Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Simple Truth In Pictures

My gratitude to "A.I: The Movie" for one of the best pictures I've ever seen portraying an interaction from one dimension to another. It gives me the perfect format to express some simple truths .. which I do with the hope that what is given will touch one person at a time. And one person at a time is how we, as a society, will create a kinder world.

My deepest wish for ALL, my deepest hope for ALL ... May your Holiday be truly blessed and may this New Year bring ALL of Humanity closer to PEACE ON EARTH.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

You Leave An Impression

The greatest gift in my life is the honor bestowed upon me by God; the welcoming visitations that are filled with insight and wisdom .. and 'hints.' My life is a constant study of the dichotomy between who we are as infinite beings in oneness with God and Awareness, and who we are when we exist in the density of this 3-D Earth-life. Perhaps it is my refusal to give up my need to understand that allows me the visitations. Whatever the reason, I am grateful for them and grateful for the ability to share some of the tidbits with those who may find interest in my mental meanderings.

The gift of last night's visitation was filled with so much that it left me wanting to touch every soul on this planet and, with that touch, somehow infuse them with the simple truths of the unnecessary dichotomy. The dichotomy that allows people to forget who they are in union with God.

Here's a really simple thought to ponder. If ALL is God, all people and things exist within the energy of God, and there is no separation between something that is all-one, then everything that happens to the one happens to the all.

Logical conclusion to draw from that fact ... what impacts one impacts all. All things being energy, and energy having no boundaries, the 'cause' that happens within the energy field of God 'affects' the entirety of God.

I have a memory of walking to work along the quiet morning streets of Sacramento. I was probably about twenty at the time and so it was some years ago. A woman riding a bicycle was approaching me. I am always lost in my own thoughts when I walk and so paid little attention. But when she came close enough to me she caught my eye. "God bless you," she said.

All these years later and the impact of that five-second encounter is still with me.

Every word you say, every action you take, every smile you give, every tear you cause ... you leave an impression. But you can extrapolate that realization out to a much greater degree. If you are leaving an impression on a person, you are leaving an impression on God.

Something to think about. Something to ponder.

Perhaps a KEY to causing change.
Perhaps a KEY to healing the belief in separation between you, God, ALL.
Perhaps a KEY to causing the healing of this human society in order to take a step forward into a kinder reality.

May this Holiday and the ending of this year, 2015, bring Humanity a little bit closer to Peace, to Love, to Oneness, and to Divine Unity with All That Is.

Love and Peace to ALL, from LZ

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Healing Through Infinity

There is (and maybe always has been) much talk about having a human experience and the fact that it is a temporary experience for an Infinite Soul. I have zero doubt about the truth of that. Why then does the reality of Humankind continue to express itself with suffering, murder, abuse, and every other imaginable way of one Soul causing pain to another Soul? Why do humans allow themselves to forget the Infinite Truth of who they are and not express that Truth to the fullest extent possible here on Earth?

I had been 100% certain that I would wait a while before writing another blog but, left to my own devices (not working during this time), my natural state of being a writer and an explorer of dichotomies kicks in. As I sat contemplating this morning .. thinking about not writing a blog .. this idea for a blog came skipping in. It declared itself to be a great idea and so .. here we are .. exploring a question that I'm sure millions of souls have asked for thousands of years.

I, personally, have dedicated my life to the quest of understanding the dichotomies of life here and life on 'the other side.' Having spent some time there, having been exposed to the wisdom and the almost-unfathomable degree of love, compassion, and acceptance for ALL, I suppose it was a natural path for me to take .. the exploration of the unbelievable difference in who we are in one reality vs. another.

The piece of the puzzle that came tripping in to talk to me this morning (for the hundredth time) was about the process of loving beyond pain. The pain of this Earth-life is temporary. The love we find when the pain is gone is infinite. And we are each Infinite Love. Believe me. I've been there. I've seen it for myself. And the experience of knowing all souls as their expression of infinite love has not left my mind for a single moment since. There have been, of course, moments of such deep pain and confusion that I have fallen into a spiral of not understanding. The dichotomy, the separation between the Truth and this life-experience too great for me to fathom. But these moments became my tool, my path, to greater understanding. For it is pain (I speak of emotional pain, not physical) that drives the quest for understanding, for a deeper search, for answers. And one of the answers was this.......

If you know you are an infinite soul, if you embody and live that Truth, then you know that the emotional pain is temporary and not a part of the infinite truth of who you are, who the other person/people are. When you leave this temporary Earth-experience, you will not take the pain. It will not be a part of you. If it is not a part of your infinite soul then why would you embrace it as your Truth here on Earth? If you wish to walk the Truth of your soul here on Earth, then you can make no exceptions. You cannot pick and choose what is Truth for the infinite soul and say it is not Truth for the earthly body. To do so is to encourage a belief in separation. But you are not meant to be separate from your own soul.

What then is the answer? How do you arrive at a place of peace and leave the pain behind? It might sound 'new-agey' or unrealistic .. idealistic .. or whatever term you might wish to use .. but the answer is love. In soul to soul relationships we are pure love. There is nothing else. Anything other than a state of love is an un-truth in the soul's experience. I realize that I may sound totally 'out there' by stating that it is possible to Be Love despite everything that unfolds here on Earth. And yet it is my Truth. I live it because I've seen it for myself and it is an experience that one cannot forget. It is my hope and intention to pass this Truth along. Perhaps, one person at a time, this Truth can resonate around our planet and through this understanding we can change our world. I think it's a viable idea. But then again (smile) they call me idealistic. (I disagree.)

I can state for a fact that staying in a state of pure love, despite the worst of circumstances, is possible. I have lived it. If it is possible for me it is possible for you. Maybe I am just here to state the obvious. (smile)

I am Love. You are Love. We are One .. through Infinity.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Revelations from God

That moment when God touches your dream, tells you your story, gives you a song.

You wake up to an understanding as far-reaching as your soul. Here is 3-D and here is your understanding. And now you will change. Your world was never what you thought was real but in the back of your mind you knew how it was meant to be. You spent your years bringing the pieces into your dreams, examining them like tiny, fascinating shards of glass. Waking moments of wandering, searching for the pieces that you knew were meant to come together to give you the picture of your life.

Now you sit, slightly dazzled by the dream, by the touch of God, by the reality of the day. But the song haunts you. Quietly. Growing louder as you attempt to go about your regular 3-D morning. I will not be ignored, it whispers, sounding like your soul. Finally you stop, make the computer your friend, slip on the head phones, and look for the song. But you don't have to look. You open the massive web site and it is the first song on the site. Waiting for you like an open door.

As the words crawl through your cells with clues there comes a shadow. Standing in silence. Watching. Regret and sorrow. The road not taken is bathed in light and you both turn to stare at it in disbelief. The shadow weeps. Your soul reaches out to comfort. The light on the path dims until darkness is all you see. The song grows quieter until silence takes over.

Slipping off the head phones you stare in silence at the future. The shards of glass, the pieces that were the picture of your life, fall away. Souls go astray. Destinies die. New paths are born. Souls find a way. They are infinite.

God speaks now of a destiny unknown. A path un-charted. He has shown a light upon that which was meant to be. He speaks to me of what could have been and why it went astray. In this revelation I become more Whole. He gently closes that door and with His touch He turns me away. His touch lays upon my soul and a peace fills me as I step away from that which was and turn toward that which will be.

It is a path unknown but it is God. The song plays again and this time I allow it to fade. It is the song of the past and it is saying good-bye. The path of my life, the shards of glass, the reality that was never born ... I allow it all to fall away. I turn to that which will be, place my hand in the hand of God, and open the door to my destiny.

PS: In response to a "mis-interpretation" of the blog ... a further explanation ... People speak of destiny and set-in-stone lifetimes that 'must' follow a certain path. But there were two paths .. two destinies .. not inter-twined but running parallel. I have walked my entire life with an awareness of both .. and gained an understanding from both that goes beyond 'the norm.' It's been fascinating, to say the least, and so very informative. The understanding of both paths has now merged into a Oneness with God that is ripe with understanding and brings with it a heart so open that it touches all souls with the utmost of love and compassion. In some odd way I have walked both paths, loved both paths, learned from both paths. On both the love of soul has been monumental, often overwhelming. I feel doubly blessed by the dichotomy.

We are One. Always One and forever One.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Life Happens

(Link to radio interview is below)

I could have made several thousand predictions and not one of them would have had anything at all to do with how things unfolded. I understand, from my years of talking to other 'sensitives,' that getting 'intuitive insight' into one's own life is right up there next to impossible. I can understand that. There are things we would avoid at all costs. And it often turns out that those things are the things that teach us the most. That said, I have learned so much in the last couple of years that it might equate to one thousand years .. all piled into such a short span of time. I was contemplating 'life' a couple of weeks ago when I heard what I call an 'out loud voice' in the room. (That happens often .. other dimensional thoughts being spoken .. made loud enough for me to hear.)

"You will take the last weeks of this year to yourself. To simply be. To assimilate the energy of what you've learned, how far you've come. To heal the final vestiges of pain and release them to the winds. We would like you to think of this: What if you were able to heal the impact of your life experience?"

I followed that thread of thought diligently because it intrigued me. All things being energy, all events/experiences have an energetic impact upon our energy fields. I have, for many years, attempted to turn 'pain energy' into wisdom. To learn something out of anything that causes me pain and then place the knowledge/wisdom into the energy-space that the pain is taking up. But it had never occurred to me that the actual impact of an energy/event could be reversed, if you will. The possibilities, quite simply, thrilled me.

I let my mind play with some thoughts. What if 'the matrix,' the mind control energy field,' is real and all events are orchestrated by the entanglement of you being trapped inside this matrix-illusion? What if, because everything within the matrix is an illusion, the impact of what occurs within the illusion could be 'erased' and your energy field aligned back into the Truth of who you are .. who you were before you entered the matrix?

Ahhhhhh .. the tantalizing hope.

Of course I decided to take the hint and remove myself, to some degree, from the rest of the world and go into my own ruminations and contemplations. And found myself absolutely enthralled with everything that began to unfold. One of the things that had a major-major impact on what was happening was orchestrated by an angel-on-Earth who has quietly been assisting me for many years. She works behind the scenes without many knowing the full impact she has on my life and my work. Without being asked, many years ago, she stepped in to assist me with MySpace, and then FaceBook, Twitter, and much more. This, in itself, is a daily blessing and amazement to me but even more amazing is her ability to bring things out of hiding and post them publicly at the EXACT moment they are needed. Yesterday was no exception and I found myself re-visiting, this morning, what she posted yesterday.

The link is below, for those who are interested. This is a radio interview I did in December 2012 with Bryan Whatley. I re-listened to it this morning and found myself smiling throughout. It was such fun to connect with his curiosity, his humor, and his intelligence. And I admit that I don't have an accurate word to describe how I felt about hearing myself repeat things that I have been saying for over 30 years. I realized that I am saying now what I said then .. in 2012. The Truths do not change. I believe that, for centuries, these Truths have been attempting to show Humankind the way to generate change .. and yet here we are.

But I won't go off track with that thought. My original thinking with this blog was to say .....

I heard a hopeful confidence, if there is such a thing, in my 'prediction' that the books of nLight Press would be published in hard-back in 2013. I believe I mentioned that twice in this interview. Now we are on the last step going into 2016 and I am both astonished and hopeful. But there are no physical books to be had. I won't go out on another limb and state that 2016 will show us that success. We will just have to see how things unfold. Perhaps it is not meant that the books go into physical form, but remain as 'etheric' as the energy they contain. (smile)

It will be an obvious statement from me when I say that listening to what was said in 2012 and looking through the months and years .. and events .. since then caused me to go into some very deep introspection and spiritual questioning. (Oh .. that was interesting .. my computer stalled after I typed the first part of the word 'questioning' .. 'quest' .. and isn't that the truth of all questioning .. a quest for truth.)

I often say that if you live in total faith, you don't need to plan. Planning suggests a lack of trust in the Divine Unfolding. I realize now, here in my own life, how true that is. I could never have predicted (or planned) how things have turned out. I compare the truths that were shared in this radio interview with Bryan to the un-truths that happened behind the scenes and marvel at the massive discrepancies. In my own mind I have decided that the path has been all about revealing some of the most intricate, detailed, and honest Truths that I might not have otherwise uncovered. I celebrate what I have learned. I celebrate those who have trusted me to assist them in remembering who they truly are. I am blessed by the lives of the people I've touched in the last year.

I understand the 'Grand Plan' more intimately than I ever imagined possible. The 'matrix energy' has fallen away to such a degree that we, as a human society, have more ability to access the Truth than we've had for thousands of years. I revel in the glory of that and stare, open-mouthed, at the plethora of possibilities and what this could mean for Humanity.

I am not even certain, in my own mind, why I felt so overwhelmingly called to write this blog. I feel it 'rambles' it's way through a maze of thoughts. But, as with everything I write, there is an energy and a multitude of layers unspoken beneath the words that now live here. I hope you enjoy (or 're-enjoy') the interview with Bryan, despite the poor quality of my microphone. I was in a motel, at the time, and the acoustics (and mic) left a lot to be desired. Still .. I thoroughly enjoyed re-visiting this hour and my deep gratitude to 'Earth Angel' for bringing it back to my attention.

YouTube Link to the Interview Between Lauren Zimmerman & Bryan Whatley:

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Soul Does Not Fall Silent

We put on pretty dresses. We slip on pretty shoes. Tighten the belt, straighten the tie, check the crease in your slacks ... smooth the lipstick and check the mascara. The mirror does not lie. We look ready for the day. One last glance into the mirror. Oh, yes. Remember to paint on the smile. Yes. We're ready to step into the living world that breathes outside the door.

Every person has a story. Every soul has a life. More often than not, the two are not the same. Perhaps it is time for that to change.

As a child I looked at the brutality of the world with wide-eyed wonder. Observing the damage one person does to another. Confused within my memory of being one with God. Wondering why everyone did not have that memory. And why they did not act upon it. How can one aspect of God destroy another aspect of God? There is no doubt that I am not the first person to contemplate the dichotomies of life. What a joy if I were allowed to be the last. If the world would suddenly blink itself awake, shake itself off, and begin living soul to soul, heart to heart, love to love. That's who we are. Do you remember that?

But our stories go on. Our hearts break. Our souls weep. Our smiles fade and our hope escapes us.

What would the story be if the infinite soul stepped into the broken heart? The healing of God unfolded and the story began anew?

I hear now the tapping of All Infinite Souls. Tapping upon the closed doors that hide the stories and the lies we tell ourselves. Truth is seeping in through the cracks in the veneer and the falsehoods. It is time to tell our Earth-stories to our own Infinity. To allow that vastness of our own Truth to wipe our tears, heal our hearts, teach us to live in the Knowing that All People are aspects of God.

One aspect of God does not steal from another. One aspect of God does not abuse another. One aspect of God does not murder another. And the list goes on.

Our souls are weeping as we continue to exist within lives that are not abundant with our own Truth. But our souls are at the door, calling.

They call me 'idealistic.' They call me 'insane.' To believe in a world that could be one of kindness and equality. Where the mayhem can stop, the callousness end, the quiet desperation fall away into nothing more than a distant memory. But the truth of it is ... we are Infinite Souls with the power to bring the Essence of God into every moment. Every word. Every action. Why then does another reality seem impossible? If it is only a matter of infusing the Truth of the Infinite Soul into the temporary body we wear?

We can heal through the avenue of Truth that is our Soul.

We can dry our tears, heal our hearts, tell our stories and then move on to a greater reality. One that we ourselves create. Create because we have the power to do so. It's not as if we don't have the tools. We ARE the tools. The avenue through which change can happen. We are aspects of God, which allows us the entirety of Existence to draw upon. I find it impossible to believe that we, as a human society, cannot create the miracle of a world that understands God .. and each other.

Take a moment to tell your story. Your eyes speak it anyway. Let your heart speak it too. Your soul will listen and your soul will dry your tears. Your soul will also bring you the greater essence of who you are. The essence of strength and truth that resides in your connection to your own infinity and God. When your story is told you may be ready to begin a new one.

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

A 'dream' that was not a dream

Every once in a while I receive a 'dream' that has a message that will impact the reality on Earth, in some way. The changes may end up being subtle, but still evident if you know what to look for. This said .. here is the message from last night. Quite significant, in my humble opinion.

All woman of Earth were gathered, having been called together to hear a message. About 10% of the male population wandered through the crowd, curious to hear, and waiting with the women. A stirring happened on the edge of the crowd and a tall, imposing woman with jet-black hair swirled her way through the crowd. As she neared me she met my eyes. My sense was that she was defiant and yet regretful. A curious mix of emotions and so I watched her carefully. The pride she had in who she was emanated like a visible aura and soon the entire crowd became silent, watching her.

She would have been described as brazen as she began to address the crowd. My instinct was to distrust her and I never took my eyes from her as she swirled through the crowd, her floor-length gown highlighting her thin figure. Women began to shuffle their feet anxiously as the woman continued speaking. It was some type of apology that she was attempting to deliver. I could sense the resistance in the women, and feel their anger at her growing. No one believed what she was saying.

Finally noticing that she wasn't being believed, she turned and made her way back to me. Our eyes never parted as she steadily pushed her way through the throng of people. She must have read in my eyes my unwillingness to buy into whatever it was she was trying to sell. She stopped in front of me, finally, and told me this.

"I was responsible for the birth of inequality of men and women on the planet. The role I played was to create a great division in understanding, respect, value, and even the roles women play in the society of Earth."

Honestly, I wasn't shocked. I knew that she was somehow representing an 'event' in human history, a crucial time when all people, no matter what gender, were equal and treated with the utter respect and equality that God Himself would give.

She began her apology again, speaking directly to me, our eyes interlocked. But still I was hesitant. And she recognized that. I watched as something changed in her eyes. Suddenly I could see her soul and it was the saddest soul of All. Her eyes filled with tears and she sank to her knees before me. Still our eyes were interlocked. I looked down into her tear-filled eyes and now a sense of amazement filled me as her black gown changed into one of black and white. Even more amazed, I realized that my attire had changed too and I was now wearing a floor-length gown of black and white, the two colors swirled to clearly represent the Yin and Yang symbol.

I think it was this that caused me to realize that what was unfolding was meant to be Universal.

I reached my hand out and helped the woman rise from her knees, I gently wiped the tears from her cheeks. For a moment we stood silently, two Yin and Yang symbols, facing the world. Our combined energy of hope and determination to change the energy of the Earth to one of deep respect and balance spread above the crowd, almost visible in its strength.

With the power of this dream that was not a dream I believe the energy of division has been planted by ALL, into the energy of this Earth-reality. May each person on this planet embrace the essence and begin the Change.

Peace and Love to ALL

Lauren Zimmerman,

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's All About Perspective

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Your Soul Paid A Visit

You may remember. You may not. You saw me walking with The Master, talking quietly in the Heavens. Out of the corner of my eye I caught your surprise at seeing me. The essence of the moon cast a shadow on the single tear you shed. I felt your heart shred and turned to The Master for guidance. He touched my arm with his love and urged me on. You followed at a distance.

I heard your soul apologize. I stopped and once again caught The Master's eyes. He stopped as well and we turned to each other. Searching eyes. Searching souls. A triangle of pain that I knew had touched God Himself.

The Master spoke the words you could not. He spoke of your division, your search for your truth that hides somewhere behind all of the human things you have been, have said, have done. I gathered my bravery and shielded my heart with it. I turned to meet your eyes. Your humanness fought with your soul.

Which would prevail?

The Master's voice filled me with your words. The words you couldn't find. Or bring yourself to speak. He became you. He meant it as a gift to me.

I know the Truth of your Soul. The pain can no longer cloak you. We will meet again.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

It Was 1998 When the Message Came In.........


(This artwork is the actual cover design for the entire book that I had (have?) planned for the topic that I cover in this blog.)

It was November of 1998. I remember being wrapped in a cocoon of blankets, as the winter night was cold indeed. I felt the air in the midnight room stir, as I always do when The Presence of God sends a wave of energy to announce an incoming message. I eagerly await these messages. They represent the truth of my life and Being in a way nothing else does. This night was no exception and I lifted myself slightly, ready to reach for the paper and pen that's always next to me. As it turned out, the paper and pen were unnecessary because the message was so monumental that it changed me. You don't forget things that change you.

I will paraphrase what I was told for the message was long but the essence was short and to the point.

The years between 2000 and 3000, on this Earth, will be a time of every person coming to understand their connection to God, The Creator of All, the energy that created and sustains existence. The Divine Union between oneself and God will be understood as the only essential reality. All else is secondary. The end result will be that the consensual reality that takes place on this planet will alter in a way that is almost beyond belief, if we compare it to the reality that has played out here for thousands of years.

The bottom line is that each person is an infinite soul who is an atom of God, should we care to think of it that way. To understand that .. and live that .. to the utmost degree is the goal. When every person within a society lives the reality of Divine Union, the sabotage of each other and self will stop.

One of the main reasons I wanted to write about this today is that the obvious has become even more obvious. I have always maintained that there is a very distinct reason for everything. Everything. When we accept that, we allow ourselves to change our perspective and eliminate our judgment. Whatever you have experienced is an essential part of your path to understanding Divine Union. Your soul has created every experience and every internal reaction you need in order to reach the ultimate goal of understanding that you are an aspect of God.

As a fully-realized aspect of God, every action you take and every thought you have will be from that point of view. Your perspective and your 'Beingness' will change. With that comes what I am perceiving as .. 'the inevitable.' You will begin to walk on this Earth in a different way.

From my personal assessment of my own experiences, I cannot say that I fully understand why some of the most excruciating pain was necessary. But I no longer need to understand. There is a Divine Clarity surrounding every day that I've lived. I clearly see that, despite what my earthly interpretation of my life might be, every second of every day was meant to bring me to Divine Clarity of my personal Divine Union with God. Immersing myself fully into this Truth has brought a sense of peace and Divine Acceptance that allows me the gift of even more fully immersing myself into Divine Union. There is a meshing, a coming together, a merging. That cannot take place if we, ourselves, are blocking the union with our own questioning of the Path laid out for us to get there.

Divine Union does not mean that now you will 'see' every second of your future and what comes next. It does not mean that everything is immediately 'fixed.' It means, instead, that you have an infinite peace in the Divine Knowing that you are As One with God. You always have been. You always will be. And now the messy, gritty, painful .. temporary .. 3-D experience cannot distract you from that Truth.

I've always put off writing about this message from 1998. I had hoped to write an entire book, for the revelations along the way of my own Path have given me insight after insight after insight. Sharing them, I feel, might help ease the way for others. But .. today the call to address this was far, far too loud to be ignored. As with all of my blogs, there is an entire book behind the few words placed here. It is my hope that your heart receives the entire book just by reading these few words.

Love to ALL, from Lauren Zimmerman

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Announcing The New, Updated Web Site For nLight Press

One of my favorite pieces of art, of all-time. Not my art but thanks to the creator!

My deepest Gratitude to all who support my work. Without each of you, my 'mission' on this Earth would not have taken place at all.

I would like to announce the October 17, 2015 'birth' of a new, updated, sleek, user-friendly, and hopefully perfectly accurate web site for nLight Press. I have avoided the task of updating for over a year now. I knew how huge the task was going to be .. but nLight Press has always had a life of it's own. (A very demanding life of it's own, if I may say so. (chuckle) )

Please feel free to visit us there!
Link: nLight Press .. Dedicated to the spiritual evolution of Humankind

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

GRACE: A simple title, a not so simple discussion

As I approached the massive building I could not help but stop for a minute and allow the significance of it, and what was offered within its walls, to sink into my soul. Lessons that would serve a soul for eternity; understandings that would bring peace no matter what reality might be unfolding. The invitation to return had made my heart reach and awaken in a way that it had not done in years. In the deepest state of honor, I walked the steps and entered the great hallway.

As I stepped into the large lecture hall, the light emanating from each of the students made me smile. I nodded to those I recognized and took my seat. Within seconds the door opened and the Master glided in. She was an eternal friend, someone that I trusted beyond measure and knew to the depths of her infinite nature. Sensing my joy at seeing her, she looked up and met my eyes. With a smile and nod, she took her place at the podium and the class of deeper understanding began.

For thousands of years Earth has been a place where souls can congregate to study cause and effect but also to play out the many variances of karma. An eye for an eye. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Etc. .. ad nauseam. You'll learn what you caused by suffering the same effects. A very slow method of learning that when you cause chaos it reverberates back to you in one fashion or another.

It was decided some time ago that Earth had served the whims of Humanity long enough. Eventually there had to come a time when souls stopped learning through karma and reached a point of understanding that took them into a different state of being. Two birds with one stone. Let's raise the vibration of an entire planet in order to take it from one 'role' to another. And at the same time let's see if an entire group of souls can shift from one reality into another. It was a habit, after all, this 'need' to play out the greatest degree of harm one can imagine and see what the consequences would be. Habits can be broken. It is just a matter of learning how to break them. To tantalize with the promise of heart's peace. That might be the key. To promise that, if one applied oneself enough to the lesson, one could overcome the natural tendencies to behave in a 3-D manner and shift their consciousness to such a degree that they would come to understand how they could live in a 3-D energy field but not succumb to its temptations.

The Master had explained all of this years ago. Now her gaze swept the massive room, resting for a nano-second on the eyes of each eager student. "Let's not go back over everything we already know," she said. "Let's look at what's missing. You've all done an outstanding job of addressing some of the basics.

"In order to reach an energetic state of neutrality, the state of being that allows Divine Alignment of energy, the ping-pong effect of cause and effect has to be interrupted. This is what you've been studying for many years. Forgiveness without an emotional charge. Acceptance without judgment. Allowing each soul the freedom to live whatever reality is necessary in order to reach the deepest state of understanding available to them." Her eyes pierced the eyes of one of the students. I could feel the impact from across the room. "Every person, every animal, every action, every inaction, every single thing that exists is an aspect of God. God being the infinite nature of all that exists. This understanding has been a major key that is contributing to the slow but steady progress of the mission you're on. Changing the vibration, the frequency of a consensual reality from one frequency to another."

"You have uncovered, one by one, many of the keys that assist in shifting reality. But one key is missing and reality will not change until that key is understood to an infinite degree." She paused and turned and her eyes met mine. I felt her soul speak to me before her words reached me. "That key is Grace."

Grace. A word I had carried in my heart every day of my life. Like a goal I needed to reach. A gift that I knew would quench the thirst of my soul. Not a day passed without a moment of pondering it. Without a moment of craving it.

I've always believed that the word 'grace' is not properly defined here on Earth. A deep knowing tells me there's much more to the word, the state of grace, than any dictionary has ever defined. In my research I've come to find that there are others, both is history and in present time, who agree with me.

There's more to this than meets the eye. Or more than words can describe. A better way to state the obvious. The Master's eyes seemed intent on peeling away any earthly thought I might have about Grace, insisting that I understand the word with my soul.

For most of my life I've understood that perceiving my life from the point of view of my infinite soul rather than my limited 3-D perception was a great key to shifting my own reality .. and any limitations that might try to enslave me. I came to understand that a reaction to earthly events can be called a 'habit.' Again, habits can be broken and the obvious path, in my mind, was to shift into a state of responding. A response, it seemed to me, was a more controlled way of observing events. A way of bringing self-discipline and self-responsibility to the forefront. A way of acknowledging the fact that my soul is infinite and far more wise than perhaps any temporary 3-D 'reality' and the limitations that seemingly go along with it. If I perceived and responded to life by bringing, as best I could, my soul's infinite energy/wisdom to the moment, I would benefit myself .. and possibly others.

I never wanted to play the tit-for-tat game. This lifetime has never been, for me, an opportunity to play in the sandbox of Earth. You hit me with your plastic shovel and I'll just hit you back. Cause and effect. Tit-for-tat. Karma. Now I was being given the opportunity to bring another key into my quest for understanding. What does the True state of Grace contribute to our combined effort/mission to shift the energetic frequency of Earth-life to a higher frequency?

To be in a state of Grace dis-allows all of the deliberate human actions that harm anyone or anything. It recognizes that all things are an aspect of God and treats them accordingly. We cannot lie to another person. We cannot abuse another person. We do not steal, murder, deny, neglect, or dismiss. Every person and thing we encounter is seen through the eyes of God. God did not create a single thing without putting a lot of thought behind it. Therefore, we may not understand the Divine Purpose, but God does. Perhaps it is not our goal to understand but instead to have utter faith and Divine Allowance. We aren't there yet, as an entire human society, but I absolutely believe that's where we're headed. That is the mission we're on.

As I now understand it, every soul is infinite and every soul is permanently within a State of Grace. A Oneness with God, however you may wish to view God, the Creator of All That Is. A State of Grace is bringing our personal relationship with God into our lives in such a way that this relationship guides every second, every word, every action, every thought. Yes, it is a call to the greatest self-responsibility imaginable. Yes, it is a call to muster everything you have and rise above the 'tendencies' of a 3-D, dense, painful reality. But if we are on a mission to raise the vibration of a 3-D reality to something higher, than the part we each individually play must be taken into consideration. Into deep consideration. We are part of a combined, consensual energetic 'reality.' Our energy impacts all other energy. We can lift ALL without lifting ourselves.

Perhaps our innate State of Grace is the path we must take.

It is probably obvious that I could go on and on about this topic. I could (and may) turn it into a book. But, as always, I am overly eager to share 'little tidbits' .. to stimulate thought .. to encourage others .. to validate and send the energy of Hope into the world. A quick blog seems like that most efficient way to offer my thoughts, when I'm faced with a lack of time to write more lengthy dissertations. I am beyond grateful to every person who supports my personal mission/effort and who appreciates my offerings. You bless my life and my Path.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

What If You're Being Manipulated?

What if? The question is tantalizing, urging us to open our minds to explore things we might not otherwise think about. Our minds, you know, sometimes have limitations. 'What if' does not.

By now the populace of people who believe that Earth-reality is a place where infinite souls reside in order to study cause and effect has grown to a point where it's not a taboo subject matter. So, that's what I'm going to talk about. What if the study of cause and effect had, as it's main component, the 'war' of power and control? In other words, what if power and control is the driving force behind all conflict? (which it probably is) If there was no push and pull of the struggle of who (or what) is in power, would the energy of cause and effect have the impetus to keep the momentum of the study going?

Have you noticed how rapidly things that you 'should' get hysterical about are cycling nowadays? There is a 'new flu' that's going to kill everyone on the planet. Oh, you're not buying it. Let's see. How about this? There's a new plague that's going to kill everyone on the planet. Oh, you don't like that illusion well enough to get hysterical. Well. How about this? Forty grasshoppers were seen in a field. Surely this is a sign of a takeover. Right? Right? Oh. You're not listening to that one either.

Now here is the topic that drove me to write this blog. In my humble opinion, the issue of human differences, and the acceptance of such, was making huge headway. People around the world were coming to a level of understanding that all people are equal. People seemed to be headed toward the reality of actually getting along better. The numbers of people demanding peace and equality was growing. But with a disappointed eye we're witnessing an effort to stir things up again. Let's make everything about race. Which it's not. Let's create situations where humanity fights about who is the 'bad guy.' Let's create events that cause great division and angst. But if all people are in harmony and understanding that every person is an infinite soul and an aspect of God no one would be fighting or killing or abusing and the 'news' would have no riots, assassinations, killings to report. Nothing to rile humanity into a frenzy of division and separation and fear.

What if the current rise in strife is a way of manipulating the forward progress of peace, an attempt to drive people back to being angry and separate, judgmental and afraid?

What if we all said 'no' and walked in peace? What if we all said that we're not going to take sides but instead stand in the middle and demand that everyone be seen as equal and as an aspect of God?

What if we refused to buy into the effort to divert our attention, cause fear, separate us, make us forget?

What if we demanded that those who are trying to stir the pot and keep the struggles of power and control going stop? Simply stop.

The mind control manipulation that causes drama in order to cause separation and inequality cannot succeed unless we allow it to succeed.

What if we all decided that we are not going to allow our minds .. our realities .. to be manipulated any longer? What if we walked in our own Infinite Truth and Divine Union and demanded that same reality for every other person on the planet?

And by the way ... what if everything that made you feel powerless was actually a gift from the study of cause and effect? An effort to move you into realizing the full power of who you are? If you are in your full power and your Divine Union with All That Is, does the mind control and manipulation have the power to move you?

We are living in the time and space of a consensual reality, an agreed-upon way of living. But we are also in a time of changing what we agree upon. We have the power to change conflict into peace.

What if............

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Friday, August 7, 2015

One of the Biggest Lies of the Matrix?

As I thought about the points that need to be covered in the topic I'm about to address I realized that this could easily turn into a book. A very large book. And so, please read this blog with an open mind, using your intuition to expand the possibilities of what might be true and what might be a lie.

What I'm about to say may not be very popular. But as an explanation, let me say this: My entire life, since I 'died' in 1974, has been about finding the Truth and finding the deepest connection with God that is possible here in the density and suffering of this planetary reality. The road has been beyond belief and beyond explanation. My mind has been expanded to the point where I am able to 'process' the reality of one billion existences. The word 'existence' seems to suggest 'all that is.' I've been shown that such is not the case. The existence in which this Universe is real can be multiplied by one billion. I would not have believed it, or even thought about it, if I had not been shown this with my own eyes.

I was also shown myself (and many others) coming from 'another existence' and entering this one. Honestly, this is such a truth that I don't even have to wonder about the possibility. What I DO wonder about is why we came here. But that's a topic for another blog/book.

Now to the topic that may raise some eyebrows and question marks. I was never interested in the subject of twin flames until I met someone that I was convinced was mine. All of my Divine Guidance, and even The Presence of God, assured me that I was correct. But then things went terribly, terribly wrong and I was pushed into several million questions about the truth of twin flames and what this is really all about.

At one point in my questioning I found myself outside of this existence, looking back. Similar to the artwork/picture of the 'strings of universes' piece that is featured on the side of this blog .. but much, much larger. (Times one billion) I was 'one.' There was no 'split' of myself, nothing to suggest that I was one half of a soul, or one half of anything else at all. I was Whole. As I stood there pondering why I was One when I stood there, but didn't feel One when I was here, I witnessed myself 'split' as I stepped back into this existence. To me that suggested that 'twin flames' only existed within this 'region,' this existence. Which, of course, made me wonder why.

My nights and days are consumed by my inner search for Truth and so it goes without saying that I couldn't let this go. It seemed to me that the devastation of my 'twin flame' experience held the key. As it turned out, I was right. And so .. without further delay .. here's the Truth that was handed to me.

There is no such thing as a 'twin flame.'

Let me tell you how it was explained to me. Again, everything I was told would take up an entire book but in my zest for sharing Truths with you, I'll cover the key points and leave your intuition to do the rest.

This quote came from The Presence of God. "How can anything be more 'as one' than something else? If everything is As One within the existence of God, how is it possible that one person, or one thing, is more As One than another?"

I love pure logic.

Of course, now, my full attention is focused on learning more. I almost stopped breathing as I listened for more insights.

"How can you not be Whole? If you are as aspect of God, as all things are, how can there be a part of you missing? Let me tell you this. The search for 'your other half' is part of the programming of the current Earth reality. The BELIEF in separation within the current Earth reality is the cause of separation. The belief that there is a part of you that you need to find is the belief in separation. Belief in separation is a lie."

"Please go on," I murmured, listening intently.

"As long as people believe they are separate from their innate Divine Union with God, there is a crucial part of themselves not participating in their reality. You are dis-empowered. You are lost. You are seeking outside of yourself. You are feeling unloved, separated, unworthy. You are questioning your own value. You are thinking that you need something or someone else to give you the value of yourself that you, yourself, can't find. Therefore you can see that if the belief in having 'another half of yourself, a 'twin flame, if you will, is a belief that encourages you to be powerless. It suggests you are not Whole. As far as someone or something controlling you, what better way to do that than to have you constantly distracted by a search for something you think you don't have?"

"Indeed." The thought made me breathless because it made so much sense.

"I would suggest that if people are looking for something that seems to be missing they look for their relationship with their own Divine Union with All That Is."

I nodded. It had been my quest for over 40 years. "But let me ask you this. Why is it that when we step into this existence, if I can call it that, is there a feeling of separation? Why do we even bother to step into a lie? Why do we feel as though we are split in two and need to even bother looking for 'the missing piece' of ourselves?"

"How better to discover the truth of who you are then by revealing the truth of who you are not?"


"How better to discover the impact of cause and effect than by immersing yourself in a study of cause and effect? A study of what is True and what is not?"

"How better to understand your Oneness with All That Is than to pretend that you are not One with All That Is?"

I DO love Truth. Indeed. And ... how can anyone be more As One than anyone else ... in God's Reality?

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Saturday, August 1, 2015


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Thursday, July 30, 2015

More About the Crystal Ray

I'd like to begin with something basic that I was shown many years ago. 4th dimension.
Here we are in 3rd dimension. We're creating and sending out energy 24/7. That's not just one of us. That's about seven billion of us. Everything being energy, thoughts, emotions, actions, well, everything .. everything .. is energy. We're creating it. But where does it go when it leaves us? I can tell you what I was told .. and shown. And it wasn't pretty.

I was hovering above the energy of 4th dimension, looking down. Have you ever stood on a hill and looked down at a refuse plant? Heaps and heaps, acres and acres, of refuse. Filthy. Rat-infested. Cast-offs from life.

3rd dimensional energy that no one wants any more.

Have you ever thought about it? Where does all of the 3-D energy we create go? Well, now you know. At least, you know from my perspective. What I was shown. Believe me, the vision stuck with me. I think about it daily.

And then I think about housekeeping. The endless job. You clean and before you know it, you have to clean again. If you're an 'energy worker' who is here on the planet trying to help with raising the energy of Humanity and the planet, you know where I'm going with this. No sooner is a thought 'healed' (transmuted to a higher vibration) then another thought is tossed into the mix. But not just one. Seven billion. Which is why I've been so hot on the topic of personal responsibility for one's energy all these years. The energy you create has to go somewhere. What energy do you want to contribute to 'the whole?'

Now ... how does the Crystal Ray fit into the point I'm trying to make?

I've put the link to the free PDF for 'The Crystal Ray Basics' here in the blog. Basically, the Crystal Ray is a vibrational 'tool' that is crystalline in nature and helps connect people to the higher vibrational frequency of their infinite soul. If you can imagine it this way.....

Let's imagine that the dimensional frequencies/realities look like a stack of pancakes piled on top of each other. Each pancake is a dimension. They are touching, but they are separate 'entities.' But the picture, as a whole, incorporates all energies within this existence. Every pancake, energetically, is one with all of the others, making up the 'full picture.'

The Crystal Ray, again, resonates with the frequency of your infinite soul. If you are in the 3rd dimension 'drawing down' the energy of your higher frequency soul energy using the Crystal Ray, you are necessarily impacting the other dimensions through which you pass. I've made a very crudely drawn picture as an example/visual.

Though I've had this information/visual aid for about 30 years, it was only after the huge-huge night that just unfolded that I was told it was time to make it a little more public. It's not rocket science. It's very logical. But it's not something most of us think about on a daily basis. I was told it was time for more people to start thinking about it.

Here's a brief run-down of part of the night's conversation.

The task of raising the Earth's vibrational frequency comes with the realization that Earth will, eventually, no longer support a reality that thrives on suffering, pain, karma, mayhem, etc. It will continue as a host to those who study cause and effect, but the way in which study is done will be vastly different.

The work of many who have come to the planet to assist in the raising of frequencies has reached a point where Universal Law allows for direct action with the energies that are keeping the planet in the 'box'/role it has been playing. This is why the topic of 'the matrix' has become almost a household conversation. The control that the 'matrix grid' has had upon the consensual reality of Humanity has broken down to the degree that the next step of the work can begin. (By the way, the matrix grid is, from what I've been shown and told, is a 4th dimensional effort.)

That said, the 4th dimensional energies, the 'garbage dump,' if you will, 'lays on' the 3rd dimension. It makes sense, right? The 4th pancake lays on top of the 3rd. And so, necessarily, the 3rd is impacted by the weight of the 4th. (so to speak .. bear with me on this) If we lessen the weight of the 4th, we ease the energy of the 3rd. This is where the Crystal Ray comes in.

If we use visuals again, which is always one of my favorite tools, think of the Crystal Ray as needle-thin. That needle penetrates all of the dimensions, touching everything it 'passes through.' Therefore, the energy/vibration of the Crystal Ray as it passes through the 4th dimension, the 4th pancake, would impact the energy of the 4th, right?

And so, logically, the more people in 3rd dimension who 'draw down' the energy of the Crystal Ray, through all dimensions and into the 3rd, the more impact there will be upon 'the garbage dump.' Can you see it?

I don't know about you but I'm all for 'putting holes' in the 4th dimensional story. Right? (smile)

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Empty the Suitcase!

You want to create another reality. You want to create a better world. You want to move forward. You want to leave behind the suffering, give birth to a world of compassion, equality, justice, and peace.

You want this for all Humanity.

You want this for yourself.

Your journey belongs to you and you alone.

The understanding that will complete your journey lies in the truth that you cannot take anything with you. It may seem to go beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend what is going to be asked of you. It is meant to be that way. The human mind is not the vehicle that will take you there.

You are an infinite soul and you are being asked to be infinite. Your human reality is and has been limited. The parameters have been set for centuries. The key here is .. God did not set the parameters. Mankind did. Which necessarily leads to the acceptance that the limitations of 'human reality' must be set aside if one is reaching for one's own infinite state of being. And it is the infinite state of being that is the vehicle by which you will travel to your next reality.

Leave behind your goals. Your soul may have another. Leave behind your dreams. Your soul dreams bigger than you do. Leave behind your pain. It has no place in the castle of your infinite truth. Leave behind your perceptions. Your soul sees things quite differently than your limited eyes.

Most people cannot conceive of a world, a reality, that has no limitations. A reality that is as big as God can dream. You are asked to be God's dream.

Note from LZ: The words above are inadequate to describe the place I'm in at this moment. It was imperative to get them written, to bring them out of me to give to you. I thought, when I took myself out of the place God has held me for the last hours, that I would end up writing an entire book, just based on my last hours. But now that I have set these words 'into the world,' I find that I have said as much as can be said here. The energy. The energy of what is unfolding. It goes into the world in a way that surpasses what we call 'Hope.' That is enough for the moment. And I am blessed to share the moment with all who follow and support my work and my place here on this planet, in this moment.

On a more grounded note ... one of the most interesting visions/messages during my last hours was this. It was meant to be a 'visual' of the journey and the necessary process to continue. Think of it like this....... You have an all-expense paid trip to a nudist colony. The car is waiting. You don't have to pack your clothes. You don't even need your flip flops. The sand is perfect on the beach you're headed to. Your feet will love it. You don't need to pack food. It will be provided. You don't even need your wallet or your purse. It's all expenses paid. Just show up.

That is the reality that awaits. Maybe only a few will make the journey at this time. It's a lot to ask. Perceptions, beliefs, hopes, dreams, suffering. Nothing can be packed. Nothing can be taken with you. If you want to build a new reality with God, you have to be willing to let God show you what you have never seen before.

The ultimate surrender. The surrender of who you think you are. Immersing yourself in the you that God knows you to be. Naked as the day your soul was born.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

An ET 'Clue' .. The Difference Between a Reason and an Excuse

(Note: Much of what you will read here are direct quotes, or paraphrasing what was said to me. I do not 'channel' .. I have direct conversations.)

It was a seemingly casual conversation, if there is such a thing when you sit around a table with a handful of ETs. We were addressing a topic that had come up before, but in much more depth. I had posted a sentence of an earlier conversation publicly, and it wasn't welcomed with a smile, as I recall. The sentence had to do with a viewpoint expressed by an ET friend who had offered the thought that human society was parasitic. I understood, at the time, exactly what he meant and still do to this day. But for some reason, on this night, they wanted to address the topic in a deeper way. I was more than willing. If they have insights that can, perhaps, help humanity evolve, I'm more than thrilled to be a part of it.

To boil the topic of conversation down to a few words ... there is a reason why human society is and has been the way it is. There is no excuse for it to stay that way.

One of the ETs in attendance spoke. He is from the society that I refer to as The Sapphire Blue Group. Very tall, very thin, very compassionate, with eyes that know your soul.

"In order for the next step forward to take place, certain things have to be realized. There is a power and control game going on in almost every interaction on that planet. The current ways of interacting are designed to make people powerless. Let me define that for you. If you don't say what I want you to say, I will walk away. If you don't do what I want you to do, I will walk away. You are powerless to stop me from walking away. When I walk away I am telling you that I don't love you. You need love from me but only I can give it. Therefore you are powerless."

I mulled that over while he studied me.

He continued after a moment. "If you do not have money we will not feed you. If you do not get fed you are powerless. If you do not follow certain ways of being, we will ignore you, we will ostracize you, we will attack you. If you say something I don't like, I may slap you. I may beat you. I may even kill you. Or perhaps I will only hate you. If you don't behave the way I want you to, I may put you in chains and hide you in the basement. Or I may simply take my caring away from you. You are powerless to stop my reaction to you. You are powerless to stop me from taking my love and acceptance away from you."

I met his eyes. "With all you say I would reply that we retain our power by choosing our reaction."

"Indeed. And that's a wonderful key to understanding yourself as a human being AND as an infinite soul." The way his eyes changed as he glanced at me made me catch my breath a bit. I knew something big was coming. "I'd like to address another step forward in understanding oneself. And it's a step that all humans may encounter on their path to spiritually evolving beyond the powerless situations that occur on that planet.

"Recently you went through a situation that devastated you. Something perpetuated by another human being. You went through all of the 'normal' processes of the heart and of the mind. Trying to forgive, trying to understand, trying to find a reason, trying to love through the apparent hatred that would need to be there for someone to do something so horrific. Because you do not have the reason, you do not have the answers. Without the answers, you feel powerless to understand." He paused and studied me. "And without understanding there is a slight feeling of powerlessness that is left within you. You have no control over what occurred and no way to reconcile things in your own mind."

I nodded. He was absolutely right. Understanding, in my world, always brings me comfort and acceptance of what is. I think they call it 'closure.' (smile)

"I want to use this as an example for the human race." He glanced around at the others who were studying us both intently, heads moving back and forth as though watching a tennis match. "Though it's almost impossible to imagine, there is a reason for most of the events that have taken place on that planet through the years. There has been much wisdom gained, much insight acquired, great spiritual growth attained. It has been an excellent study in Cause and Effect. Pain has played a big part in the task of gaining insight. And pain has been one of the keys to people being powerless. Whether that be physical or emotional pain. It is debilitating. Or it can be.

"And so it has been on Planet Earth. There has been a reason things have unfolded as they have. But there comes a time when the reason is no longer in place and it becomes an excuse. That's where the human society is at this time. There is no reason for the lessons of making others powerless to continue. There is a place established where souls can now go to learn in that way. It is not Earth's place to support that path of study any longer. This is one of the keys for what you and so many others know .. that life on Earth is meant to change. And IS changing." He turned his eyes to me and I felt the full impact of his soul. Our hearts seemed to merge entirely for a moment. "What was done to you might be said to have a 'reason.' It did not. It has an 'excuse.' This is why you are having such a difficult time with it."

I felt my soul shiver as I accepted his words and knew they were true.

After taking a few deep breaths, I ventured a comment. "People's interactions need to change," I ventured. "When we think about it the way you pointed out, that every interaction is, beneath the surface, a way of taking or keeping power, then that's a huge key that we need to think about."

"Absolutely," he agreed.

One of those in attendance, who resides aboard The Esartania, spoke up. "May I offer some comments? In the reality of All That Is, in the truth of every person being an Infinite Soul, and in the reality of all people, all souls, having an origin of only love and only light, the way of interacting would be easily changed if all of these things were kept in mind." He glanced around at the others. "We all maintain Divine Harmony at all times. We all have the common goal of being our own truth, of exhibiting the best of our own souls through every action and word. There is equality. There is no fight for one to be 'more' than another. Nothing is gained and everyone loses in such a scenario."

"Exactly," I agreed, a bit too loudly. I apologized for my enthusiasm.

"You're the one in the middle of the fray. No need to apologize. Besides which," he added, with a twinkle in his eye, "it's your job to be passionate about the change. It's why you're down there."

I raised a sarcastic eyebrow at him. He chuckled. We all knew how thrilled I was to be away from my home, my origin.

The tall Being spoke again. "As you're aware, there has been a great influx of energy coming from those who are not on Earth at this time. We have all come together with a common goal, which is to infuse as much higher dimensional energy into the consensual reality as possible in order to support those who are there to plant the energy of change. With this, we are hoping that people will begin to remember and embrace their other dimensional frequencies and bring them into the grid as well. The potential is great. The more people who infuse the truth of who they are into their daily lives, the more the energy of the grid, the planet, the reality will raise. You have a unique opportunity on the planet at this time. You can all take reality from a place of victimization to a place of oneness. What greater goal could there be?"

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Monday, June 22, 2015

What If...... (The Positives & Negatives of Life)

I have a feeling, as I sit down to write this blog (because it's screaming so loudly that I can't push it away), that there may end up being a 'category' of blogs that begin with .. "What If." For me, what if is an outstanding way of opening the mind to possibilities. If we want to create a different reality, or find 'larger' spiritual truths, opening up to the 'what ifs' could be an excellent place to begin.

We all know that the magnetic poles of the Earth are shifting. But do we know why? Scientifically we have explanations. But I tend to think in spiritual terms, for this life is nothing more than one of many temporary experiences of the infinite soul. That said, what if the magnetic pole shift (or our reason for each of us being here at this point in time, during this incredible Earth-shift) has to do with the positives and negatives of our soul's spiritual progression in understanding existence? What if, we as infinite souls looking for opportunities, chose the time of 'the shift' as a way of experiencing what it is to physically shift reality .. or our way of thinking .. as a society?

I've often wondered .. who 'labels' everything? Who decides what is positive and what is negative? Is it possible that the experiences that we consider the worst may not be considered the worst from God's perspective? What is God's perspective? And how can we, from the perspective of a human experience, know? What if God, the original creator of all that is within existence, has an entirely different take on everything than we do?

I'm not bringing this up to say that the horrors of Man's inhumanity to Man are not horrors. I think that people often treat each other atrociously, without respect or regard for the fact that every person is an aspect of God. I don't negate the pain and suffering. On the contrary, it makes my soul weep. But is it .. 'negative?' Are we enhancing the pain of the human experience by 'owning' the labels we have put on things?

That was the point that drove me to begin writing this blog. The thought that there might be a different way to perceive the reality of this Earth plane. What if there is a way to perceive things differently and what if that way is the way we begin to shift reality?

People often talk about the power of thought being behind the power of manifestation. If that is the case, what if we, as a human society, begin to think differently, thus beginning the process of creating a different reality?

In following this line of thinking, I had to address the suffering we experience during our most painful life events. At this moment, I am of the thought that we can't 'reduce' the pain we feel .. but we can change our thinking about whether it is 'negative' or not. Perhaps to attempt to 'reduce' our pain we would be, in fact, dishonoring what we feel and, in my mind, that probably isn't the way to go. It's important to honor each step of the human experience. We would not be having it if it weren't important to our infinite soul. But does the way we perceive, judge, evaluate, 'label' the pain actually enhance the pain? I think it's possible.

When we perceive (label) something as 'bad' we are in the process of judging and rejecting. When we reject something, we enhance the power it has over our experience. We place a weight, a value, upon it, which gives it more power .. more tangibility, if you will. When we judge/label, energetically we are bringing the 'energy of bad' into our energy field. But what if nothing is 'bad?' What if our perception, which absolutely must impact our energy field just by the mere fact that we 'own' it, is responsible for enhancing our pain?

It was not long ago that I had an interaction with The Presence of God. In that it was explained to me that my 'take' on what was going on was not the 'take' God had on things. My goal/quest has always been to see things through God's eyes, so to speak, in order to understand everything to a greater degree. And so if there is a discrepancy, more than likely I'm incorrect in my perception because, obviously, God is not. (smile) Which brings us back to the question ... what if the judgment of what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' is skewed? What if we shifted our thinking, as a society, to taking the massive energy of 'wrong' out of the energy field of the planet? What if we came to understand that nothing will exist unless God allows it and if God is allowing it, there is a greater purpose? When we accept that there is a greater purpose, whether we know what this is or not, we are in Divine Acceptance and nothing is 'wrong.'

If there is a greater purpose, than who are we to judge?

I am thinking ... what if we altered our way of speaking about life-events from ... 'that is wrong' .. to .. 'that is not Truth.'

Maybe this massive shift most of us are feeling, is about shifting from the un-real to the Real. Maybe this is about moving out of human-made illusions based on a lack of understanding God to a society that embraces greater and more far-reaching Truths.

And here's a thought ..... What if we are taking advantage of the Earth's pole shift, the magnetic reality of things, if I may stretch things a bit and state it in that way, to shift the reality that souls have upon this Earth-plane? hummm........... (Speaking of positive & negative 'charges' ....... )

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Best Example of Illusion vs Reality That I Can Think Of.......

It's a pretty popular thought/concept/pondering ... is this reality an illusion? Are we living in some type of energetic 'cloud' where nothing exists and we are the ones creating the 'cloud?' Are we even existing or are we 'brains' living within ourselves, dreaming this Earth-experience?

Well, I don't have the definitive answer for that, though I have a lot of opinions. Since I don't have the ability to prove any of my thoughts (and who knows if they're right or wrong), I thought I'd ask for help in giving some insight into what we might actually APPLY to the current reality in which we live. This is the idea that came to me during the night .. a way to present my thoughts on Divine Perception vs human-brain-perception.

Let's say you and your lover decide you want to create a new life together. You both pack up everything and make plans to head out. You're beyond excited and so in love and everything seems directed by the Hand of God. You're all packed and ready to go, suitcases by the door, when you hear a car start outside. You look out and there goes your lover. Heading off into the proverbial sunset. He/she didn't just take the envelope that held your life savings. He/she took everything you ever believed in. Your self-worth. Your value. Your faith. Your belief in everything and everyone. Well, you get the picture.

'Reality' seems to tell you this.... You are hated to the degree that someone you love could discard you like a sack of garbage. You are less than nothing. You are unworthy. You cannot trust yourself. You cannot trust anyone else. There is everything wrong with you and nothing right with you. After all, wouldn't that be true if someone you love thinks you deserve to have your life and life savings stolen from you? If someone you love thinks you deserve to be left on the side of the road with nowhere to go and no one to go with? If you gave all that you had and, obviously, it wasn't enough? What is your value? What is your worth?

Let's add a little twist to the story. The one who left you standing alone with your life in your hands ... he/she is your 'Twin Flame.' The other half of your soul. The one Being in existence that you know is pure love. Pure love because the truth is that each of us, 'outside' of this reality we're currently experiencing, have the greatest love for ourselves (and, of course, the other half of our soul's infinite expression). This is the one person you instinctively know you can offer yourself to in the purest form of soul love there is. This is the other half of yourself, the one who is not capable of giving you anything but soul's love in return. The trust between you is infinite. Believable. And True. Or so it is .. 'outside' of this 'illusion' .. this world/reality that is here for the purpose of teaching our infinite souls.

Now we come to the Truth behind the illusion. Perhaps THIS is why people continue to poke around the topic of what is 'real' and what is not.

If we, here in this dirty, painful 'reality,' can learn to perceive our reality through the eyes of Infinite Soul, we have the power to change our life-experience. Perhaps we are here to learn how to be empowered no matter what 'illusion' seeks to dis-empower us?

Perhaps we are creating the greatest levels of suffering we can imagine (war, famine, murder, abuse, abandonment, betrayal .. and the list goes on and on) in order to understand that nothing whatsoever can destroy the real truth. Nothing we imagine/create can take away our power or keep us from the eventual 'success' of the Truth reigning over the 'illusion.' (Until .. perhaps .. the reality becomes .. never the two shall meet??? .. just a thought.......)

It may sound as though my mind is wandering as you continue reading but in actuality there is a string of thought that runs through every moment, every experience, every single second of my entire life. Everything .. everything .. is tied into everything else and everything pertains to my quest for spiritual understanding.

I am blessed beyond measure to have spent so much time on 'the other side.' It gave me time not only to 'hear' many great Truths, but to absorb them. I was able to bring those Truths back into this 'illusion,' if you want to call it that. My life then became a dichotomy. How is it possible that the greatest Truths of God and existence were so directly opposite of what was so real 'down here?' This blog is meant to touch on the possibility that the greatest Truths are hidden beneath the greatest pain. The pain is not the Truth. What it is trying to show you is the Truth.

As pure soul, every single person would understand that the pain handed back and forth between humans is not the truth. Not at all. As pure soul, we are the expression of Love. Love to a greater degree than can be named or measured or described. Here, on this planet, many are choosing to express the opposite of this truth. As we accept that, we have to ask why. As pure soul, we would never entertain a thought of war, or killing for sport, or destroying another person's life simply because we can. And so why do we do it?

I used to ask .. God, why do you allow this? I stopped doing that when I came to realize that God will allow people to create whatever they think they need to in the quest for knowledge and understanding. I came to realize that we are being given the choice to create hate or create love, which then turns things into .. why are we making this choice or that? This, I came to believe, is what is meant by 'free will.' Free will to choose how you want to express yourself within a 'region of reality' that allows you free expression. And that, of course, turns into a study of self-responsibility. The subject that is, perhaps, the most difficult for humans to look at.

When my thoughts wander to such avenues, my first thought is always .. then why don't we choose differently?

If 'reality' is an illusion then 'reality' is malleable. If we, as humans, are creating 'reality,' we have the power to create it differently. In an existence that is so large the human brain cannot contain the imagining of how large it is, do we really believe that pain is the only way to learn the greater Truths? Personally, I don't believe that to be the case. That being said, are we free to choose our beliefs? Absolutely.

I can sum it all up by saying ... we are infinite souls who know only love. We are not dis-empowered or destroyed by anything. If we think we are, we are living 'the illusion.' If we are creating 'the illusion,' we can create it differently. We can insert the Truths into the lies we tell ourselves and each other. In this way, we can change 'reality.' I am of the belief that we, as a society, a society that is consensually agreeing to 'out-picture reality,' are in a position of agreeing to create great change. I believe that some of our harshest and most painful lessons are playing out due to an all-out effort to prove that nothing can or will destroy us. No matter what lie we manifest outside of the Greater Truth of Love, the real truth will remain unwavering. Why then, do we not choose to create a reality that expresses that truth, instead of continuing to manifest lies to prove to ourselves that truth is truth? hummm .. I'm just sayin'.........

And while I'm in thinking-mode (smile) ... perhaps the one you would most trust would necessarily have to be the one who would 'destroy' you ... to show you that you cannot be destroyed.

PS: If I was to tell you how valuable God told me each of you are, while I was enjoying His Company on 'the other side,' you would have to listen to me yammer at you for a year or so. You are so much more valuable .. each of you .. than you can probably imagine. You are not the 'reality' you are living. You are an Aspect of God.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Different Type of Dream

3am .. the time of waking dreams and revelations.
All things are inter-woven and the dream is no exception. It was only a week or two ago that I was taken so far outside of reality, if we want to call it that, that, once again, I was changed so dramatically that I became another person. Not a new experience, this becoming new type of thing. But this particular event was so incredible and so far beyond even my ever-reaching imagination that I knew instantly this was something I would never speak of. My nature is to share but after examination of my decision, I realized that relating the experience could possibly do more harm than good.

The changes however .. that is another story. What would come out of the intense and incredible change I'd gone through? The dream seems to be a precursor, and I find the possibilities exciting beyond words.

I am in a vast and crowded space that looks like nothing I've ever seen before. A man in a mud-colored robe stands beside me. On my right is a 'monster' so massive that all I can see is a portion of his face. He opens his mouth to bare his teeth and I am looking into an abyss that seemingly has no end. Each tooth is, I am told, 13 feet long. There are many.

The man in robes hands me an old, rusty, steel hammer. "Hit yourself in the head hard enough to pass out and you won't feel anything when he eats you. You'll live in his belly and you won't even be aware of the fact that you're in his belly. You'll just live."

I looked at the hammer in my hand. I looked at him. I looked at the 'monster.' And wondered if he thought I was insane. "Why would I do that?" I asked.

He pointed to a crowd of people that I hadn't noticed before. "They're all doing it." He shrugged nonchalantly, as though that was explanation enough.

Irritated with his nonsense, I turned away and watched as, one by one, people hit themselves with hammers and entered the crushing jaws of the 'monster.' They seemed robotic. They seemed fatalistic. They seemed not to know that they had a choice in the matter.

I turned back to the man in robes. "Take this," I demanded, shoving the hammer into his hand.

He looked incredibly surprised. "What are you going to do?" he cried, alarmed.

"I'm not going in there to live, I can tell you that," I snapped. I turned to my left instinctively. "Bring me the other option," I said loudly. In truth, I had no conscious idea of what I was talking about but apparently, on some level, I did know.

A man in a white robe appeared. He had a rope in his hand and on the other end of the rope was a 'monster' who appeared quite similar to the one who was occupied with eating people and storing them in his belly. This 'monster' was passive and obeyed instantly when the man in white robes quietly told him to roll over. In an instant his underbelly was in clear view. He laid on his back without resistance, waiting.

The white-robed man gestured at me to lay down on the exposed underbelly of the 'monster.' "We'll take you to another truth," he said quietly.

I crawled up onto the underbelly, doing my best to ignore the sensations of the extremely unusual texture of his skin and the uncomfortable 'feeling' of the experience. As soon as I was 'nestled' into the folds of the clammy skin, we were moving. We picked up speed. We were racing in the opposite direction of 'the trap.'

I didn't look back.

It was 4am. My 'transporation mode' was gone and I stood alone with the white-robed Master. We stood in the center of nothingness. I was cells separated by space and I was nothing at all.

"Pain is the controlling factor," he advised quietly. "You no longer have to agree to the reality of the lie."

"Pain is the controlling factor." Here .. at 6am .. I sit staring at my journal. "Pain Is The Controlling Factor" is the title of a book I began to write four years ago.

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