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Life-after-death survivor, contactee, mystic, author, artist, and more, to say that Lauren Zimmerman leads an extraordinary life is an understatement. Quite surprised by the changes within, and the "other world" experiences that filled the days and nights following her life-after-death experience, she set herself on a path of understanding, exploring the "bigger picture" of what lies beyond the borders of the normal human thought process ... as well as the borders of Earth.

She is clairaudient, clairsentient, and more, and has numerous experiences with what might be called "miraculous" healing events.  Her ability to interact and communicate with other-dimensional beings has brought her to the point of creating Questar Chronicles, with the hope of sharing some of the insights given to her by her extraterrestrial contacts. 

If you feel 'called' to interact with her about loved ones who have crossed, higher dimensional Guides, your personal Soul Path, energy healing, or more, you can find out more at:
Phone consultations / energy healing / and more ....

Also, for those who are feeling that they are transitioning into a new 'world / reality' as a part of assisting their own soul's path, as well as the energetic 'awakening' of Earth, there is a full spectrum of healing energy and soul work available.  To put it as briefly as possible ... we are multi-dimensional beings, choosing to focus our attention and energy on this temporary 3-D Earth experience.  My work is all about calibrating and integrating other energies and aspects of the True You.  You can find out more at:
24 - Hour Soul Healing Work and more.....

Lauren's main goal in life is to help others awaken to the potential. Much of her work addresses "the bigger picture" through her vivid memories of time spent on "the other side." Her hope is to help Humanity release their fear of "death" so that life may be lived in greater joy.

She is the author of "OTHER WORLDS: The Series," MOMENTS OF MASTERY," and is working on other books as well.  You can find much more information at:

The goal of QUESTAR CHRONICLES is to provide a window of opportunity for higher dimensional beings to speak.  Lauren is not a channel.  Her connection to "the others" is based upon her ability to see and hear other dimensional beings.  She considers her visitations and contacts to be the greatest of gifts and dedicates her time to sharing as much as possible with the world, with the hope that more and more minds will open; more and more hope will be born. 


A link to the online art gallery:

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