Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spirit Guides, Alchemists, and Updates

My first introduction to Guides was through an incredible exchange with someone in Sacramento, CA. He 'crossed over' just days after our meeting and so obviously all of this was meant to be. One of the Guides that, perhaps, many people don't realize
they have is an alchemist. Our alchemist is capable of helping us 'alter' food and water for our benefit.  The man I met was a spiritual minister and in a 'billets reading' in his church he picked mine out first and stood in front of the entire room and said .. "The answer to your question is, set a full glass of water next to the bed tonight and drink it in the morning."

Well, billets are little pieces of paper that you write a question on and a "psychic" answer is given. You can then imagine how many people turned to look at me as though I'd just walked down the steps of a spacecraft into the church. What kind of a question must I have asked?

The answer is .. I asked, 'are the beings that I'm seeing and hearing really real or am I imagining all of this?' (I had just gotten out of the hospital following my life-after-death experience and was now seeing and hearing Guides (and others) that numbered in the hundreds. Needless to say, I was having trouble sorting out what was going on.)

I did as the minister suggested and drank the full glass of water the next morning. It didn't taste like water at all. And through the years, most of my water hasn't. Your alchemist is waiting for you to ask for his/her assistance. Having a glass of water sitting, 24/7, gives them the opportunity to put what minerals (etc.) you need into the water. I've gone on to work with my alchemist, with food, by asking him to help transmute all food that I eat, taking out any bad and putting in any good that I may need. (I also use The Violet Flame to transmute food before I eat.)

I hope this helps .. not only you who are interested but the Guides who are watching me type. (smile) The dimensional frequencies are such that interacting with them now, and asking for their assistance, could not be more perfect.

On an entirely different 'note,' this last week has been pretty incredible as far as changes.

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Lauren Zimmerman

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