Friday, August 12, 2011

An Exchange With Commander Korton

It was a rare moment to sit with Commander Korton, quietly talking in the control room.  I doubt I could have been any more content.

The huge expanse of the Universe drifted mutely outside the large bank of windows above the control panel.  The screens above the windows flashed with every scene imaginable, and many that were not.  He sat on my right, comfortably relaxed, his small foot resting on the footrest below the panel.  Looking at that small foot, I again noticed that it very much resembled the shape of a small garden trowel.  There was something touching about that.  It was so rare to see him so comfortable and uninvolved in the activities of the great craft that I simply took a moment to study him.  When the love I had for him threatened to spill over into tears, I turned away.

"The people have a lot of questions," I murmured.

"I would imagine they do."

"One person wrote to ask why the craft can't be seen by the people on Earth."

"That's a simple one.  All things are energy, including the craft, and all energy has a frequency, a vibration.  You can tell her that it's similar to a dog whistle.  People can't hear it, but dogs can.  Because of the frequency of the sound.  It's the same with this.  If you're not in tune with this frequency, you won't see or hear us.  Unless we want you to, that is."

I smiled slightly, hearing his droll sense of humor behind his words. 

"Actually, while we're on the subject, you can tell her that it's the same with dimensional realities.  Every dimension has a vibrational frequency.  The thing that keeps the dimensions separate from one another is the vibrations themselves.  But, like you, when you learn to alter your vibration, your frequency, to be compatible with frequencies other than your own, you're, how do they say, in like flint?

I had to chuckle.  He was in a rare mood indeed.  In like Flint?  Where had he heard that?

He suddenly looked up at one of the screens.  Studying it for a second, he leaned forward, adjusted a gauge of some kind, and leaned back, still studying the scene that was going on.

"Exactly what is all of that, that we're seeing?"

"Activity that's going on within the Universe.  Any environment where free will reality is supported."

I was surprised.  "Really?  That's utterly cool!"  The idea of those on Earth some day realizing, or should I say accepting, that life on Earth was the do-all, end-all of intelligent life within the Universe delighted me.  What if the scenes playing out above us could suddenly, somehow, take over television sets all over the planet.  We could call it, oh, maybe, Day of Awakening.  Or maybe Day of Reckoning.

I could feel Commander Korton studying me.  His gaze felt like a warm, fluid energy moving over me.  I glanced at him and he shook his head at me, as though I amused him.

"You have such a liquid mind," he said.


"Perhaps nimble would be a better word.  You leap from one possibility to another like a deer across an empty green pasture.  But they're not just thoughts.  They're like change-everything-in-existence-in-a-single-moment thoughts."  He shook his head again, clearly amused at me.

"I like change," I murmured, in my own defense.

"The only constant is change and so it's good that you like it.  However, you always want to look closely at your reason for wanting change.  If desire comes from discontent, then it suggests resistance to the experience.  Resistance to any experience is resistance to the understandings to be gained from the experience.  On the other hand, if you desire change because you wish to see more and more possibilities flow into a constrained space, then you're much more in tune with the Universal Will of Expansion, existence morphing itself."

For a moment that, I know, made time stand still, our eyes met.  Our spirits moved through the small space between us and, just for that brief second, I was he and he was I.  Our time together, and actually all time, all exchange, was existence morphing itself. 

It was a lot to take in.  It was a lot to love.  It was about to change my life.  And I knew it.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

False Reality

"One event can create a false reality.  False realities are built upon your emotional and intellectual perception (judgment) of an event.  Understand though that the event could have been a falsehood unto itself. 

This is how false realities are born.  This is how suffering thrives.  Souls suffer when they stray from their own Known and Universal Truths.

Earth-life 'pretends' to enforce a separation from your personal Truths in order for you to learn how to always find your way back to our own Truths, despite the strength of the illusion."

~ Lauren Zimmerman ~

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Monday, August 8, 2011

"S--t We Tell Ourselves and S--t We Listen To From Everyone Else"

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On Monday there was an article splashed all over the planet about how eating eggs will kill you.  On Wednesday there was an article splashed all over the planet about eggs being the 'savior food,' the best thing imaginable for the human body.

The reason this 'conflict,' and every other one like it, can be perpetrated upon Humanity as a whole, is because we allow it.  We are so unsure within ourselves that we eagerly look for any clue, through any avenue, to tell us what to do and what to think.

If we take a minute to think, instead of just 'eat' and absorb what the 'information avenues' are feeding us, we would probably be appalled at how illogical things really are.  It's our own refusal to live in our own power, our own refusal to trust our own truths, that allows our lives to be manipulated.  If we don't trust ourselves, in the full capacity of our own role in creating this reality, then this reality will manipulate us, twist us into knots, confuse us, and generally make us crazy with trying to figure out what's true and what's not.  The reason so many people are so incredibly uncomfortable is because the desire to fit in, to go along with 'the norm,' to desire to be accepted .. and accepting, is the main priority of life.

The only reason everything going on here on Earth has the power to mess us up is because we allow it.  We allow it because we don't believe in ourselves.  We don't trust ourselves.  Our natural instincts, intuition, and wisdom have been dumbed down by our passive submission to the influx of information that everyone else chooses to lay out in front of us.

The whole point I'm going to make is not about people standing up and dying their hair purple with green stripes in order to make a statement that they are individuals, not tied to the reality everyone else is weaving.  The point I'm going to make is that we are infinite souls, capable of creating entire realities, and this moment in time is the challenge we've set for ourselves.  The reason everyone knows (or suspects) that we are infinite beings, but that we still can't get a handle on our own reality, is that we don't know how to trust ourselves.

Let's just take this one concept:  you need to go into your internal silence to listen to your own wisdom.  That's where you'll find your Truth.  The next suggestion is:  you need to find a community and become a part of that.  If everyone is of like-mind, your Truths will be found there.

Is it any wonder that we're a confused society?  Is it logical to admit that we ourselves are the ones allowing the confusion?  Our distrust of self, and our belief that we are separate from our own truth, wisdom, infinity, and Creator / Origin is an open door to chaos.  Is chaos 'bad?'  No.  Nothing is 'bad.'  Everything is an avenue of learning, no matter how much we may dislike that avenue.  On the other hand, does there come a time when we decide that it's time to actually learn, rather than keep the lesson going?  Absolutely.  Maybe that time is now.

What set me on this path, this quest, was the life-changing event of having 'reality' disappear entirely ... in less than a nano-second.  One second I was in a solid, tangible,
3-D world, the next second it did not exist.  (For more information, see the blog-page regarding 'life after death')   If that can happen .. and it most definitely did .. then where is this world?  Where are we exactly?  How can this world be tangible and real and yet simultaneously non-existent?  And if it is something we ourselves are 'designing,' then that simple fact points to the reality that we can change that design.  But if we're going to change it, it's necessary to first understand what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how to change things in a way that more accurately supports our truth and allows for a more harmonious, less confused state of being.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Viewing Room

(continued from previous blog

Instead of answering me directly, Commander Korton turned and walked toward the door, sending me a mental message to follow him.  We turned right, leaving the still, silent air of the crew quarter's hallways.  Passing through what I call the "ion cleanser," we turn left into one of the main hallways that lead to the control room.  Before we reach it, the Commander touches my elbow gently, urging me to turn toward a small doorway on my right.  This is what I call the 'viewing room.'  It's been a while since I've been here. 

The room is small and windowless.  It's more brightly lit than any of the other rooms I've visited.  A waist-high shelf takes up three of the four walls.  Devices that look similar to computer screens are placed strategically around the room.  Above the lower shelf is a much more narrow shelf.  Various gauges and other mysterious-looking devices flank each other along this shelf.  But there are many more 'containers' than devices.  The best description I can give of their physical appearance is that they look similar to the plastic cases that VHS tapes come in.

Hearing the Commander's thoughts, I sit down in the first chair on my left, facing a blank 'computer screen.'  Reaching above me to manipulate several controls, Korton activates the screen in front of me.  The history of Earth comes alive on the screen, but it's shown as energy.  Pure chaotic energy.  Looking like nothing that can accurately be described in Earth-terms and so let's just say, well, it looks like a total mess.

But I've been here before and so I know that, if I wait patiently, beneath the chaos of energy streaking every which way, the actual events will begin to show themselves.  I feel the Commander's hand on my shoulder and feel the press of great compassion pouring through him into me. 

"For most of Earth's history, since the agreement to allow human life to occupy the planet, chaos has reigned, as you know."  His words rang in my heart as well as my mind.  "And as you also know, there are no accidents within existence.  All was as it was meant to be.  Earth played the part that it did, allowing souls to manifest and test all manner of cause and effect, as well as themselves.  And they did it well."  I felt the wryness drip around those last words.

"However," he continued, "with Earth moving into a different energetic role within the Universe, it becomes necessary to shift the reality that it will support."

I turned from the screen and studied his eyes.  I knew what he was about to say.

"There is much talk on Earth about change, evolution, ascension, and other such things.  There is much speculation.  And there are many questions.  But as many lengthy conversations as there are, the deep realization of what needs to take place has not yet been addressed.  Or accepted," he added quietly.  "Reality, as it has been, cannot continue.  The true level of surrender, of hanging on to a manmade reality, has not yet been accepted as a Truth."

 He studied me solemnly.  "Souls are incarnating on Earth at this time for a myriad of reasons.  But one of those reasons takes precedence over all of the others.  That reason is coming to understand the true meaning of surrender, of surrendering to the oneness of All That Is, of being a unit of energy within a matrix of existence.  Acting independently, without regard for the cause and effect of one's actions, is going to have to become a thing of the past.  Earth's energetic destiny within the Universe will not support a lack of Universal Harmony in the future.  It cannot.  It's that simple."

The ramifications of what he was saying were not lost on me.  I'd been thinking about the impact of Humankind's chaos upon everything around it for most of my life.  All things being energy.  And energy having no boundaries.  How could the chaos continue without severe consequences at some point in time?

With his hand still on my shoulder, he leaned around me to touch something on the 'computer screen.'  Something within me felt like existence completely stopped for just a split second.  It was like the chaos stopped, the Earth took a deep breath, nothing moved, nothing breathed.  As I watched, not breathing, mesmerized by the feeling of life stopping, the energy on the screen began to move again.  But it was entirely different.  It was as though everything had been reversed, like all that had ever been was suddenly spinning in a different direction.  I had the sense of some type of miraculous vacuum that was simply sucking all that had ever been into some unseen vortex where nothing would ever be seen again.

The Commander's words were like a waterfall of wisdom slowly running through my energy field.  "It is all well and good to create realities wherein cause and effect are studied.  But there comes a time when souls will completely immerse themselves in the effect.  Only then will they understand what they've caused."

He tapped the screen on the upper right corner.  The only word I have for the vision that took over the screen is 'nirvana.'  It felt like my entire infinite soul took a deep breath and relaxed after thousands upon thousands of years of effort.  The Universe floated silently, Earth gently cradled in its embrace.  Chaos was gone.  Understanding was born.  Universal Harmony was life.

I couldn't help but wonder what the time span was between the "universal pause" and the final result of harmony.

( ... to be continued in next blog ... )

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Commander's Quarters

Having been given permission to enter Commander Korton's quarters long ago, I find myself seeking solace there often.  The entire exterior wall of his suite is the Universe that drifts silently outside.  The 'wall hangings' are whatever star system is passing by at the moment.  The entirety of the Universe can be felt in the room, like a reassuring blanket of eternity.

The hallways that lead to the crew members private areas are distant from the quiet workings of the rest of the craft.  If I were to stand in the control room and point in the direction of the rooms, I would point 'north-east.'  The Commander's suite is the first on the left, after turning right into the long hallway of suites.  To me, a sense of reverence fills these halls.  I suppose that comes from the crew members themselves; their dedication to serving The All That Is, their integrity, and their deep and eternal spiritual understanding of All That Is.  Each of them, to me, represents the epitome of spiritual integrity, which might be why I find myself hanging out there almost nightly.  I'm drawn like a moth to a flame, anxious to drink in all of the peace that they live as they quietly go about their work.

Often, when I find myself in need of a deeper perspective, a more quiet and fulfilling way of being, I find myself standing in front of the bank of windows in the Commander's rooms.  Because the 'windows' appear to be black (or non-existent), I have a sense of standing in the embrace of infinity.  The minutiae of the tiny, temporary life on Earth steps back and allows the real to enter my energy field.  Interestingly, I find the vast, never-ending vision of All fills me with an incredible sense of peace.

The rest of the quarters are dimly-lit, with the brief light in the rooms barely casting light off of the shiny black surfaces of the few pieces of 'furniture.'  To say that the entire scene looks surreal is probably a bit strange, considering everything, but that's what it is ... surreal.

Quite often Korton allows me my solace time alone there, communing with the silent Universe.  But today was different as I heard the faint whisper of the door open and close behind me.  As he always does when he approaches me, he moved to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me.  I can actually feel his energy embrace me with his compassion and support.  It means everything to me that we call each other 'friend.'

His deep almond-shaped eyes moved across the scene in front of us.  The Earth was in the far-far distant left, a tiny ball of life that looked no larger than a tennis ball.  "The puzzle of it all must be quite burdensome at times," he murmured.

"From that perspective, yes."

"Which is why my spirit is so grateful that you embrace life without boundaries."  His reflection glimmered in front of me, echoing against the dark glass.  I thought I might have seen a tear in his eye.

"Compassion," he whispered.  And I knew exactly what he meant.

"Sharing with others, in the way that you feel called to do, is a great service that opens up the door of hope to so many.  Somewhere behind the veils of forgetting are the memories.  The more those memories get stirred, the more hope returns."  He turned toward me slightly.  "And we can agree that hope is a necessary commodity in the changing times."

"Indeed," I agreed instantly.  I hesitated, not wanting to voice the question that we both already knew I was there to ask.  "What happens next?"

( ... to be continued in next blog ... )