The Life-Review Process

I had never given a thought to what transpires when a person "crosses over."  I walked through the process with more fascination and curiosity than concern. 

I was ushered into a 'space' that can't be described as a room or anything such as that.  Simply a space.  A place where one communes with oneself.  The all-pervasive energy of 'beyond-love,' 'beyond-compassion,' consumed me.  Without knowing how I knew, I understood that I had stepped into what would be the life-review process.

"God does not judge any person or any thing."  The Voice filled the space.  "Each person's journey through time and space is a personal choice to explore the existence of God through all time and space.  Their choices, their experiences, are chosen by them as an avenue through which they learn.  As you see things through the eyes of that momentary experience that you're living, you choose your understandings, based upon your personal reactions.

"When all is said and done, and you return to the home that is the complete and infinite you, the choice to examine your personal reactions is offered through the life-review process.  What you learn cannot be un-learned."

With that the Voice became silent and I was lost in the experience of being as one with all of existence.  I was a universe, a galaxy, a tree, a river, and a single star.  I was all things.  I had never known what the emotion of glory was until then.

The field of experience narrowed and my awareness was drawn into a space that was smaller than an atom.  It contained the life I had led on Earth.  But I was not me.  I was each person that I had interacted with during my life.  I spent time as my father, watching myself through his eyes.  I spent time as my mother, watching myself through her eyes.  I spent time as every person who had been involved in my life in any way.  The woman I had touched on the shoulder as she cried in the park that day.  The man who had fallen off of the train as it passed by me.  I was not me.  I was them.  I felt their reactions, registered their emotions, heard their inner thoughts. 

This is how all people reacted to what I had or had not brought to their lives.  The impact of how they saw me, how they reacted to me, was phenomenal.  There was no way that I could ever see things the same.

I wore their skin.  I thought their thoughts.  I cried their tears.  I felt their amazement.  I was them.  They would, when all was said and done, be me.

"This is what will come for every person who journeys," the Voice advised.  "No one is judged.  But each soul will be given their own realizations.  Each soul will learn how their presence within existence impacts existence.  And this existence is God."

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