Monday, August 21, 2023

Did I Ever Tell You the Story............

I suppose by now, if you're here reading this, you know me well enough to know that I share the stories and such as my way of encouraging open minds. I also want to offer validation to those who have had .. ahem .. "unusual" experiences but are not sure if they're "real." If you're here .. they're probably real. (smile)

Did I ever tell you story of the time I was cast out of my life and scrambling for some type of foothold in order to stay on the planet? I found this small trailer to rent. It was at the very back of a small trailer park, surrounded by pine trees. A little piece of heaven and respite. As you probably know, the spiritual/metaphysical part of my life is the only true reality that matters to me and so I was able to set aside the physical stresses and allow the Universe to show me the next step. I hadn't been living there long when one of the most memorable events of my life took place.

It was the middle of the night and I was fast asleep. I must have sensed movement in the trailer. I woke up and was surprised (and perplexed) to see the tiny bed area filled with a blinding bright light. In less than a nano-second the light consumed me. I became cells separated by space. I found myself moving upward. Through the roof I went. Fully aware of my atoms moving through the night air, embraced by this living-light.

I'm sure you've guessed by now. I found myself aboard an extraterrestrial craft. The crew members were friendly and welcoming and actually seemed quite happy to see me. (Oh .. my cells had been congealed again and so I assume I looked fairly normal. Well, as normal as a human body on an extraterrestrial craft can look. :-) )

Now the story may get a bit strange for you.

The craft was totally familiar to me. I could tell that, in some other part of my brain, I knew every nook and cranny of it. (They don't call them nooks and crannys, by the way. (chuckle) ) There were no clocks aboard, of course, and I hadn't looked at the clock when I was dissolving and leaving the trailer and so I don't know how long I was aboard. I do know, however, that I was fully awake and cognizant of my trip back to the trailer. Wide awake and viewing "myself" being dissolved once again. I was sent through the atoms of the trailer's roo. I could actually feel the cool metal as I passed through. I was gently placed back on to the bed.

And people wonder why I am so emphatic about the fact that there is much more to "life" than what appears to be "life" here on Planet Earth. I can't be moved from my steadfast Knowing. Every day of my life there has been solid and true evidence that "the unseen" is trillions of times more real than this "minute" we are experiencing now. It is this Knowing, and the ability to perceive "life" through the eyes of this Knowing, that drives my soul forward every single day. We are not and never have been alone. The 3-D "reality" is the mind-prison we create and live within.

And on another note .. for those who haven't allowed this thought to cross their minds .. if extraterrestrials .. Off-Planet-Beings .. were a threat, they could have made things dangerous a long, long time ago. The fact that people are still talking about "the threat" is proof all by itself that there is no threat.

And now .. PS: This post/story was written following a Visitation at 3:00am this morning. There obviously is a reason for the writing and the timing.

May Peace Reign

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Thursday, August 17, 2023

White Fire: The Energy That Goes Neutral

The White Fire energy came to me during a Visitation by several Extraterrestrials. As you may know, the visits by ETs, both "there" and here on the planet, are physical as well as spiritual. On this particular day, several years ago, I was meditating when I felt the air around me begin to move. It's always such a blessing to suddenly have the presence of those from other realms and dimensions. The visitors asked my permission for them to offer me a gift. Of course I agreed. Three of the visitors stepped closer to me and in one of their miraculous and mysterious ways manifested a great flame of white fire. The put the fire at the bottom of my feet and then slowly moved it through my entire body. I could feel every cell respond, somewhat like the cells were thirsty and were "drinking in" the fire. It only took a couple of minutes before my entire energy field, inside and out, had been "consumed" by the white fire. One of the visitors spoke. "This is our gift to you. We call it The White Fire. It takes all energy back to neutral point.What that means is that the energy is now un-encumbered. There is no "charge" to it. As you know, all things being energy, all energy is impacted by all other energy. As a person has experiences and reactions, the energy field absorbs the energy of one's emotions and thoughts and perceptions. To take an energy field back to neutral releases the energy of what no longer serves you. Neutral allows the energy field to return to zero point, leaving the field un-influenced, if you will, by past energy. He continued. "The White Fire differs from what is commonly called The Violet Flame. The Violet Flame changes, alters, transmutes energy. The White Fire, if you will, erases energy." Logic caused me to understand the difference, but he went on. "Do not misunderstand me. I do not mean to say that The Violet Flame is rendered useless when compared to The White Fire. It is only a matter of what a person chooses. If one chooses to alter an energy, shape-shift, if you will, The Violet Flame might be one's choice. If one chooses to take an energy field back to zero point, to allow fresh energy to build .. perhaps from another dimensional frequency...." He paused to let that sink in. "...then one might choose The White Fire." He gave me a nod and glanced at others standing next to him. And they were gone. Leaving me with one of the most powerful and effective energy tools in my "energy arsenal." (if you will ... smile)
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Monday, August 14, 2023

Updates for Questar Chronicles

Greetings and thank you to all who have stopped by throughout the years! You might imagine that there has been a lot of changes since the last time I wrote. Yes. And some of the changes have been monumental. Follwoing some of the latest, this blog came to my mind. I haven't written for quite some time and began to consider closing it. My Divine Guidance asked me to re-consider, which I did, and so here we are. The blog is so complex and multi-faceted that my thought of going through each and every page and making updates became something more than I could handle. I made some changes that seemed critical and left the other pages as-is, hoping that my readers/visitors would overlook them. The task was just too great and I wanted to focus my time and energy on what is new. That said ... the subscription "gadgets" that say sign up with "Atom" don't seem to work. I actually don't remember them ever working. (?) But at the bottomo of the Home Page there are subscription options. I also placed one option on the right-side-bar. I'm not certain yet if that one will work. Hopefully you will beat with me as the content of the blog seems more important to me than the "technology." The books that I have written thus far are all on, some in print form and all in Kindle form. There are other avenues selling the books, I have come to realize, but I am not in contact with them, or vice versa. is only "authentic" place the books can be found. At the moment there is also an online print-on-demand shop that offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, art prints, yoga mats, and more. It's uncertain, at this time, if that shop will remain open. I sense many changes coming and so, as these changes take place, so will the offerings that I have on the internet. I do plan to keep this blog open, by Divine Request. If you subscribe you will be kept updated on what goes on here. Well .. somewhat .. (smile). Lastly .. well, firstly, to be accurate .. you'll notice a different image on the Home Page. I created this artwork following another Divine Request. Follwoing that request, I was asked to place the image .. and the energy of it .. here in the blog. All things being energy, the energy of 8th dimension is merged with 12th dimension and the official title is "Star Command, 12D x 8D." Thank you again to ALL. My prayers are with Humanity and with this incredibly beautiful planet. We are, and we will continue, to move through many changes. The changes are necessary to save this planet. And most of you who are interested in this blog (and so many other avenues of info.) are here to assist, energetically, in these changes. We will succeed. *** All Blessings to All Be-ings ***