Friday, January 23, 2015

An Addendum For the "Energy Masters"

An Addendum for "The Gift of Separation .. Ten Fold" (the blog just prior to this one)
... for those who are as engrossed in the study of energy as I .. those who are, or who seek to be, 'energy masters.'

"The Gift of Separation" blog talked about the manifestation of the un-real in order to know the Real. The fact that you do not need to seek that which you already have. With that comes this.........

If all things are energy, which they are, the quest to become all that you can be is an energy. What if .. what if .. the energy of the quest was altered to be the energy of expressing the Truth of who you are through all time and space.

What if you did an 'energy substitution?'

Here's a possible key....... When you step into 'the void' between who this world/reality tells you that you are and the truth of your own infinite soul, you become 'neutral.' You cease to manifest/generate energy. You become the void. Motionless. Thought-less. An energy form that is, for the moment, neutral. You are not impacting anything or anyone. There is no thing and no one who is impacting you. You are using the energy of nothingness to 'switch gears,' to create an empty space with the goal of doing an 'energy substitution.'

The Universe does not allow an empty space, a void, to exist for long. The Law of Energy dictates that all space must be filled with energy. By 'dropping' the energy you have been you allow 'new' energy to take the place of the old.

What if you were to take all of the energy you are exerting to finding 'the answer' and shifted it over to knowing that you already have the answer?

You exist through all time and space .. infinitely. Which means that, if you do not allow the illusion of separation, all that you seek is existing somewhere within the reach of your infinite soul. Your Oneness with All That Is will then allow you to access .. well .. All That Is.

It is my steadfast belief that this time in Earth's 'reality' is ripe with the possibility of changing the energy of the consensual reality that plays out here. If that is true, then each person on this planet has the opportunity to step away from the falsehoods and infuse the energy of their own infinite truth into the life they are living. What if .. what if .. that is exactly what your mission, your purpose, for being here is?

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The Gift of Separation .. Ten Fold

Art by L. Zimmerman
A piece based upon what she was shown when she was 'on the other side."

God gives you this illusion, this place in time, this place you call 'reality,' as a stepping stone for your soul's understanding.

The key component here, in this illusion, is the belief that there is such a thing as separation. The truth is that there is no such thing. The lives we manifest are tools for creating the un-real.

Living the belief of separation allows souls to work their way through every aspect of who they are. Emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc.; the belief in separation, as well as the fact that it appears very, very real here in this place and time, is the primary drive for souls to understand what the lack of separation really means.

Divine Union with all that is will be enhanced by your soul, ten fold, by the time you complete the lessons you are giving yourself, here in this lifetime. Divine Union allows only Divine Harmony with All. Separation allows only dis-harmony.

What better way to understand True Divine Harmony than to understand what it is not? What better way for the soul to learn, to enhance its ability to be in Divine Harmony with all that is, than to live the opposite? All things within existence must be learned and understood, including that which is 'un-real.' We, as souls, create the un-real in order to better understand the Real.

You are your past. You are your future. You are the question. You are the answer. You are the final result of what you are choosing to learn by manifesting this lifetime. Knowing this, understanding this, gives you yet another key to truth of who you are. You need not seek that which you already have.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

The Reason for 'Non-Existence' .. perhaps .. said tongue in cheek

There is a primary thought that hovers in my mind, dominates my reality, overshadows every thought, word, and action. Some have told me to 'get over it.' Some have urged me to figure it out and then let it go. And there's been a few other suggestions that probably shouldn't be mentioned in mixed company. (chuckle) But I could not listen to any suggestions, or change my obsessive quest, if we want to call it that. The answer to what plagued me had the potential to change my life, and possibly the lives of others. To let it go would be a betrayal of my soul. Or at least that's how I've thought of it.

Since we're talking about something based upon a 1974 event, we can safely say that it's been a long quest. Here, in 2015, The Presence of God now quietly shows up to speak of it, and the relief flows through me like healing of the highest order.

Those who have followed my work have heard me speak of this before. Bear with me as I speak of it again, but from the point of view spoken of by God.

It has been next to impossible to describe the time I spent on 'the other side,' which has led me to speak of it very little, at least in any depth. For the purpose of this missive, and for those who are new to my attempt to explain the reality of 'dying,' I'll try again. What has had me 'stuck' all of these years is the fact that, in less than a nano-second, this 3-D Earth and its reality did not exist. I stepped directly into the energy and presence of God when I 'died.' My question, my obsession, has been ... if this 3-D reality did not exist when I was in the Presence of God, why does it exist now? Or does it? What is this 'reality' we are living? And where is it? Where is it located if it could not be found while I was with God?

It's funny, now that I'm typing this, that a realization comes to me. It never, not even for a second, occurred to me to think that the reality of the Presence did not exist and 3-D did. No matter how solid, how 'real,' how much pain it inflicted to assert itself, 3-D could not convince me that it was 'real.' The moments spent with God could be cemented over with two million years of life on Earth and life on Earth could still never do anything to make itself more 'real' than the Presence. I can't state that strongly enough. And I feel my words are inadequate. It seems imperative for my infinite soul to impart the truth that 'dying' is not real.

Now back to the visitation by God, here in 2015.

The night was not quiet, as I had hoped it would be. I had to deliberately decide not to be irritated by people who thought that 3am was a good party time and force myself to stay calm within my own space. I had set out to use the night as an opportunity to connect with God and people were not going to stand in my way. As I felt the energy around and within me begin to shift into the very-familiar energy of Divine Union, I was thrilled to have succeeded in setting aside the 3-D 'stuff.' I was even more thrilled when I realized that the Presence of God was going to speak to me about the question I had carried with me since 1974.

His voice was immediate in the room. "It was not that the 3-D world of Earth did not exist, daughter. It was that you did not exist within it. Your energy, your focus, your spirit, your soul, was entirely removed. All things exist. Yes. But they do not exist in all realms and dimensions. In other words, 8th dimension exists but, due to its vibrational frequency, it does not exist within the parameters of 3rd dimension. The dimensional frequency where we met and spent time in 1974 did not allow for the reality of 3rd dimensional energy to exist in the same space."

Slightly miffed at the delay of the conversation (a delay of over 40 years), I replied. "We both know that I'm aware of the information you just gave me. I've worked that out during my many years of trying to figure out exactly what happened on that day of 'dying.' I suspect that You didn't make this great effort to reach me just to tell me what I already know."

I could feel the smile behind the words. "You're correct. I did not. I came to give you the energy of your own infinity. You are omnipresent. As infinite souls who are in Divine Union with the energy of God, all people are. However, the various realities throughout time and space cause a necessary shift in focus. A narrowing, if you will. To reside in any particular dimensional reality, in order to explore all of existence, which, after all, is what this is all about, one must narrow one's attention and focus on the minutiae of the moment."

He went on. "As aware as I was of your constant questioning, it served you best to allow you to work through the energy of your life in order to gain the various perspectives that you needed. To put it another way, you reached the ultimate goal of your existence when you joined my energy in 1974. I sent you back to the starting line, to begin the journey again, with the absolute knowing of the end result. The end result was the proverbial carrot on a stick to drive you forward into your own Knowingness."

"All infinite souls know all things," I offered.

"Indeed. But, as you are aware, various energy frequencies are capable of drowning out all others. Precisely why, during your experience of 'dying,' 3-D did not exist. Likewise, for so many people who reside momentarily in the 3-D vibrational reality, the Presence of God energy does not exist. Which leads to the belief that they are separate from God. Nothing and no one, as you know, is separate from God."

"Of course," I replied. If 1974 had taught me nothing else, it had taught me that.

I thought in silence for a brief moment. With a sudden, surprising tear appearing on my cheek, I said, "The moment when I stepped into your Presence, when everything else ceased to exist, is the moment above all others that I will cherish throughout my infinity. My time with you was Real. Everything else seems like an illusion. I think everything else has the taint of a lie upon it because nothing, in any way, comes close to matching the energy of what we shared."

"That is precisely why you had the experience," He said softly. I felt the gentle breath of his love on my soul. "It was meant that you come to know the Real. That you spend your time looking for the Real within the energy of the un-real. Knowing the energy of the Real as well as you do, you now infuse that energy into the energy of the life you lead. All energy impacts all energy. Do you see?"

I do. I see. I understand. Which is why I write. This blog. These books. Every effort and every word. My quest to infuse the energy of the Real into the lives of those who listen. My hope ... to help you remember.

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