Monday, March 14, 2016

You Are Not Ascending

Ok, now that I have your attention with that title .. Breathe.  (smile)

As several people have mentioned to me, I tend to say 'I could write a book about that,' a lot.  Which is true.  Every 24 hours of my Earth-experience seem to bring a plethora of insights, messages, 'metaphysical' experiences, etc.  I find myself frustrated that I can't relay everything to everyone.  But there are times when the insights .. ah-ha moments .. demand to be spoken, if only in a short blog.  This subject matter could actually be an entire book, but this blog will have to suffice for the moment.  And, yes, this 'topic' took less than a nano-second to be 'downloaded' into my awareness.

Please bear with me as I attempt to cover this ah-ha moment in this brief fashion.  It is my Intention that the energy of this blog/offering will be 'dropped into' the reader's energy field and will then continue to unfold for those who are interested in this insight/message.

I have been working 'behind the scenes' with a few people .. working with a 'new' energy that is referred to as 'healing the impact.'  This energy-work was given to me through my higher-dimensional connections and I found it so life-changing, and so intense, that I needed to slow things down and absorb as much as possible.  The potential, after it was all explained to me, was beyond any of the work I've done up until this time.  I mention this because I believe that this latest phase of energy-work is what led to this revelation, this blog.

..... Now for the point of the blog .....

We are infinite souls.  The energy of who we are exists in all dimensions, all time, and all space.  We are not separate from anything.  It is our focus that keeps us where we are .. here in this 3-D reality. 

I have heard about 'the ascension process' since 1975.  But it has never resonated with me.  Never one to argue, I've simply ignored the subject matter and gone about my merry little way. 

That being said, it was a complete surprise when it was mentioned to me through Divine Guidance this morning.  These words were spoken out loud .. loudly .. as I was meditating.

"No one is ascending.  Everyone is simply returning."

Ok .. you have my attention.  Go on, please.

"The work you have been doing ('healing the impact') has led you back to the energy of the moment before arriving on the planet.  The point has been to eliminate the impact your Earth-experiences have had upon your energy field.  When the impact is gone, the energy of your Truth has the space it needs to fully return and be infused throughout your body.

"The Truth is, every person is a multi-dimensional Being, and is existing in multiple dimensions.  When it is called for, in order for the soul to have the experience, focus is placed on the third dimension and an aspect of the soul manifests within that dimensional frequency. 

"The third dimension is one of the most dense.  It offers some of the darkest energies and experiences that exist.  When a soul chooses to focus on .. 'drop down into,' if you will .. a 3-D experience it is choosing to explore not only it's darkness but it's ability to function within that darkness.  To learn from it.  You learn your own Light when you learn your own darkness."

I love that.  "You learn your own Light when you learn your own darkness."

I was flooded .. literally .. with 40 years worth of understanding in a matter of seconds.  I won't go into all of that .. but .. wow .. what a morning!  A life-changing morning.

Let's go back to why no one is ascending.

Can you tell me more?

"Every dimensional aspect of a person's soul is always .. always .. accessible.  No one is separate from oneself.  The only thing that causes one to lose touch with one's higher frequencies is their need to focus on the moment.  On the 3-D experience and what is being learned.  Every soul will stay submerged in their own darkness, their own tangible reality, if you will, until their soul no longer needs the knowledge that comes through that experience.  Every soul is manifesting their experiences in order to reach the goal of understanding darkness.  Darkness only exists in a reality-frequency that is tangible.  If nothing is tangible, only light exists.  There are no shadows.  No solid forms that, simply by being in solid form, create darkness."

That's always been the way I've understood things.  Yes.  It makes total sense.  It also helps put the 'argument' about whether we create our own reality or not into a little different perspective.  Do you see what I mean?

"In other words; a soul shifts focus from it's own infinite light to a place within existence that allows darkness to exist.  This leads us to why we say ... you are not ascending.  You are returning.

"The energy work, the quest for understanding and spiritually evolving, is magnificent.  Many are clearing their own darkness by accepting and understanding their own darkness.  As the darkness clears, the higher dimensional frequencies are more accessible.  More Light is coming into the darkness.  In other words .. you each are learning your Light by understanding your darkness."

Wait a minute.  Let me phrase it this way.  People are not ascending into some distant and dreamlike reality that exists in fifth dimension.  Or eighth.  Or any other.  People are returning to themselves.  Incorporating .. infusing .. the higher dimensional frequencies of who they are into this 3-D density.  This reality.  This planet/world.



Oh .. I could go on for hours .. there was so much more that was offered this morning.  But I need to stop now.  I hope that this blog touches the souls of all who are interested and who can resonate with this offering.  It is only my Intention to assist.  May Blessings flow into the hearts of ALL.

Love and Truth to ALL


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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Midnight Hour


As a rule, nowadays, I am viewed as a spiritualist, if we might call it that.  Even I, at times, forget that I am an artist first.  An author.  A person who finds joy in giving words the power to paint a picture.  Hopefully a picture that stirs the depths of the reader's soul. 

I have found that, when the painter of words within me is silent, busy with the days, it will finally rise at midnight, spewing words into the room too fast for me to catch and place on paper.  On this night I caught them.  Laid them carefully together in a row.  Allowing them the freedom to paint their story.  I give them now to those who enjoy .. 'just words' upon paper.


There came a midnight moment.  Your soul, standing in the shadows, wakes me.  Your presence brings the question back to me.  The one I've asked myself so many times.  Abandoned when no answer came.

Do the ones who cause harm lay awake in stagnant pools of memories?  Or is it only the wounded ones who keep the night awake?

 I refuse to ask the question of your soul again.  I stare at you.  Waiting.  Will you speak?

As your silence fills the room I understand that it is your silence I must hear.  I begin to hear your dread.  Your soul replays the harm it's done.  It drips with pain, filling the room with ancient tears.

It is then that I realize that we are separate.  Perhaps we always were, though we often spoke of being one.  I have moved away.  Behind me is the ocean of tears.  The bloody ribbons of memories and tangled words lay on the shore of what was.

The presence of your soul stirs mine and I begin to breathe again.  Perhaps for the first time, really, since you chose to give me your sword instead of your truth.  I am free.  Wings made of light touch me.  Lift me.  I realize they are my own.

Floating in my soul's own light, I watch your silence as though it is tangible.  Oh, wait.  It is.  You are gripped by the iron-strong steel of your own resolution.

I understand now.  Your presence.  Your soul.  It has come to me to find it's freedom.

I cannot give you freedom.  I can only tell you that it's already yours.

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