A 45-Minute Encounter - Payson, Arizon

Payson, Arizona - Encounter

"The plan wasn't to go down to the river and wait for a craft to appear, that's for certain. The three of us had simply decided that spending some time at the river together would be a good idea. We hadn't been there very long before, almost as one unit, we all turned and looked up. It was almost like we had been silently called. This massive, massive craft was directly overhead. It hadn't made a sound. There was no hint that it was coming. It simply appeared and took over the sky above us.

Never in my life did I imagine I'd see anything like this. It was surrounded by circular rainbows, which is impossible, but that was the way it was. And the rest of the sky had rainbows scattered around like clouds. It was the most awesome, incredible thing I've ever seen. And this craft was huge. It was so close it felt like we could reach out and touch it. I certainly wanted to. It was compelling, life-altering.

I had always had a trace of doubt about aliens ... whether they existed or not. This experience left me without a shred of doubt, without a shadow of doubt. It was one of the most total heart experiences I've ever had. It changed me profoundly. I wish everyone could experience what we did that day. There's no fear in me now. There's no doubt. If they were here to harm us, they were close enough to do it that day ... and they didn't. I could feel the impact of their thoughts and feelings for us. The day changed me. There's no doubt about it.

We were sitting on the bank of the river and then suddenly there it was. We couldn't have moved even if we'd wanted to. The incredible impact that it had on us almost paralyzed us. We were frozen to the spot, captivated by the energy of the thing and the beings who were inside.

This visitation, that's how I think of it, changed all three of us. It will impact every day of my future. I believe that each of us was affected differently. Perhaps it was meant to be that way. Maybe the beings on the craft meant to touch the secret parts of each of us, hoping to impact each of us in the greatest way possible. They succeeded. My life will never be the same."

~~ Lynne Shelton, Contactee and Witness


"They (aliens) had always been real to me. But this experience, seeing that fantastic craft and all of those rainbows ... things that aren't 'possible' ... it did something to my inner being. It was life-changing for me. The effect of it will last forever. It was beautiful, magnificent. I was torn though. Part of me wanted to leave with them but then the other part was worried about how my husband would get along without me. I wanted to go but then there was a part of me that was afraid to go, afraid of the unknown. I honestly didn't know if we were going to be taken or not because they were so close.

I was just awe-struck. The artist in me was trying to take in all of the visions at the same time and I was pretty overwhelmed by it all. I felt really, really bad for Lauren when they left though. She was just devastated at their leaving. Heartbroken, I would have to say. I remember everything as clear as if it happened yesterday and, quite honestly, I wish we could have the experience again. As hard as it was for all of us to deal with our individual emotions, I think we'd all relish the chance to have them that close again."

~~ Julie Williams, Contactee and Witness

"When it was suggested that I write something about this incident, along with Lynne and Julie, it took me a long time to think about it. I went through a tremendous amount of emotion during and after this visitation. Bringing it back to the surface of my mind brought all of the emotion back as well.
I've been honored by numerous contacts from alien beings. I've seen quite a few craft through the years, of various shapes and sizes. I've been visited by holograms of aliens, been taken aboard two different craft an uncountable amount of times, and been honored by many, many visits from members of different civilizations.
But this event was different for me. I had had a visitation not too long before this event. It was incredible and had changed me in numerous ways. But it didn't touch me the way this visit did. On some subconscious level, and I still can't put an entire 'label' to it, this contact was meant to take me to an emotional level within myself where I had never gone before. It succeeded.
In order to write about it, I had to return to that level within myself. If I was forced to put only one word to this experience, I would have to use the word 'altered.' I was altered in some way. I was changed in a way that cannot be 'un-changed.' I had to admit to myself that I was never going to be at peace until I accepted the deepest level of friendship with these beings that can be reached on any level ... in any dimension. They were asking me to share my entire being with them on all levels. They were asking me to trust them. They were asking me to believe in them. And they gave me Lynne and Julie as validation. (And Don, Lynne's husband, who we 'flew' home to in order to ask him if he saw them too so that we would know the three of us weren't under some type of mass hypnosis. And, yes, he saw them as well.)

What it all means I can't really say yet. I had always felt that I trusted them. I knew that I believed in them. I thought of us all as friends and even went to the extent of thinking that perhaps we were all on the same 'mission' together. When this visit occurred they asked me for something more. Again ... I haven't put a name to it yet. The part of it that impacted me the most, and impacts me the most even now as I write this several years after the fact, is that they asked me for something very deep within me and then left me behind to deal with it.
During this visit I accepted them to the degree that I was absolutely and totally heartbroken when they left. I was devastated. How did they touch me so deeply in such a short period of time? What did they say? What did they do? And what did they ask of me? I believe I will only find out through the walking of the clearest and best-intentioned path that I can walk. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I will find the answer when the path is finally complete."

~~ Lauren Zimmerman

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