Questar: The Edge of Existence

QUESTAR:  The Edge of Existence

(A place visited while on "the other side" and returned to often since then)

It was first a memory, and then a reality that I returned to.  Questar. A glorious, incredibly beautiful planet that hugs the edge of existence.  As you rest there, silver streams floating past like threads of distant dreams, you can almost feel the 'fabric' that 'holds existence together.'

Burgundy-colored trees mingle with snow-white bushes.  The streams run silver, like fast-moving mercury.  A ribbon of low-lying hills wanders behind a stream that bubbles up through a deep crevasse in the surface of the planet.  In the night sky, two moons hang like Chinese lanterns, bringing more romance to the already spectacular scene.

I walk along a sliver-thin path, bordered by a stream on my right, instinctively heading toward a place where I will meet others.  The land beneath my feet does not feel solid.  It's rather like walking on sponges.  But that's an illusion.  The dimensional energy of this place is third-dimensionally solid, but not.  As with all things that lie outside the parameters of limited human perception, there is much more to this than can be described or explained.

 Here all thoughts and communications are non-verbal.  I sense that I've been called to attend a meeting but I also sense that I am early.  There's time to stop and allow my spirit to absorb the pervasive energy of peace that blankets this place.  I turn to my right and stop beside the quick-moving stream.  The silver of it now looks like crystalline mercury, shimmering with rainbows as the light of the moons touches it.  On the bank opposite from where I stand, a tall, thin, pure-white bird, with twig legs that look to be about three feet long, peers back at me.  I feel my heart leap with recognition.  No wonder I love the cranes on Earth.  They are so similar.  Birds cannot, of course, smile but I felt as though his heart smiled at me.  Welcome home.

I heard an almost-silent rustle beside me and turned to see a familiar face.  Enoch.  He smiled and mentally invited me to walk beside him.  We proceeded along the path, walking past what I knew what the intended meeting place.  A bit further on, he stopped and turned to the left.  Somehow I knew what he was asking me to look at.  Tears filled my eyes and I turned away, my gaze tugging at the distant mountains, hoping to avoid.

Feeling the compassion of his touch on my arm, I agreed to turn back and look at him.  He moved slightly and the background behind him was suddenly filled with the most magnificent crystal structure the mind can imagine.  It was tall and thin.  Perhaps twenty feet tall, with four sides that were each approximately ten feet wide.  The purest essence of light emanated from the structure, while the exterior light of the moons danced along the sharp edges, making it seem like liquid rainbows flowed down the structure.  I knew this place.  I knew that somewhere inside of me I called it 'home.'

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An artistic rendition, not exact, by Lauren Zimmerman

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