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Quote from MOMENTS OF MASTERY (Vol. 3, not yet published)
"If you study the true nature of Light you will find that it never gives a thought to the effort of convincing darkness not to be dark."

Quote from MOMENTS OF MASTERY (Vol. 3, not yet published)
"When the entirety of your energy and focus is upon the small picture, only that which you can see here on Earth, the energy and focus that you need to become a part of the greater Truth of the bigger picture of existence can be almost un-reachable. It then becomes a matter of learning to incorporate, merge, and harmonize both the truth of where you are and the Truth of Who You Are."

Pithy Comment:
Simply logic can tell us this ... 'Extraterrestrials' come from planets and dimensions that Humankind may not even be aware of.  Extraterrestrial crafts can fly at the speed of light, alter the craft's appearance in the blink of an eye, appear and disappear at will, and have been around for years upon years.  Why is there a belief that these visitors want to annihilate Mankind when they have had the ability to do so all along?  Why do they need to 'steal' humans in order to learn from them?  It would seem obvious that they are far, far more intelligent.  After all, they're not out there destroying planets with nuclear power and such.  Does any of this make sense?

"Impatience is the mind's resistance to the process of the soul."

A Fun Fact:
Humans are incredible.  We build mental 'boxes' to keep ourselves in.  Weaving illusions with pain, judgment, fear, and all other manner of mental exercise.  But there's a method to our madness.  We build 'boxes' in order to figure out how clever we can be about getting back out of them.  The puzzling thing is how we convince ourselves that we cannot get out of the box we build.  We have the key.  To think we don't is rather like a designer of crossword puzzles pretending that he doesn't know the words that fit into the boxes he's designed.


A Creator cannot afford to be influenced or distracted
by emotions, opinions, or energies
that are not in Divine Alignment
with the original Plan of Creation.
To become the Creator that each Soul
is endeavoring to become,
Divine Alignment
with detachment from the results
craved by ego and personality is essential.

What greater gifts can we receive than those that
appear as lessons that teach us
that we do not have to be victims?
Cherish them for the gifts they give,
not the wounds they seem to give.

Pithy Comment:

I'm often accused of asking people to take too much responsibility for themselves, their actions, their words ... basically the entire energy they emit into the 'energetic atmosphere.'  In pondering the accusation, trying to discern if, indeed, I'm asking too much, I haven't yet figured out who else should be responsible for these things.

"Are you allowing your life-experience to overpower your God-experience?"

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