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Healing the Lie of Separation: The Role of Twin Flames In the Here and Now

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The 'description,' the understanding of Twin Flames is fairly common but, briefly put, in order to have the reader fully 'get' this blog, I'll explain it as it was explained to me while I was on 'the other side.'

The original creation of a soul was One. That One split itself into two 'components,' male and female, in order to fully explore existence from both points of view (male and female perceptions). The end result, when exploration is complete, or when existence calls for the Twin Flame Oneness, is that the soul will reunite itself into one. All things being energy, the Oneness will be an energetic union, despite how the two halves are presenting themselves at the moment. In other words, if they are currently in two different dimensional frequencies, or two different physical bodies, or whatever other scenario they may be in.

I'm going to refer back to the physical ET encounter of January 2013. At that time, and since, the united energy of Twin Flames has been a priority for these Beings. (In case I haven't mentioned it 'out loud,' these Beings exist in the energy of the Ursa Major Constellation.) Their interactions with me have centered on this topic. In asking why, I was informed that Earth and the current Universal Shift have a need for the unified energy of Twin Flames. Briefly explained ... two united are far more powerful than one standing alone.

Now we step into May 1st and the news that a 'new' society of ETs would be entering Earth's energy field. It was clear to me that the Beings of Ursa Major were 'ushering in' the 'new' ETs, providing an energetic portal for them. Watching and waiting to see who the visitors might be, I found myself surprised by a holographic appearance of one of them on May 1st. He was of the Antarian race, which is the name I've been given for the Beings who look vaguely like a praying mantis. (They don't, actually, but the resemblance is enough for the human brain to interpret them as such.)

Now when we add the configuration of Ursa Major, the 'puzzle' becomes even more fascinating. (For me the image of a praying mantis is crystal clear.)

The 'goings on' became more fascinating during a visitation in the night. A single Antarian graced the room with his presence. He was accompanied, in energetic-form, by several Ursa Major Beings.

I'll paraphrase the conversation.

The experience of being in human form has the huge potential of bringing with it the belief that one is separate. Separate from God, from soul, from 'home,' and from others. With that can come an incredibly deep belief that one is unlovable. The love that exists outside the 'borders' of Earth is so incredible, so all-inclusive and all-encompassing, that there are simply no words to describe it. Stepping from that love into this Earth-incarnation of judgment, abuse, suffering, etc. can embed some of the deepest lies imaginable.

Twin Flames are two halves of a whole, therefore it is impossible for the two halves to not know love for one another. This is the energy that is asked for at this time of Earth's energetic evolution. What this means is, despite all appearances, circumstances, expectations, differences, etc., Twin Flames are asked to BE the energy of their Original Oneness.

Our human expectations and understandings may urge us to believe that things have to be a certain way in order for us to energetically unite with the eternal love we have for the other half of our soul. When we meet in person, we 'expect' that a relationship will flourish and become an expression of the greatest love and bond imaginable. Sometimes that is true. Sometimes it is not. But if we focus upon the goal, the energetic need for the original energetic bond between two halves of a soul, we understand that, no matter how things appear in the physical realm, our united energy is healing back into oneness.

The reason this is vital, the reason Twin Flames are being asked to contribute to the spiritual evolution of Earth in such a way, is that Oneness is the universal goal that will contribute to the raising of Earth's vibration. When we understand that the biggest lie on Earth is the belief in separation, and that the belief in separation is responsible for the majority of Humanity's 'acting out,' we can see how vital it is to heal the belief in separation. Because Twin Flames are never really separate, because they are always One, it becomes clear that energetically aligning back into oneness is key in the healing process.

Believing that we were ever separate from the other half of our own soul is an excellent place to begin healing the belief that we are separate and that we are not loved. This, my friends, is the task that the ETs I've mentioned are here to assist with. They are here to assist Earth with a vibrational shift into a higher frequency. We are here to do the same.

Lauren Zimmerman

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