Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Best Example of Illusion vs Reality That I Can Think Of.......

It's a pretty popular thought/concept/pondering ... is this reality an illusion? Are we living in some type of energetic 'cloud' where nothing exists and we are the ones creating the 'cloud?' Are we even existing or are we 'brains' living within ourselves, dreaming this Earth-experience?

Well, I don't have the definitive answer for that, though I have a lot of opinions. Since I don't have the ability to prove any of my thoughts (and who knows if they're right or wrong), I thought I'd ask for help in giving some insight into what we might actually APPLY to the current reality in which we live. This is the idea that came to me during the night .. a way to present my thoughts on Divine Perception vs human-brain-perception.

Let's say you and your lover decide you want to create a new life together. You both pack up everything and make plans to head out. You're beyond excited and so in love and everything seems directed by the Hand of God. You're all packed and ready to go, suitcases by the door, when you hear a car start outside. You look out and there goes your lover. Heading off into the proverbial sunset. He/she didn't just take the envelope that held your life savings. He/she took everything you ever believed in. Your self-worth. Your value. Your faith. Your belief in everything and everyone. Well, you get the picture.

'Reality' seems to tell you this.... You are hated to the degree that someone you love could discard you like a sack of garbage. You are less than nothing. You are unworthy. You cannot trust yourself. You cannot trust anyone else. There is everything wrong with you and nothing right with you. After all, wouldn't that be true if someone you love thinks you deserve to have your life and life savings stolen from you? If someone you love thinks you deserve to be left on the side of the road with nowhere to go and no one to go with? If you gave all that you had and, obviously, it wasn't enough? What is your value? What is your worth?

Let's add a little twist to the story. The one who left you standing alone with your life in your hands ... he/she is your 'Twin Flame.' The other half of your soul. The one Being in existence that you know is pure love. Pure love because the truth is that each of us, 'outside' of this reality we're currently experiencing, have the greatest love for ourselves (and, of course, the other half of our soul's infinite expression). This is the one person you instinctively know you can offer yourself to in the purest form of soul love there is. This is the other half of yourself, the one who is not capable of giving you anything but soul's love in return. The trust between you is infinite. Believable. And True. Or so it is .. 'outside' of this 'illusion' .. this world/reality that is here for the purpose of teaching our infinite souls.

Now we come to the Truth behind the illusion. Perhaps THIS is why people continue to poke around the topic of what is 'real' and what is not.

If we, here in this dirty, painful 'reality,' can learn to perceive our reality through the eyes of Infinite Soul, we have the power to change our life-experience. Perhaps we are here to learn how to be empowered no matter what 'illusion' seeks to dis-empower us?

Perhaps we are creating the greatest levels of suffering we can imagine (war, famine, murder, abuse, abandonment, betrayal .. and the list goes on and on) in order to understand that nothing whatsoever can destroy the real truth. Nothing we imagine/create can take away our power or keep us from the eventual 'success' of the Truth reigning over the 'illusion.' (Until .. perhaps .. the reality becomes .. never the two shall meet??? .. just a thought.......)

It may sound as though my mind is wandering as you continue reading but in actuality there is a string of thought that runs through every moment, every experience, every single second of my entire life. Everything .. everything .. is tied into everything else and everything pertains to my quest for spiritual understanding.

I am blessed beyond measure to have spent so much time on 'the other side.' It gave me time not only to 'hear' many great Truths, but to absorb them. I was able to bring those Truths back into this 'illusion,' if you want to call it that. My life then became a dichotomy. How is it possible that the greatest Truths of God and existence were so directly opposite of what was so real 'down here?' This blog is meant to touch on the possibility that the greatest Truths are hidden beneath the greatest pain. The pain is not the Truth. What it is trying to show you is the Truth.

As pure soul, every single person would understand that the pain handed back and forth between humans is not the truth. Not at all. As pure soul, we are the expression of Love. Love to a greater degree than can be named or measured or described. Here, on this planet, many are choosing to express the opposite of this truth. As we accept that, we have to ask why. As pure soul, we would never entertain a thought of war, or killing for sport, or destroying another person's life simply because we can. And so why do we do it?

I used to ask .. God, why do you allow this? I stopped doing that when I came to realize that God will allow people to create whatever they think they need to in the quest for knowledge and understanding. I came to realize that we are being given the choice to create hate or create love, which then turns things into .. why are we making this choice or that? This, I came to believe, is what is meant by 'free will.' Free will to choose how you want to express yourself within a 'region of reality' that allows you free expression. And that, of course, turns into a study of self-responsibility. The subject that is, perhaps, the most difficult for humans to look at.

When my thoughts wander to such avenues, my first thought is always .. then why don't we choose differently?

If 'reality' is an illusion then 'reality' is malleable. If we, as humans, are creating 'reality,' we have the power to create it differently. In an existence that is so large the human brain cannot contain the imagining of how large it is, do we really believe that pain is the only way to learn the greater Truths? Personally, I don't believe that to be the case. That being said, are we free to choose our beliefs? Absolutely.

I can sum it all up by saying ... we are infinite souls who know only love. We are not dis-empowered or destroyed by anything. If we think we are, we are living 'the illusion.' If we are creating 'the illusion,' we can create it differently. We can insert the Truths into the lies we tell ourselves and each other. In this way, we can change 'reality.' I am of the belief that we, as a society, a society that is consensually agreeing to 'out-picture reality,' are in a position of agreeing to create great change. I believe that some of our harshest and most painful lessons are playing out due to an all-out effort to prove that nothing can or will destroy us. No matter what lie we manifest outside of the Greater Truth of Love, the real truth will remain unwavering. Why then, do we not choose to create a reality that expresses that truth, instead of continuing to manifest lies to prove to ourselves that truth is truth? hummm .. I'm just sayin'.........

And while I'm in thinking-mode (smile) ... perhaps the one you would most trust would necessarily have to be the one who would 'destroy' you ... to show you that you cannot be destroyed.

PS: If I was to tell you how valuable God told me each of you are, while I was enjoying His Company on 'the other side,' you would have to listen to me yammer at you for a year or so. You are so much more valuable .. each of you .. than you can probably imagine. You are not the 'reality' you are living. You are an Aspect of God.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Different Type of Dream

3am .. the time of waking dreams and revelations.
All things are inter-woven and the dream is no exception. It was only a week or two ago that I was taken so far outside of reality, if we want to call it that, that, once again, I was changed so dramatically that I became another person. Not a new experience, this becoming new type of thing. But this particular event was so incredible and so far beyond even my ever-reaching imagination that I knew instantly this was something I would never speak of. My nature is to share but after examination of my decision, I realized that relating the experience could possibly do more harm than good.

The changes however .. that is another story. What would come out of the intense and incredible change I'd gone through? The dream seems to be a precursor, and I find the possibilities exciting beyond words.

I am in a vast and crowded space that looks like nothing I've ever seen before. A man in a mud-colored robe stands beside me. On my right is a 'monster' so massive that all I can see is a portion of his face. He opens his mouth to bare his teeth and I am looking into an abyss that seemingly has no end. Each tooth is, I am told, 13 feet long. There are many.

The man in robes hands me an old, rusty, steel hammer. "Hit yourself in the head hard enough to pass out and you won't feel anything when he eats you. You'll live in his belly and you won't even be aware of the fact that you're in his belly. You'll just live."

I looked at the hammer in my hand. I looked at him. I looked at the 'monster.' And wondered if he thought I was insane. "Why would I do that?" I asked.

He pointed to a crowd of people that I hadn't noticed before. "They're all doing it." He shrugged nonchalantly, as though that was explanation enough.

Irritated with his nonsense, I turned away and watched as, one by one, people hit themselves with hammers and entered the crushing jaws of the 'monster.' They seemed robotic. They seemed fatalistic. They seemed not to know that they had a choice in the matter.

I turned back to the man in robes. "Take this," I demanded, shoving the hammer into his hand.

He looked incredibly surprised. "What are you going to do?" he cried, alarmed.

"I'm not going in there to live, I can tell you that," I snapped. I turned to my left instinctively. "Bring me the other option," I said loudly. In truth, I had no conscious idea of what I was talking about but apparently, on some level, I did know.

A man in a white robe appeared. He had a rope in his hand and on the other end of the rope was a 'monster' who appeared quite similar to the one who was occupied with eating people and storing them in his belly. This 'monster' was passive and obeyed instantly when the man in white robes quietly told him to roll over. In an instant his underbelly was in clear view. He laid on his back without resistance, waiting.

The white-robed man gestured at me to lay down on the exposed underbelly of the 'monster.' "We'll take you to another truth," he said quietly.

I crawled up onto the underbelly, doing my best to ignore the sensations of the extremely unusual texture of his skin and the uncomfortable 'feeling' of the experience. As soon as I was 'nestled' into the folds of the clammy skin, we were moving. We picked up speed. We were racing in the opposite direction of 'the trap.'

I didn't look back.

It was 4am. My 'transporation mode' was gone and I stood alone with the white-robed Master. We stood in the center of nothingness. I was cells separated by space and I was nothing at all.

"Pain is the controlling factor," he advised quietly. "You no longer have to agree to the reality of the lie."

"Pain is the controlling factor." Here .. at 6am .. I sit staring at my journal. "Pain Is The Controlling Factor" is the title of a book I began to write four years ago.

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