Friday, February 24, 2017

Now In Paperback~!~

 nLight Press
is incredibly pleased to announce that 
"Moments Of Mastery"
is now available in paperback!

          "MOMENTS" offers the higher dimensions of wisdom, healing,
          and alternatives for creating peace harmony, and health, and serves
          as a conduit for those seeking positive solutions to human relationships
          and issues.

          The basic goal of MOMENTS is to assist those who wish to create
          a new reality, a new world by offering the highest vibrational
          information possible to readers.

          Simple, spiritual solutions to the issues that stand between
          everyday life and inner peace.

Some heartwarming reviews:

"Moments of Mastery" was one of the best books I've read in my life!!! If you are looking for "TRUTH" and more "TRUTH"... Not much more than that I can say... I have also read "Called", "Mayan Tiles" and "Sea Spoke Today"... All AMAZING reads...


More wonderful information from Lauren. Should the reader contemplate on what she says within the pages of this book, your life can take paths you never expected but works and can make your life fuller and more understandable. I have enjoyed every book this author has written.


This book is so powerful that sometimes all it can be read in is moments.  
All those questions you seek All those answers you yearn for
All those lessons still waiting are here.

There is no other like it.  Will be No other like it.
But that's alright, because you will have it all after moments of Mastery.
What is written isn't learned in one lifetime. Or on One planet.  Or just living with One race.
But by living With Love.  Love Is the Answer To All.  Buy This Book, You will Love it too.


Profoundly engaging, clear and Truth-ful, this book brought me HOME. Essential reading for those on light paths and/ or those looking to be.


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