cities.) The sheets were maps of the area, with each sheet having a different 'vision' of the area. Meaning .. the top map resembled a normal map of the area, with streets and such. Lifting that sheet, there was a 'deeper vision' of the area, reflecting geologic patterns. The next, geologic anomalies. The next, the deep under the surface situation, etc. When it began to register in my mind that I was seeing underground tunnels, whether maintained by extraterrestrials or not, I instantly found myself back in my room in the motel room in Denver, CO.

Needless to say, the visit and what I had seen have stayed in my mind constantly. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of that massive craft and wonder about the extreme amount of unseen and unknown that goes on in the world beyond the human reality of going to work and coming home. I put the reality of what I was shown while on 'the other side' together with all that happens daily, and nightly, and cannot help but ask myself what enormous experience we are involved in.

As I sit here on the anniversary day of my 'death' and look back at the unbelievable experiences that are not 'of this world,' I know that they ARE of this world. They are of the unseen and we are participants in something so much larger than most could even begin to imagine. I incorporate, in all of this, the January 16th visitation by yet another group of ETs, and am compelled to say .. or advise .. that human society appears to be on the verge of some major revelations about what reality truly is. I feel a great wake-up call coming. I, personally, am excited beyond words for I have sensed my entire life that there would come a day when the unseen would 'overpower' the seen and that this alone would help Humanity to awaken to far greater truths. I am blessed to be having this monumental experience, and blessed to be sharing it with so many who honor my work with their enthusiasm, their kindness, and their encouragement.

Lauren Zimmerman

As always, there is far, far more to the story and the events. And, as always, I thank you for understanding that it would be impossible to write down all details. There isn't enough time to do so. I write and offer what I do for the purpose of offering validation to those who have had experiences, to offer touches of hope for those who seek, and to offer encouragement to those who want their intuition to open more in order to embrace the fact that there is so much more in this reality than can be seen with the human eye. Thank you, dear readers, for understanding the need to keep things brief, and for accepting that there is barely enough time to have all of the daily (and nightly) experiences, much less enough time to write about all of it.

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