Peace Mission: What It's All About


Peace-Seekers ...
they come from every corner of existence.
Their destination ... Earth.
They bring wisdom. They bring hope.
They bring every human the opportunity
to explore peace and possibilities.
And they bring the knowledge
that we are not alone.


"I admit that there was a small part
of me that still lived in
hesitation and doubt.
All that I had seen and
experienced hadn't been able to reach
that tiny speck of something inside
myself that kept telling me that I
was making everything up,
creating a wild story just to entertain myself.
But when the morning broke,
and the first light of dawn touched
upon the hulls of over a thousand crafts,
that something within me broke.

I was left to deal with the certainty
that not only was I never going to be the same,
but Planet Earth wasn't going to be either."

~~ Paul, the main character of "Peace Mission"


Much more than a 'book,' PEACE MISSION is an attempt to reach out to all thinking human beings in an effort to bridge the gap between 'worlds' and dimensions.  It is now common knowledge that this series of books was given to the author during a series of extraterrestrial visitations.  As the years have passed, the visitations have continued.  Early one morning, in October, 2012, there was another visitation.  With it came a deeper insight into the intention of the books and those who are so intent on communicating through them.

The following is a small portion of PEACE MISSION, intended as an insight into those who live beyond Earth's border, and their intentions.
All material is copyrighted.
Please do not re-use without permission of the author and proper credit given to the author.
by Lauren Zimmerman


TanZin studied Paul silently for several minutes.  The waiting was not uncomfortable for Paul as he, in turn, studied his friend.  What always struck him when he spent time with Tan, or any of the others, for that matter, was the deep sense of Intention in their eyes.  They seemed to say, in a deep and infinite voice, that they had the power to move heaven and earth to achieve any goal they set.  And, in truth, Paul felt they would more than likely succeed, once they had chosen a plan.

“Here’s the thing,” Tan said, interrupting Paul’s thoughts.  “Everyone is still talking about being ‘from elsewhere.’  They’ve been talking about this for how long?  Years.  Everyone thinks they may be, everyone talks about the possibility, everyone talks about having memories, or dreams.  My question is, why are they still talking about it?  Why are they not admitting that it’s the truth and then doing something about it?”

His words went off in Paul’s mind like an explosion.  In a nano-second the possibilities of what could happen flashed through him like lightning.  The entire reality of Earth could change.  And he knew, based upon all of his teachings, that, if he could think it, it was possible.

TanZin leaned forward urgently, knowing Paul’s thoughts.  “It is possible.  Not only is it possible, it’s the Intention set by God.”  He tapped Paul on the knee for emphasis.  “Here’s the thing.  The reality lived here on Earth is a consensual reality, as you know.  And that reality is made up of a thought-grid.”  He shrugged a thin shoulder.  “I call it a ‘prison.’  People put themselves in prison with their own thoughts.  But if they change their thoughts, and for this conversation, let’s say, change their thoughts by admitting their own infinite nature outside of this prison, then the process of breaking out of the current thought-grid has begun.”

He sat back and studied Paul again.  “You’ve heard the people waking up.  Just a small percentage, yes, but a percentage nonetheless.  The key is to wake up without ego.  If those here in Earth society build a new reality with ego, the end result will be nothing more than another thought-grid and another prison.”

Paul nodded.  “Absolutely,” he agreed emphatically.  “That’s easy to understand.  What’s the answer then?  You know how people can be.”

TanZin turned his eyes away.  With one long, thin finger, he slowly rubbed his jaw line. After a minute of silence, he spoke again.  “Explain to me why origins beyond Earth would cause one to think they were greater than another.  When all souls come from an infinite place, how does one define one place as greater than the origins of another?”  His eyes turned back to pierce Paul’s heart with his vast understandings.  “This ‘earth-box,’ this thought-grid, call it a mind-control-grid, if you like, was built on by perceived inequality.  When the truth is known, that great truth spoken of so loudly, long ago, that all Men are created equally, a new reality will be born.” 

His eyes filled with the most profound sorrow that Paul had ever witnessed.  “Until then, the human race will imprison itself.  That is all.”

As he struggled to contain the waves of sadness that were threatening to overwhelm him, Paul spoke the first words that came to his mind.  “But that is not the Divine Plan,” he whispered.  “That is not how God means for it to be.”

“But the Infinite allows all souls to learn in all ways and does not interfere.”  Tan’s eyes were wise beyond infinity.

Paul’s sadness made it almost impossible to speak out loud.  “And so, once again, the fate of  Earth and Humanity is in the hands of the people.”  He took a deep breath, struggling to accept the truth of those words.  “Even though it is meant, by God, that Universal Harmony and the awareness of the rest of the Universe is to be made manifest.”



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