Life After Death


In less than a nano-second, the tangible world, the reality that I had called 'life,' no longer existed.  The experience changed me irrevocably.  Words are not sufficient to describe the enormity of the event, nor sufficient enough to come close to portraying exactly what occurred.  How could tangible existence be there in one second and simply not exist in the next?  The question has driven my days since then, has caused me dedicate every day since to understanding how an entire tangible Earth-experience can cease to exist instantly.

When I say 'less than a nano-second,' I am not exaggerating.  I was existing in the physical world. Suddenly I was not.  And it was no longer anywhere to be found.

In the same nano-second as I registered the fact that the 3-D world no longer existed, I heard the voice.  "Are you ready to come home, daughter?"

I was not a religious person.  I was not a metaphysical person.  I was simply a regular person, living a regular life.  I had been a metaphysical person, as a young child.  I knew things that I had no way of knowing.  Similar to many people that I've talked to through the years.  The "intuition" gets chalked up to some type of childhood fantasy world and thus put away like a dress that no longer fits.  We "grow out of" the knowing what we're not supposed to know.

I've wandered off topic.  My point is, I was not religious and had not thought much about God.  But I knew instantly that this was the voice of God.  It was so vast a knowing that it never occurred to me to question it.  (For most of my experiences, words cannot come close to explaining anything and so my attempts to write about these things is insufficient.  But they will have to do.)

I heard the voice, the question.  But there was no need for the question.  I wanted to go 'home,' even though I had never entertained the thought until that moment.  The physical world no longer existed.  I stood in the most vast space, made up of nothing but white light.  But it was an almost-tangible light.  Difficult to explain.  What was even more tangible was this essence of love that goes a million light years beyond any words that might be conjured up, here on Earth.

Once I was absorbed by the light and this essence of love, the thought of the existence of a physical world was gone.  Erased from my existence as though it had never existed.  And so the journey began.

One of the key things that I brought back, that has become somewhat of a 'mission' for me to reveal, is that each person is an infinite soul.  We exist through all time and space and are choosing, from a soul point of view, to incarnate in this place and time for the purpose of understanding existence in its entirety.  During this portion of the LAD journey, I met with a group of souls who shared information with me.  The primary thing that they hoped people would hear from me is that, within the soul vibration / frequency of who we are, there is no such thing as fear.  The word, the emotion, and how it even came to be does not exist.  We, ourselves, immersed in the energetic frequency of this point in time, create the "fear phenomenon."

As it was explained ... as an infinite soul, we orchestrate our experiences.  Every event is something that we are very well aware of manifesting.  Every event holds the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the entirety of existence.  As one soul put this ... "Why does that vibrational manifestation of reality cause us to fear what we ourselves are creating?'

A good question............

It would take a book, or two, for me to relate all that happened while I was "on the other side" and so I'm choosing just a couple of key points for this monologue.  One is ... there is nothing to fear.  The next is to point out just how tiny-tiny-tiny this life experience really is.  The "pearls of universes" on the right side of these pages is my best artistic rendition of what I was shown.  Each "pearl" within a "string of pearls" is actually a universe.  There were 16 universes in each "string."  There were multitudes of these "strings" drifting throughout the vision of existence that I was given.

As if that was not enough to take in, I was turned away from this astounding vision to look in the opposite direction.  I felt the sensation of an arm coming around my right shoulder, with a finger pointing ahead.  "That, daughter, is the edge of existence.  Beyond that lies another existence.  This is the vastness I wish you to remember.  This is the vastness of you that I wish you to embrace."

Turning back to the vision of this existence, spread out before me like a miracle too large to accept, the finger pointed again.  "As you look at the 'string of universes' where Earth resides, remember how small that universe looks to you.  Allow yourself, when you return to Earth, to realize just how small Earth is within that universe.  Earth is not even visible from this perspective of where you stand now.  That lifetime that seems so all-encompassing as you live it, is smaller than a single grain of sand along the entire coast of California.  Shift your focus.  Shift your perspective.  Remember your infinity and your entirety.  And live it.  Because it is your Truth."


A National Geographic article that has some "hints."  I'll be writing more about this .. hopefully soon.

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