Monday, February 16, 2015

"Where Is My Fernando" ... a new book by nLight Press

nLight Press is proud to announce the release of "Where Is My Fernando." Written and illustrated by Lauren Zimmerman, this story was written when Lauren was in her late-teens. It was/is so close to her heart that she kept it hidden from the world until now. But a dream in late-January caused her to open her mind to the possibility that it was time for the story to be released to those who love her work.

After almost a week of failed efforts in getting the book into the regular channels of distribution, and quite a few deep breaths, we realized that the only way that the book was going to go out was to send it out ourselves. Therefore, it is only available via nLight Press .. and only available as a PDF file. (PDF files can be changed into many other forms, including formats for various Readers .. a Google search can show you the way.) (PROBLEM SOLVED .. 'FERNANDO' IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM .. LINK IS POSTED BELOW)

This is the link that leads directly to the story behind the story, so to speak. You can find information about the book, wonderful reviews, and the ordering link, on the web page.

Our deep, deep gratitude for the heart-warming and enthusiastic reviews we've received! SO very grateful to each of you! New readers .. you can find the reviews on the link/web page.

Link for cut & paste:

We will be offering this download for a limited time only, after which we'll make another attempt to get it into our regular distributors.

"Fernando" is now available only through, for Kindle Readers. Free apps for reading Kindle books without a Kindle Reader are available. A Google search can help you find and download them.


As always, our deepest gratitude goes out to those who support the efforts of nLight Press and the work of Lauren Zimmerman. Your support and encouragement mean more than words could ever express.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Transcendental State of Mind, A Choice

I think I may have said this a thousand times.....Energy has no boundaries therefore all energy impacts all other energy. It's time to take the truth of this up another notch. The path every soul walks, the life of every person on Earth (and elsewhere), will eventually impact the path of every other soul. We are all existing within Infinity, within this Existence, and everything we learn will be shared with every other soul. The quest is to understand all of existence, and we are the ones on that quest. The right of every soul to experience reality in whatever way they choose is a God-given right and is absolutely by Divine Design, whether we agree with it or not. (To disagree can be observed as a judgment and quite often judgment stems from the energy of fear.)

I rarely talk about my path and, honestly, I doubt anyone would believe me anyway. (chuckle) It has been 'quite something,' to put it mildly. (Make sure you have plenty of popcorn when you get Home and get to watch the movie .. lol) That said, there has been an all-consuming effort, daily, to find understanding. I believe, and I hope I'm correct, that it's all been about helping others awaken, lighting a path that others may want to follow to reach the common goal .. which is enlightenment.

Some of you may have noticed a big shift in my energy, as well as my online presence. As an explanation I will say that I've been pushed into the deepest voids, experiences, and heart-soul-changing times of my life .. perhaps of my infinity. But I never venture into any avenue without knowing that there is an extremely good reason, with an answer that will be revealed at the end of it all.

The answer has been revealed and the answer is a transcendental state of mind, a different way of being.

There are many who are on this Earth, at this time, with the goal of learning how to walk this Earth-path, as dense and painful as it is, with the full integration of their infinite soul. They seek the wisdom, understanding, inner power, and Divine Connection that is the truth of every soul in existence. They hope to bring the truth of who they are to the human experience, with the possibility of touching others and helping them do the same. The far-reaching goal has been, I believe, the goal of changing the consensual reality of the human race. Ending the unbelievable amount of suffering, imbalance, inequality .. and the list goes on.

Here is a tidbit of information that I hope resonates with those who are on this personal quest of integrating soul-energy into the human-Earth-energy of the present moment: If you are being emotionally mauled by the human condition, you may find yourself being ineffective as far as being able to utilize the power and wisdom of your infinite soul.

What does this mean? As an infinite soul, you know that this lifetime looks like five seconds. As a matter of fact, that was how it was explained to me by The Presence of God. Consider that you exist, as soul, through all time and space. How 'long' then is that? Let's just toss a number out there. What if your soul exists for one-quadrillion years. How long is this lifetime? Let's just say it's one hundred years. Fit one hundred into one quadrillion. How 'big' does the one hundred look in comparison?

The point of that little exercise is to shift perspective just a bit. When you shift your perspective, you shift your reality. The transcendental state of mind is a step into your own infinity and the perception of life through those eyes, so to speak. The 'enormities' that you face daily suddenly take their rightful place in the bigger scheme of things. When you 'take the heat off' of the moment, step into the energy of your infinite soul, the understanding of why you are here in this moment, why you are having this particular experience, has 'room' to come into your energy field. In other words, you clear the energy of questioning in order to allow the energy of answers.

I will go out on another limb, as I am prone to do, and say that I believe the energy of the quest, for those who specifically came to this Earth-experience for the purpose of learning how to achieve enlightenment in one of the densest energies in existence, has reached a point where the transcendental state of being is more possible than ever before. Yes, there have been individuals through time who have lived in such a manner. But I believe this is/has been an effort by a fairly large group of souls who created a coordinated effort in order to bring a 'big energy,' so to speak. A group who believed that, by bringing the energy of this quest, and its possible success, into the energy of this Earth-reality, the sheer power of numbers and the energy exuded would necessarily have to impact the energy of the consensual reality.

I believe that's where we're at. I believe that's been the goal. I believe the effort will continue for many, many years. And I believe we, as a whole, will succeed.

I also know that the road is not easy. But it wasn't meant to be. Now, having passed through what appeared to be 1,000 doors of hell, the reason for the path is crystal clear. You cannot understand 'heaven' without understanding 'hell.' All things in existence are within the energy of God, the creator of existence. If you seek to understand existence there can be no defining lines. If all is one, and you understand that, then you also understand that there is nothing that can be excluded. Our personal 'assessment' of what should or should not be allowed has to be set aside in order to allow our souls to enter the picture and bring the perspective of existence from that point of view. By doing so, we remove the human 'emotional charge.' Emotional chaos is largely responsible for the density of this current Earth-reality. If we hope to ease up the density, the neutrality of the soul's perspective may well be the path we need to choose.

On a personal note ... I am called to share this tiny tidbit of insight because it is meant to bring hope to those who are on the quest and who have wondered what their lives have been about. There are ten thousand volumes behind these few words, this blog, and for me, here in my own life, they do not come close to describing the transition I have made. I am in the process of adapting to an entirely new way of being. It is expansive. It is free. It is the vision of my own truth that I have held as a goal throughout my life. Through all of the experiences I have never lost sight of the fact that God has been guiding every single second, every single experience. I often questioned His belief in my ability to keep on going. I often questioned His sanity as well as my own. (smile) But if my path in some way inspires even one other soul, I am blessed to have walked it. To those who know me, thank you for believing in me. To those who support my work by trusting it, you have blessed my path with yours, without doubt. I can see a monumental difference in my life, from this point forward and I don't yet know how it will impact my work and what I do with my life from this day forward. But I want to thank each of you who share this path, and send you all the deepest blessings from my soul. You are infinite, as am I, and we will meet, when this is all over, and celebrate how incredible all of this has been for each of us.

Love and Gratitude to ALL From LZ

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