Monday, July 9, 2012

Real As Opposed To Truth

 A faint blue tint seemed to envelope the massive bank of windows that looked out over the Earth.  Glancing away from the incredible sight of the planet and its surrounding stars, I glanced over my shoulder to see exactly where I was.  The room was about the size of three football fields.  The light was dim and, again, a soft blue tint dominated the air.  I looked up into the eyes of the tall, majestic-feeling ET standing next to me and fought back tears at the compassion that suddenly bathed me as though it was tangible.

The weeks prior to this visit had been especially difficult and so I turned from him abruptly so as not to be taken away by the sudden swell of emotions and my all-consuming desire to remain where I was.  I knew I would be taken back to the planet below.  It would be best to make the most of the moments that I had here in this awe-inspiring place.

His long slender finger pointed to the island below us, the water around it shimmering with reflected moonlight.  "This is one of the primary places where the magnetic shift is being polarized."

I was a bit surprised.  I had known the island played a part, but I hadn't realized just how big a part.

I watched as the link between the island and the huge craft was made visible for me.  I had never imagined anything like what I was seeing.  Captivated by the enormity, I simply stared in silence at the 'invisible' yet very powerful connection.  I listened in silence as he explained.  I knew I could never look at things the same from that moment on.

There's a reason for everything and so I didn't question my next thought.  I spoke it out loud.  "They talk of nothing being real.  Of a holographic reality."

He nodded.  "Yes.  I hear this and I hear the confusion that such a thought generates.  To be tangible and having tangible experiences, in whatever form they may be, and then to speak of these things not existing at all will, without doubt, create confusion.  That confusion creates resistance and that resistance is the wall behind which the Truth stands."

It made perfect sense to me.

He went on.  "It's all real.  Everything is real.  Even the thing that seems the most unreal, the money this planet uses to barter with, is real.  All things are real.  But the key is how each Being interacts with that form of real.  What is real will always exist.  And every person has the free will to interact, to touch upon, all aspects of what is real.  But the way all things can be real and sustain the resonance of the Truth is something altogether different."

It almost felt as though my brain became something other than what it had always been.  Reality through all time and space suddenly became crystal clear.  All things made perfect sense.

He smiled down at me with perfect love.  "You are supported in your efforts to make all things resonate with the Truth."

He moved his hand gently around my energy field.  What he left me with was almost unbelievable.  But it was something that I had always believed in.  There was nothing more to say in that moment.


In the book, THE MAYAN TILES, ancient tiles are spoken of.  The tiles have symbols of Truth etched upon them.  They were brought to Earth many years ago by an extraterrestrial society.

When I wrote TILES, I knew that there were other ancient tiles, filled with Truths that were waiting to be revealed.  During the last several days I have taken time off away from "life" and hidden myself away in order to bring my energy/vibration to the frequency that I needed it to be in order to once again visit with those who held the secrets.

This brief blog is my way of placing upon the planet the first 'threads of energy' of what has been given to me.  If you would like to support my efforts to get this next book written, or know someone who would like to assist, I would love to hear from you.  I've been told that I need to be open to assistance from around the world .. for reasons not yet disclosed to me.  Those who can offer assistance may contact me through the web site (listed below).

My heart-felt gratitude to all who believe in my work and who support the books through prayer and intention.

Lauren Zimmerman
Creator of

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